Tuesday May 15, 2007

We’ve been hard at work today!  There were lots of jobs getting done all at the same time; and with five of us  home today, that made for a lot of activity!

It was moving day for the chicks.  They are completely feathered out and have even begun making a few “clucking” noises mixed in with all the “peeping” noises.  We have a smallish chicken house that was here when we moved in, which my husband built a bit of a yard for several year ago.  (Copper has built a nicer hen house, built off the ground, but our nine remaining laying hens are still housed there.)

Over the years it has worked well for us to use the older house with the smallish yard as in between housing for our flock.  Once the chicks leave the brooder in the garage, they move to this smaller area.  Here they can scratch and forage in the dirt for bugs and such, eat some of the grass and leaves, and enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  It also has a door that we can put in place at night to protect them from predators (racoon, fox, coyote, owl).  In a few more weeks, when they no longer need the special chick feed, we can move them to the laying hens’ house.

My husband manned the lid to the brooder box, I manned the gate to the little chicken yard, and all three kids ferried the chicks to their new digs.  Will managed one bird at a time, Aaron two, and Dani somehow or another carried three at a time.  She was so silly, often letting one of the chicks have its wings free while she simulated flying for it!  After several trips all 24 chicks made it to their new home.

This is the third week in May, which means this is the week that I concentrate on the  monthly, quarterly, etc., jobs in the bedrooms and bathrooms.  I asked Dani this morning if she would be so kind as to take down the miniblinds in the boys’ room and the blinds in my room and wash them for me.  Somehow she misunderstood and took down the schoolroom blinds and washed those.  As I was going to wash windows inside and out while the blinds were down, we decided for her to go ahead and do the bedroom blinds anyway.  She was so sweet and even scrubbed the screens to all seven windows for me!!!  We always spread the blinds out on our driveway and wash them with hot, soapy water and then just rinse them really well with the hose.  We can then hang them to dry in the breeze from the top of our chain link fence in the backyard.  Works like a charm!!!  Washing the blinds and the screens is a semi-annual job, so that is behind us now for these rooms now until November!

Of course that meant that I needed to get busy washing all seven windows inside and out.  I love that the sliding parts of the windows pop out of the frames so that I can wash the outsides easier.  However, that does mean at the stationery part of the window still needs to be washed.  For most of the windows I was able to lean out of the open window and reach to wash the stationery glass . I had to have Aaron and Copper help me finish up a couple that I just could not reach!

Today was also the day that Aaron had his first chance to operate one of Dad’s big boy toys – the BCS tiller!  I think he surprised his dad by how capably he managed to handle that machine.  Copper had done the initial couple of passes in our garden area last week, but Aaron made three passes in varying directions today getting the garden ready for planting.  His arms are feeling a bit wobbly now, but he did a great job!

Yes, I know, we are VERY late getting our garden in this year.  Barefoot Dani helped  her Dad rake the beautiful soil up into the mounds we need for setting out our few little transplants and for our seeds.  We are not having a lot in our garden this year, but we’ll have a few things.  Tomatoes (one each of Early Girl and a Sweet 100), one each of cucumber, zucchini, cantaloupe, honeydew melon.  We bought seeds for a couple of rows of sweet corn and for a couple of patches of pumpkins. We also bought seeds for a couple of rows of Indian corn and mini-pumpkins for fall decorating use.  Dani and her Dad got everything planted about half an hour before dinner.

In the midst of all of this, the boys and I still managed to have a full day of school.  I laundered, folded and put away five loads of wash.  There’s a wonderful smelling meat loaf and roasted potatoes in the oven.  The boys are out enjoying the pool for a few minutes before dinner.

Copper and I are planning to go to the movies this evening.  I think we’ll be asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows tonight!  That, my friends, is at it should be.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Tuesday May 15, 2007

  • I just have to say I LOVE your blog!  Your likes are my likes and it’s almost as if I could have written what you are sharing!  I have to ask though…you have fencing over the long mound in the second to the last picture.  I was wondering what that was for?  I am planting a large garden this week and am curious what this will do.  Thanks!  Oh, yeah, you have the sweetest pregnant daughter…:giggle:

  • Woohoo Aaron!!!

    3 chickens at once? 😮 You wanna describe how you managed that one Dani? I’m picturing you with one under each arm and one in your hands?

  • Nettiemom – Thanks for your lovely comments!  The wire over the long mound is where our corn is planted.  The crows will come and pluck out the tender green shoots if we don’t have them covered with wire.  We learned that the hard way our first year our here!  We will also bury some wire under the soil where are melons are. Two years ago we had the loveliest looking cantaloupe.  Just as they ripened, though, the moles (or some other underground varmint) would burrow up from underneath and hollow out the skins from the bottom! 

      I think Corin is pretty sweet, too!:wink:

  • Whew! What a productive day you had, Cheryl! Your chickens are growing up so fast and your son did a wonderful job on the garden! We are having a sunny day today so I was out watering and dead-heading my flowers. I’m thinking about making a trip to a new quilt store to take a peek but the dishes on the kitchen counter are calling my name. 🙂 Enjoy your movie!

  • Oh, wow!  I was thinking the wire was maybe for pickling cucumbers but now that you said that you have me wondering.  The last time we planted corn two years ago, I planted an 8 x 8 patch of it and we barely had a thing come up!  We have crows here too.  I’m about to plant about 100 ft of corn…I’m thinking I may try something similar.  Thank you!