Thursday May 10, 2007

This is the second week of the month which means that this is the week that I pay special attention to my kitchen, back hall way, dining area and laundry room.  This is the week that I tend to those monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual tasks in those rooms of my home.

If you recall, last month I tackled my long neglected pantry, which is located in the back hall.  Since it was so thoroughly cleaned last month, all that I needed to do this month was to make sure the shelves were still neat and to wipe up any spills.  Yesterday I also took a few minutes to clean all of the glass on the framed pictures hanging in the back hall, and to wash the mirror in the hall tree.

This morning I emptied the basket that was on the bottom shelf of the hall tree in the back hall.  Since it has  become more of a “catch all” than serving any real useful purpose, I removed it.  Baskets are always at a premium here, so I’m sure it won’t remain empty for long!  Since my husband is no longer needing his heavy jacket in the mornings, I took it off the hall tree and hung it in the master bedroom closet.  Then I applied some furniture polish to the hall tree and rubbed it to a nice sheen.  The only thing on the hall tree now is my sun hat (which I use almost daily).  I’d like to find a nice, shallow tray of some sort for the top shelf of the hall tree for my husband to lay his cell phone and other such items on.  I’ll keep my eyes open for something I already have around the house to use for this.

Turning the corner into the laundry room, I did a quick check of all of the cabinets in there.  All are neat and orderly, except for the one on the end.  The bottom shelf is where we keep our insect sprays and rodent poison.  I know, eeeuuuwww, but we do live in the country and we do have rodents that live in our barns and, occasionally, make their way into our house.  The next shelf up is where the light bulbs are supposed to be kept.  The problem is that I cannot reach this shelf because the dryer is in front of it.  The light bulb packages just sort of get tossed back up into the cabinet and land where they may.  The top shelf has several globes from old ceiling fans.  Why?  I don’t know why!

**I love using cheap dish pans for storage solutions!  I’ve shared that with you before, but here it comes again.  I can buy these for less than a buck at Wal Mart.  They hold a lot and slide easily on and off shelves.  I have three of these on hand just now, and I’ll be using two of them today.**

Back to the laundry room – Everything came out of the cabinet and the shelves and side of the cabinet were all sprayed and wiped clean.  The ceiling fan globes were put into our “out” basket in the back hall for delivery to Goodwill.  I sorted all of the light bulbs out, repackaged them as I could, and then put them all into a white dish tub labeled, of course, “light bulbs”.   Even my 5’4” frame can reach over the dryer to grab the edge of the tub, and then I can easily slide the whole thing back onto the shelf after I’ve found the light bulb I need.  I moved the top shelf up a bit, and put our small collection of mouse traps up there.

The dish tub containing the light bulbs went on the middle shelf, along with one really large outdoor bulb that I sat on the shelf next to the tub.  I replaced the wasp and ant sprays onto the bottom shelf.  Much better!

One very cool surprise was finding several feet of rubberized shelf liner on the top shelf of this cabinet.  I could have used this when I worked on the pantry last month!!  I’ve put it on one of the empty pantry shelves so that I can cut pieces to fit those shelves another day.  And, yes, that’s a glass of Diet Pepsi in the picture.  It was a bit warm working in the laundry room with the dryer running this afternoon!

Earlier this week I paid some attention to a few of my kitchen drawers.  One of life’s unanswerable questions is this – how does the silverware divider get so dirty??  Only clean silverware is put into it.  It is not near any food preparation areas.  And yet it routinely gets crumbs and stuff in it.  Yuck!!  I ran the silverware trays through the dishwasher and then sorted out and replaced all the cutlery.  With Will responsible for putting the clean silverware away, it won’t be long before the salad forks and dinner forks are mixed up, as well as the soup spoons and tea spoons.  No matter, I‘ll sort them all out again next month.  As you can see, I’m not terribly particular about the silverware being put away all going the same direction!

Today I moved on to the overhead cabinets in the kitchen.  Everything was in good order and clean until I got to the cabinet where we store our vitamins, medicines and first aid supplies.  Pretty chaotic!  As with the laundry room cabinet, the first thing to be done was to completely empty the cabinet, and then thoroughly clean the inside of it.  With that done, I turned my attention to the medicines.  The small wicker basket contains a very small number of prescription medicines.  It only took me a minute or two to go through all of those and discard the one or two items that were past their expiration date.  I did the same with our tub of over-the-counter medications, but there were several expired items here!  I used hot water and dish soap to wash this tub out since there was some sticky residue in the bottom.  The prescription drugs and the O.T.C. meds were then put back on the top shelf.

I pulled out one of my extra dish tubs and labeled it vitamins.  We have a lot of vitamins in our house!!!  I take  four, Dani takes a couple, Aaron takes a multi-vitamin and little Will has a fairly extensive regimen of vitamins and supplements.  They were all jumbled together on the middle shelf.  I placed them all into the labeled tub, and put that back on the second shelf, along with our red tub of first aid supplies.

The only things remaining on the bottom shelf now are my ice bucket, our water bottles and travel mugs, two family recipe boxes, my and Copper’s daily prescriptions, and a small tub with the dog’s heart and flea meds. There is still a lot in this cabinet, but it is much more organized now, and the bottom shelf is not so crowded.

I still have a few odd jobs on the monthly/quarterly list, and several drawers and cabinets in my kitchen to  check to see if they need any re-organizing and/or cleaning this week; but I’m pleased with my progress thus far.  I only have three more items on my list for today (taking down and washing the decorative glass that covers the light fixtures in the laundry room, back hall and over my kitchen sink).  Once those are washed, I‘m going to fix myself a cold drink and read aloud to my boys!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27


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9 comments to Thursday May 10, 2007

  • “The top shelf has several globes from old ceiling fans. Why? I don’t know why!” 😆

    Wanna come do mine next? :wha:

  • Dirty silverware drawers.  One of life’s great mysteries…

  • Dirty silverware drawers, lost socks in the laundry… do these things happen???? 😉

  • :(Awww man!!!!  The bug repellant is SUPPOSED to be lined up along the front of the cupboard, that way when you pitch the light bulbs in they wont fall back out!  😮

      I guess there will be no more adventures in the morning looking for my Centrum Silver either 😉

  • “Dirty silverware drawers, lost socks in the laundry… do these things happen????” **sigh** do you not read your daughters blog???

    Still working on figuring out the crumbs… :rolleyes:

  • ExGoatMilker/Dani-girl – Why, do you suppose, do I wait until your away-day Thursdays to do these things?? Hmmm???????:lol:

  • I love to see your organizing ideas.  It inspires me!  🙂  (Well, at least I hope it will.  :laugh: )  You are so consistent with your zone method that you amaze me.  That has never worked for me even for a week–wish I could get onto it.

  • Homefire – I have been using this method of keeping house for a looong time now.  Even before the FlyLady popularized it with her “zone” cleaning.  In fact, the book I read “Side Tracked Home Executives” is the one that the FlyLady has based her system on.  My thoughts on that – go with the original!  The beauty of keeping house this way is that even when you blow it and fall off the routine, it’s very simple to just pick up where you are *now* and go on from there.  Your routine will have you right back on track in no time.  Of course, you do have to actually do the work :rolleyes:, but the routine keeps you on track.  It sounds like you are familiar with FlyLady.  May I suggest that you peruse your church or local library and see if you can’t find a copy of Side-tracked Home Executives by Jones and Young.  The book is delightful, and downright funny; and doesn’t seem so perfection oriented to me.  I know it’s available to buy used on e-bay,, etc. too.   Let me know if you read it!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks now and just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed it. I have a couple of cabinets that could use some attention today. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂