Wednesday April 25, 2007

     1) My eight year old took a bad spill Sunday evening, landing on his left shoulder.  He looked a bit bruised, but we weren’t too concerned.  Even though it hurt, he was able to move his arm in all directions.  He took a long soak in the tub and went to bed with a dose of Advil on board.  By late Monday afternoon he was having enough pain that we thought it best to call the advice nurse.  We saw a resident in the after hours clinic.  You know, I am thankful that we were able to see a doctor after hours, but she does not know my son and was not interested in hearing any of his history that I felt was relevant.  For example, the fact that he was in constant motion in the exam room was a result of his being very nervous (and having a too-full bladder), which only intensified his hyperactivity.  She was not interested in hearing that, insisting only that he couldn’t be in too much pain and still be moving around as he was.  Aye yai yai.  She did send him for an x-ray, which did show “something of concern”, but she determined the x-ray to be “clear”.

     I’m not a doctor.  I’m just a mom.  I do have an A.S. degree in x-ray technology, but I acknowledge that isn’t much and even that is twenty years old.  Still, there is a particular way that the clavicle looks in the shoulder area, and a certain distance that it is supposed to be in relation to the scapula and the head of the humerus.  My son’s x-ray just didn’t look right.  We left knowing that a radiologist would do the official reading of the x-ray, and we would get a call if he saw anything.

     However, today (Wednesday) a phone call confirmed that his x-ray still has not been checked by a radiologist! Time to send a message to our pediatrician!!  My son is in more pain today than he has been, and he is using his arm less and less.  If I touch the area on his clavicle (collar bone) that didn’t look right to me in the x-ray, the pain is quite intense.  When I look at him, his left shoulder appears to droop just a bit.  Please pray, as he comes to your mind, that his shoulder will heal up just fine, and if there is anything there that needs medical attention that the pediatrician and/or radiologist will see it on the x-rays.  Today!

     2) We have had very intermittent wireless service since Friday.  Apparently our wireless company is doing a lot of upgrades and moving of servers and such.  I trust that in the long run, this will all lead to even better service.  In the meantime, though it’s quite frustrating.   We’ve had excellent service and technical support from these folks, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt now while they upgrade.

     3) I’m not sure how many of you keep up with the book baskets in the side bar.  If you check there from time to time, you will notice that I’ve not had as much reading time lately as I’d like.  The same books have been in my basket for quite some time!!  Spring is such a great time to be out of doors enjoying my family and the weather.  It’s also the time that finds more to do outside to keep the flower beds and yards watered, trimmed, weeded and fed.  I am so blessed this year that my hay fever has not been nearly as bad as it normally is.  We had a dryer but colder than normal winter, so I’m assuming that is the reason.  Whatever the reason, I am so happy to be able to be outside working without the constant need for antihistamines!  I’m still reading, just not as voraciously as I was during the winter months.

     4)  You might also have noticed that we have been reading Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates during our afternoon read aloud time for months!!!  I had never read this book before.  I found a decent copy a couple of years ago at a library sale for a couple of bucks, and I picked it up for our home.  I’ve heard wonderful things about this book for years, but I, honestly, just could not get into it.  In fact, I so disliked the book, that I was avoiding our afternoon read-aloud time!  Shame on me!!!  Not only were we not reading a chapter or two from Hans Brinker every day, we were also missing our picture book read aloud that we enjoy in the afternoon before our chapter book.

     I was so desperate to be done with Hans Brinker that I even made my boys the very rare offer of giving it up before finishing it to start something else.  Much to my surprise (and dismay) they wanted to finish it.  Guess what happened?  The action in the book picked up and now it’s become more enjoyable!  Oh, I can hear my voice to my sons when they’ve had a book they were not enjoying tell them to just “read one more chapter”, or to just “stick it out until the end”.  LOL!!!  I need to heed my own advice more often!

     5) At LONG last, Xanga has opened up comments to everyone!  Yee haw!!  Now it is possible for all of you to leave comments, if you so choose, without having a Xanga blog account.  I hope this will make it easier for everyone.

     6) I have so many, many things I want to share with you all about our homes, and loving our husbands and children.  Just now, though, I have not had the time to sit down and write the things I’d like to.  That’s okay…..the Lord will provide the time when, and if, He wants it all said.  Until then, I’ll keep spending my days doing the things He has called me to do!  You do the same!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to Wednesday April 25, 2007

  • Hello Cheryl! I will be sure to keep your son in my prayers. I feel bad that he’s in so much pain. I am familiar with those types of doctors. Both my girls had strep this past winter (completely different symptoms). I mentioned to the doctor that I had done a bit of research on the internet that led me to believe that was what it was. “Oh, you’re one of THOSE types,” was what I heard. So annoying!
    I hope your son is feeling better soon!

  • praying for the boy! broken collar bone maybe? Can he lift his arm above his head.  we had a similar situation and it turned out to be the collar bone but took a few days to figure it.  Sorry 😥

  • Oh Cheryl, I’m so hoping your son heals without any necessary intervention. But … should he need help, I hope he gets diagnosed quickly.

    I know this is off topic, but I wanted to thank you for your wonderful knife posts a while back. I got new knives for my birthday; we used your information to help us (us being my husband :wink:) shop. I have been married 21 years and never had decent knives — and I cook a LOT, love to cook — for some reason I just never got around to getting good knives! So I thank you! :love: Hubby ordered them online, so I’m awaiting their arrival. I’ll let you know how much fun I have chopping things up once they’re here – lol!

  • I’m so sorry your son is going through this. I’ll be praying!

    I’ll soon be posting on my blog about doctors today, too.

  • FIRST OFF…good luck to your son with his shouler…I know you’ll fight like a momma bear to have this resolved..

    second..yeah i can comment, i have been reading your blog daily since your beautiful nativity scene post from dec..( i think like merchant ship had linked to it) i read your archives almost weekly and am so inspired by you….I dont have alot of great biblical women/mothers in my life…so this is a blessing

    Celina from Canada

  • Sorry to hear about the little guy!  Give him a gentle hug for us….