Thursday May 10, 2007

I wear aprons. I wear them daily.  I’ve even blogged about it before.  Most days, I wear them all day long, only taking my apron off when I sit down to eat dinner with my family in the evening.  I really consider it a form of good stewardship to protect my clothing with an apron . I also just enjoy the idea of wearing aprons.  It’s sort of an old-fashioned charm that I enjoy.  I keep a nice assortment of aprons hanging on the hook in our kitchen, and these change with the seasons.

Of course, there are days that I find myself doing something in the kitchen or outside turning on irrigation without my apron.  Sometimes I’m fortunate and don’t get myself too dirty before I can get an apron on.  Other times I end up having to change my clothes in the middle of the day because I’ve spilled something on me, or splattered mud on myself.  Then there are still other times, like yesterday, that break my heart.

I loaded the dishwasher yesterday after lunch without wearing an apron and, somehow or another, got some of the liquid dishwasher soap on my denim jumper.  DRATS!!!  As you can see, it’s now a garment suitable for wearing for yard work or painting, but ruined otherwise.  What a shame!  And all for the want of remembering to put on an apron!

Pamela from The Welcome Home blog had a great article on aprons yesterday.  Of course, I didn’t get over there to read it until AFTER I’d forgotten my apron yesterday and ruined my dress.  Still, head on over and check it out.  I thought it was a wonderful article!!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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4 comments to Thursday May 10, 2007

  • Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your jumper, Cheryl! I have ruined a few shirts..grease spots while cooking so I’m trying to be better about wearing aprons. I just picked up a new one today in honor of National Apron Day this coming Monday. 🙂 I really enjoyed that wonderful article!

  • I keep my apron on even when we eat. LOL
    I tend to splatter, spill, and slosh something on
    me no matter what I do. I only have 2 at the time.
    One for every day and one for company. I’m goin
    to have to get a holiday one soon.


  • good evening…my first thought about your dress was why not add some appliques to cover the spot and make a pretty scene on it…or a pleated sash type thing to mimic the pleats on the bodice only obviously going horizontal and not vertical…

    also i want to say that i hope it is okay that i shared your site with my mom…she really enjoys reading your posts and trying your recipes…she says the salisbury steak recipe was delish and that it made enough that they could have it for another meal…you and she have several things in common…perhaps she won’t be annoyed at me sharing some of them with you…she had twins when she was over 40…she homeschooled them for most of their schooling…she sews and crochets among other things…and likes to cook for her family…even though most of us are away from home in homes of our own now she still enjoys cooking…

    one thing you mentioned in one of your posts is that people who have not got a xanga account could also leave comments…is there some special way to get that activated or something…my mom has tried to leave comments on my account and it keeps saying she has to be a member…

    okay then…i’ve bent your ear quite enough for one comment…thanks for sharing with us in cyberspace…have a wonderful weekend…>^,,^<linda

  • linda(katspaw) – your idea for jumper might work, but the bleached spot is in a rather awkward area.  The bodice is slightly above waist, and the bleached spot is right across my, ahem, very round tummy.  I’m afraid that it would only serve to emphasize an area I’d just as soon not emphasize.  While I’m bummed about ruining it, I really only have one other “junky” dress that I don’t care about.  With the summer months and lots of outdoor work upon me, it will be nice to have another dress that I can get grimy without worry.

    Of course it’s okay that you told your mom about my site!  The more the merrier!  About her leaving comments on your site – if you have your site settings with “friends lock enabled” or if you are doing your posts in “protected mode”, then she will need to have a xanga account to leave a comment.  However, if all of your settings are “public” then, as of a week or so ago, she should be able to leave a comment.  One thing, though, she will still need to leave her e-mail address for the blog owner (you!) to see.  Just a safety measure that xanga is using to avoid spam.