Saturday May 19, 2007

     I used to read.  A lot!!!  I also posted reviews of books as I finished them.  What happened?  Our evenings spent reading have recently turned into evenings spent watching. 

     We discovered this boxed set of BBC Dicken’s movies at our local Costco a few weeks ago.  With six movies, each running about six hours or more each, we decided that the $30 price tag was worth a gamble.  At less than a buck an hour, we figured we couldn’t go wrong.  So far we’ve watched Great Expectations, Our Mutual Friend and Martin Chuzzlewit.  The last two were excellent productions.  These two were well cast, beautifully filmed and true to the original Dicken’s novels they were based on.  Great Expectations was an older BBC production and was not quite as good.  We still have Hard Times, Bleak House and Oliver Twist to watch.  However, even with what we’ve seen so far, this was a great purchase and we’ll enjoy these movies over and over again.

     We rarely watch television.  We haven’t watched much for about six or seven years.  However, Corin loaned us season one of Monk.  Oh, my word!!!  We are hooked!  Monk is a different sort of detective series.  It’s not really a comedy, but it is oh, so funny!  I won’t recommend this to you without saying that there are some incidents in some of the episodes that some might find offensive.  We’ve watched the whole first season, and will be (pretty please, Corin?) borrowing season two from Corin as soon as Dani returns from her trip.

     I do miss my evenings reading, but this has been an enjoyable break from the norm.  We’ve promised Dani to not watch any of these in her absence, so I plan on getting quite a bit of reading done while she is gone.  Stay tuned for that next book review!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Saturday May 19, 2007

  • It’s always nice to have a break from the norm, Cheryl! The movies sound wonderful and I’ve seen a few episodes of Monk and they are funny! Phillip loves them. I hope you don’t have withdrawl symptoms while Dani is gone. πŸ™‚


  • We like Monk also. There is a sort of pathos there intermixed with the comedy and I also think the regular characters are very well developed. The only real drawback is the way Sharona dresses but I still like her. I also think Monk seems to be a Christian friendly show. They occasionally speak of God as if he were real πŸ™‚

  • There’s a monkey outside…
    Waiting to ride…
    The pony inside…

    (sing the first line to Charlie on Thursday, he’ll finish it for you )

  • ” You’re in an airplane?  Monk, have you been kidnapped?” :laugh:

  • Dh and I enjoy Monk as well. πŸ™‚