Thursday May 24, 2007

     to Washington, D.C!!  Dani’s plane is en route, even as we speak, er, I type.  We dropped a very excited, yet tearful, Dani off at our friends’ home last night.  They booked a limousine (!!!) to take the family to the airport a few hours away.  How fun!  I’m so excited for my daughter, but I know I will miss her terribly.  I already do!

     It dawned on me that my title might lead you to think that Corin’s baby was on her way!  Perish the thought!  That might just do Dani in if the baby came the day she left!  We are still praying that baby-girl will turn and make today’s anticipated version procedure unnecessary.  The chiropractor’s visit yesterday has us all hopeful, but we’re depending on the Lord and not the chiropractor!  Either way, I will still have my three grandchildren here with me for at least awhile this afternoon.  Joy, joy, joy!

     Funny story.  I met Corin at the chiropractor’s office yesterday so that I could sit with her children while she saw the doctor.  She brought a bag of books for the kids to look at, one of which was a Disney story book.  My second grandson wanted me to read Jungle Book to him, so I did.  The other two, of course, dropped what they were doing to listen and look on.  At one point in time, while I was turning a page and inserting all sorts of proper Grandma commentary, I glanced up and noticed that the young man who was working as the receptionist, was listening quite attentively to the story!  I think he might have been concerned about Mowgli’s well being as he was caught in the coils of Kaa the snake.  I was glad that Mowgli was quickly rescued from danger because the phone was ringing and he needed to answer it!  Sort of proves my point that you are never really too old to enjoy hearing someone read aloud to you!

     Aaron is, finally, feeling better.  As of last night he was still running a bit of a fever.  His shenanigans with his brother this morning, though, have me convinced that he is feeling MUCH better.   

     Having my husband at work during the day, yet home in time for dinner, has been a different sort of thing this week, too.  A good different sort of thing, though!  Today is his last day of classes and tomorrow he’ll return to his normal assignment. 

    So, here it is Thursday.  I am hoping to redeem some of the week’s work before the grandbabies come over and then again tomorrow and Saturday.  We’ll see.  I’ve kept up with the daily stuff and the laundry, but I do have the weekly dusting, bathroom cleaning, etc., to do.  It just may be that nothing beyond the weekly cleaning gets done this week.  That is the beauty of having a homemaking plan – even though I may not get to any of this month’s scheduled monthly/quarterly/etc. jobs, they will pop up again the fourth week of June and I can do them then.  Missing even a monthly task for just one month is not usually catastrophic!  It might bug me, but it’s more than likely no one else will even notice!  If you’ve missed it before, this is the book that I HIGHLY recommend for getting your homemaking routine set up and in place.  I read it many, many years ago and it’s a plan that can easily change with your household.  I still love it! 

    Not my normal posting this week, and I do apologize for that.  Still, bits and pieces of my days just as I’ve always promised!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27


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1 comment to Thursday May 24, 2007

  • Aww… prayers for safe travels for Dani and the family. Glad to hear that A is feeling better. Hope he is back to his old self quickly.

    Praying that Corin’s appt goes well today.