Friday May 25, 2007

     Corin and I were VERY silly this morning.  We were instant meassaging one another and then noticed that Dani was on line and reading our blogs!  (Xanga has a “footprints” feature that allows you to see who is reading your blog, etc.).  We cyberstalked poor Dani for about 15 minutes and then we all landed smack dab in the comments section of my Henri Matisse – A Living Books Approach post!  Too funny!  Head to the comments of that post and you’ll see that we were pretty silly.  If that didn’t scare you off, then perhaps Corin’s post will. 

     If you want to keep up with Dani you can head over to her blog and read her first trip post there.

     Please keep praying that Corin’s baby will turn in the next few days.  She’s now come down with the bug that her children and mine had a few days ago and is feeling pretty crummy.  I’m trusting the Lord to turn the baby and make the cephalic version procedure unnecessary.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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4 comments to Friday May 25, 2007

  • I’ll be praying! Christopher never turned correctly but I had a planned C-section so they weren’t worried…they being the doctors. What I do remember is how uncomfortable it makes for carrying the baby.

    Stephanie and her family were sick her entire ninth month and I was quite concerned for her (sent up a lot of prayers). Turned out to have a healthy birth and healthy baby, though. I pray the same for your daughter.

    I’ll have fun holding the new baby, I’m sure. I think a tea party will be necessary while they are at Grammie’s. Do pray I have the energy needed and they make happy memories during the…two weeks!…they are here.

  • Turning baby idea for Corin, from one who has done it:

    Kneel on floor. Place cushion in front of you and lay head on cushion, keep hiney in air. Head down, hiney up. Try to stay that way for at least 15 minutes (a couple times a day is good). It was recommended to me by my midwife who used to hail from your parts. If it doesn’t work, she also recommended having Daddy TELL that baby to turn. Prayer helps, too.


  • Carmon – My son-in-love already tried telling baby girl to turn….didn’t work.:wink:   I’ll be sure to pass your other suggestion along to Corin first thing in the a.m.  Thanks!!!

  • Thanks for the suggestion Mrs. Friedrich. I’ve tried it, even done it with my knees up on the edge of the couch (practically a head stand). This is just one STUBBORN baby! 😆

    Hmmmmm… probably gets it from her mama :rolleyes: