Wednesday April 4, 2007

I’m a Homeschooling Grandma. There are two ways that statement could be taken, and both apply to me! I’m a Grandma, but I’m still homeschooling two of my own children; and I’m a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren. Both definitions apply, and I’m happy to be defined by both!

     I’ve already told you about being a Grandma that is still homeschooling her own children.  Today, though, I want to share what it means to me to be the grandma of homeschooled grandchildren.

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I realize that my daughter and her husband take the education of their children very seriously.  They have committed themselves financially, emotionally and physically to educating their own children in their own home.  This is a huge undertaking, and I am grateful in knowing that my grandchildren’s parents have only the best in mind for their education and upbringing. 

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I need to educate myself on the methods that my daughter will be using in her own homeschool.  If, for example, she chooses to educate classically, then I should read all that I can on classical education.  If unit studies are more her thing, I’ll want to be sure to know what that’s all about, too.  This will help me not only to understand the way my grandchildren are learning, but it will also guide me in offering my daughter encouragement.  Not only should I keep abreast of the methods she is using, I should be sure to keep myself informed on what they are all currently studying.  This will allow me to ask my grandchildren questions that they will take delight in answering.  It will also allow me to make wise choices, should I have the opportunity to buy any books, games or toys for them, that might complement their current studies.

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I want to find ways that I can be a part of their homeschool experience without stepping on my daughter’s toes.  If I find a really great field trip opportunity, I will want to check with my daughter before telling the grandkids about it.  I can offer to pick up the grandkids and keep their homeschooling going while my daughter struggles with an illness, or recuperates after having a baby.  I can offer library days in my home where the grandkids can come out and choose their own books from our heritage library.  I can offer a read-aloud time with the children while Corin browses my shelves of homeschooling how to books; books on parenting, marriage, and Christian living; or our collection of fiction.   

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I want to check with my daughter whenever I’m in doubt about the suitability of a book, movie or toy that I might want to buy for a grandchild.  Even though I’m a homeschooling mom myself, my daughter and her husband may, and do, have different convictions and preferences than my husband and I do.  I want to respect their convictions and preferences and not let those little things cause a rift in our relationship.

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I should not expect my daughter’s home to always be magazine perfect.  She is busy with greater things than housework; she is busy with raising another generation to serve the Lord!  If her home does not measure up to some abstract standard of my own, it’s really none of my business.  Instead, I should busy myself with finding out what sorts of things might be bogging her down and see if I can relieve any of that stress.  Just so you know, my own standard is written on a plaque that hangs by my kitchen sink.  It says, “This is house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.”  

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I do, when financially possible, buy things to assist.  In years past I have purchased a preschool/early grades Latin curriculum, a lovely character studies curriculum and a copy of my favorite homeschool how-to book.  I did not purchase what I wanted; I purchased things that she had specifically mentioned wanting.

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I take great delight in finding things that I think will appeal to my daughter and/or my grandchildren.  I’m always on the hunt for something that I think might appeal. My grandchildren are still very young, so this has not been something I’ve been able to do much of.  Yet!   As I mentioned in Part One, my financial resources are limited; but that just makes the hunt for great things all the more adventurous! 

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, I know that the years to come will be busy for my daughter.  I will not expect her to be available to go on fun mother-daughter outings at the drop of a hat.  I will not expect her to be able to chat for extended periods of time on the phone (or the IM!).   I will gladly make the best of whatever time we have together and will try to plan, well in advance, for extended times of being together.

     Because I am a Grandma of homeschooled grandchildren, my life is different than many other Grandmas‘.  As a homeschooling mom myself, I am of course blessed beyond measure that my only grandchildren, so far, are being homeschooled!  These things I am doing now, I will continue as each of my children marries.  As I do for my daughters in their homeschooling efforts, I hope to do for my daughters-in-love in theirs’. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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  • And now, every homeschooling mother say it with me, “I want to be like Cheryl someday!!!” :yes::lol:

  • hey i saw your post on the themes site and i really appreciate somebody giving comments other than “kewl.”

    i also wanted to share with you a work around so that friends who aren’t xangans can leave comments. what some of my subscribers have done is set up a guest account to their site. for example, your screenname is copperswife, so you may want to set up a xanga account for copperswifeguest or whatever you like, and post the password to the account on your site. that way, anybody can log in as a guest and leave a comment. clumsy, but functional, and good for anybody wanting to remain anonymous.

  • Really nice posts on the grandma/mom thing. I still have two at home that I am schooling, and my oldest grandson is beginning formal homeschooling this fall. It is such fun to talk with my daughter-in-love about methods, etc. and share with her *my* books.

    Thanks for the encouraging words!