Thursday May 3, 2007

I’ve been tinkering this week.  Lots of just little bitty needful things.  Here’s just a sample.

I bought this really cool refrigerator binder thing last summer.  The idea of the thing is great.  The reality of it,  though, is the pits.  For one thing, the front of my fridge is sort of curved, so I ended up putting it on the side of my fridge.  The real problem is that the magnets on it are really just not strong enough to hold it straight.  My husband even bought more magnets and glued  them onto the thing, and it still went catawampus on us all the time! Grrrrrr…….very frustrating.  However, this is where I keep some of my every day recipes (whole wheat bread, bread sticks, pie crust, etc.) as well as some other frequently used kitchen notes, coupons, etc.  What to do?

In my back hall way there is a medium sized wicker basket.  We use this basket for things that need to go out the back door to be taken out to my husband‘s shop, to our storage barn, or to be taken to someone else‘s home. I spotted this basket today and realized that the same three or four things had been in there for way too long.  A toy that my husband needs to repair.  The instructions for my husband’s Dremmel tool.  An adhesive backed cork board strip. Time to deal with this basket!

The toy and the Dremmel instructions were taken to my husband’s shop.  I added a note to my husband’s “Honey Do” list to repair the toy and also noted that it was now in his shop.  And the cork board strip?

The cork board strip is now attached to the side of my fridge.  The fridge binder is in the trash.  All the  important notes that were kept in the binder were slipped into protective sleeves and hung on the corkboard strip. The coupons that were in the binder are now on the message & key board by the back door where they can be grabbed as we head out to the car.

The basket is now empty (and the floor has been swept!!)  The side of my fridge now holds the information I need without being a constant source of frustration!  Tinkering.  Just tinkering.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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9 comments to Thursday May 3, 2007

  • It’s amazing how taking care of the “little” things can bring feelings of encouragement and accomplishment as we go about the every tasks of homekeeping.  I always feel great when I’ve put out the “hot-spots”. :sunny:

  • I just wanted to say that you are such a source of encouragement to me.  Every day, I save your blog for last so that I can take my time reading and pondering what you choose to share with us that day.  I was so blessed by your post about your son and the way he is learning to deal with his “alphabet soup” diagnoses!  You are doing an amazing job of teaching him in a way that works for him!  That is the very heart of homeschooling!  But it isn’t easy.  It takes a lot of creativity, pondering, studying your child – the way he reasons, processes, solves – and praying for Divine wisdom to put it all together.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of that each day with us here. -Alesha

  • What a great idea. I am sorry it wasn’t working as planned. That can be so frustrating. I think your new system will be even better though.

    I so enjoy coming here. You are a constant encouragement to me, and I love your family’s sense of humor. 🙂 Thanks for brightening my day!


  • I’m sorry your binder went kaput! Mine was doing that, but once I flipped it over it hung just fine!

  • I tried hanging it upside down (because I knew that worked for you) and it still would slide and hang crooked.  I even tried hanging it with the magnets at the top and the pages hanging down….it STILL slid and went catawampus.  Okay, okay, okay……I know where my little boy gets the whole OCD thing….I just couldn’t stand for that thing to be crooked on the side of the fridge all the time!! 😆

  • :wha: Shall we go into miniblinds???

  • Miniblinds!!!  Don’t go there, girlfriend, don’t you even go there!!!!  BTW, I don’t think there is anything wrong with knocking on your across the road neighbor’s door, introducing yourself, and then asking if you can come in and straighten the miniblinds that have been hanging crooked for five years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

  • 😆 :laugh: 😆 :laugh: 😆