Monday May 21, 2007

     Corin tagged me with this book tag meme.     

     1.  grab the book closest to you – I couldn’t grab the book closest to me, or the next or the next….they were all picture books and didn’t have nearly enough pages!!  I came close with the Westminster Confession of Faith (99 pages).  The next closest book ended up being Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates.
 2.  open it to page 142 – Page 139, 140, 141…..142, got it!
     3.  find the fifth full sentence –  You know, we’ve been working our way through this book forever.  It is almost tortuous to have to go back and re-read the fifth sentence on page 142 when we have FINALLY made our way to page 195.  However, I will admit that this was the turning point in the book for me, and I actually began enjoying tolerating the book at about this point in the story.
     4.   post the text of the sentence to your blog – Okay, here it is, “”All the boys exchanged glances; but they were too happy and elated to say anything ill-natured.”
     5.   tag five people to do this – Who to tag, who to tag…….You know, so many of you have already done this, or have been previously tagged by one of my daughters……Tell you what.  If this looks like fun to you leave a comment here that you’re playing along over at your blog and we’ll click on over to read your post!  Honest we will.

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