Monday May 28, 2007

We are hearing from Dani most every day.  Sometimes I have a chance for a lengthy phone conversation, and other times it’s just a couple of minutes.  She is having a wonderful time, and she is homesick.  And, yes, those two things can co-exist in one twenty-something young woman who loves home!  Dani is spending Memorial Day weekend in Washington, D.C.  She visited Arlington yesterday and was very moved.  Today she, and the family she is travelling with, will attend the Washington D.C. Memorial Day parade.  What memories!  She’s not had a chance for a second post, but check her blog often just in case.

Speaking of wayward girls, (okay, Dani really isn’t at all wayward, but it seemed like a good segue), Corin’s baby girl has, so far, absolutely refused all encouragement to turn herself to the proper head down position in preparation for her birth.  Corin has done all the weird exercises.  She’s contorted herself into all of the recommended positions.  She’s had a few visits to the chiropractor.  And she has undergone the “version” procedure at the hospital.  All to no avail.  I will have the three grands here tomorrow afternoon while she goes in for all of her Pre-Op visits and labs and to give the chiropractor one last try, and then the babies will all be here for several days starting Thursday while Corin has her C-section and required hospital stay.

Okay, that’s the plan!  However, this momma is still praying that the Lord will intervene and turn baby-girl beforehand.  We will, of course, accept the Lord’s will in this matter and know that it is best.  In the meantime, though, I will be spending a lot of time talking to Him about it and laying my cares at His feet.  Join me?

Our berries are ripening!  I picked about a cup and a half of the very first blueberries last night and started our freezer stash with those.  Okay, okay, I probably picked closer to a pint of blueberries, but only a cup and a half made it back into the house!  There is nothing like a ripe blueberry fresh from the bush!  I also picked a quart or so of our Young Berries and Black Berries.  They have just sort of grown together, but they are so similar it’s okay.  We will definitely have the first fresh berry pie of the year for dessert tonight!!

Remember the silly wild turkeys I told you about last fall?  Well, apparently, they’ve had a rather productive spring.  There are hens with various size broods visiting us daily.  One hen has about 8 babies, another just a single baby.  Up and and down the road I’ve seen more hens and more babies.  Not sure where all of the toms are hiding, but the proof of their existence is in all of the babies!!!!  And we have another peacock (or copeak as he is affectionately called here).  Copper caught him strutting about on our front lawn Saturday evening.  Hopefully this guy won’t meet the same fate that the last one met.  He is a very noisy bird, and several of the neighbors aren’t too thrilled that he’s around, but I really do enjoy hearing and seeing him.

Do enjoy your long holiday weekend.  Any special plans?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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9 comments to Monday May 28, 2007

  • Oh! I think this copeak is prettier than the last one! Is it just me, or does he look younger?

    Special plans? We’re conquering a massive before baby to-do list! Just got back from a shopping trip for easy-for-daddy-to-fix-and-the-munchkins-will-likely-eat foods 😆

  • You know, I think this copeak is prettier, too!  He’s not quite as skitterish either, but we’ve yet to lure him to come closer by bribing him with cat food, chicken scratch, etc.  He’s out there hollering about, or at, something right now!!:fun:

    Good for you for buying those special post-baby foods.  You can count on me for some meals and goodies, too!

  • “Twenty-something” that makes it sound like you don’t know how old I am Didn’t you do a whole post on how old I was turning on my last birthday?

    Save some berries for me! I’ll make smoothies :coolman:

  • Ooooooo, smoothies!!!  Frozen berries will work just fine for that!!  The weather has turned so hot that they (the young berries) are ripening before they have a chance to get big and juicy.  Lots of little ones this year. 🙁

  • Will definitely be trying the cherry jello recipe!  At this stage of my pregnancy, whatever sounds good is about all I can eat and this sounds good to me.  🙂  The blueberries sound like a treat too!  Enjoy them!

  • Hey Cheryl ~ I’m enjoying following Dani’s trip. I can certainly understand a young lady having a good time and still missing home ~ because the *best* times are with family! :o)

    Love blueberries in the freezer. The children and I used to go pick at a farm right down the street from our house on the other side of the Cumberland River (TN). We moved in December, and I haven’t located any U-pick farms yet. We’re debating about putting in our own blueberry bushes; we live on the edge of some woods and have birds galore!! But I think we’ll at least give it a shot and see what we get over the next few years (assuming the Lord leaves us living here that long!) ;o)

    Thank you for the update on Corin. I’ve been praying for her and will continue to do so. I went over and posted on her blog (though I know she’s not familiar with me). I have had 4 C-sections and just wanted to offer her some encouragement. In addition ~ I had a *?successful??* version with my first baby 17 years ago — he still turned out to be my first C-section (note my question on how successful that version *really* was – lol!). Babies have a mind of their own from the moment they are conceived! I’ll be reading along to keep updated on her progress, and praying along for a safe delivery and a healthy baby! :o)

  • Just wanted you to know that I have Corin and her precious one on my prayer list.  If she does have to undergo the C-section, it’s great that she has her wonderful mother to assist her as she recovers.  I really miss having my mom close by me; she was a great help to me with each of my babies when we lived close to each other.


    Mrs. C

  • Our Memorial Day was spent up in the foothills on the property of a family in our church. BBQ, trout fishing, shooting range, ping pong, tug-of-war and lots of great fellowship. We saw someone you know there! Can you guess who?

  • Praying for Corin and baby today. Praying also for well behaved littles. 🙂