Wednesday May 16, 2007

     After yesterday’s frenetic pace, today’s seems very laid back.  In fact, my house is very quiet.  It’s just Aaron and I at home right now.  Dani is at her grandfather’s house painting some vines and flowers on their shutters.  Copper ran Will to the dentist late this morning to have sealant put on his molars and they are doing some errands while they are in town.  Aaron has finished all of the subjects that he needs me to be available for, and he’ll finish up his homeschool day reading. 

     I hurt my neck yesterday.  I’m not sure if I did it hanging out of the windows trying to clean the outsides, or if it was sitting halfway slumped in my seat at the movies last night.  (We saw Spiderman 3 – it was okay, you know, comic-book-cheesy, but okay.)  In any event, I was able to look over the list of monthly, quarterly and semiannual jobs for the bedrooms and bathrooms today and choose some tasks that wouldn’t aggravate the neck.  So far I’ve washed the boys’ curtains, and just have to press them quickly before rehanging them.  All of the bathmats are cycling through the laundry today, too. 

     I made a quick check of all of the drawers in my bedroom and they are all in good order.  I made a quick check of Will’s drawers and they were very neat.  However, I needed to pull out all of the size 7 & 8 stuff to make room for all of the size 10/12 stuff.  Yikes!!  (Five summers separate my boys, age-wise, but only two summers separate them clothing-wise.  Aaron is no shrimp.  At 13 he measures 5’11” and weighs about 150.  He’s going to be a good-sized guy when he’s fully grown.  Will, however, is passing all of Aaron’s height and weight marks at a much earlier age!!  But I digress.)  I didn’t check Aaron’s drawers.  I think I’ll give him fair warning of the pending inspection first.

     With all of the bedroom drawers in order, I did a bit of straightening in the boys’ closet.  Since I thoroughly cleaned it out in March, it only took about two minutes to neaten it back up this month.  I have a basket of boys’ clothing in my closet that I think I will go through today.  Anything too small for either of my boys can be put in the bag I have started for Corin’s boys, and anything that I want to keep for Will should be put in a box and moved to the storage.  In any event, it needs to be out of my closet!  I know that the drawers in the master bath need some work, so that’s where I’ll finish up today. 

     I remember my mom always doing this frenzied Spring Cleaning deal.  She’d work like a madwoman for three or four days straight, her hair tied up Aunt Jemima style in a scarf.  I also remember the mother of a friend when I was growing up that would do the same thing.  I went there one day and she had every window in her home covered with sheets because all of the washable curtains were being laundered, starched and ironed and all of the draperies had been sent to the dry cleaners!  I applaud those of you who enjoy this type of once a year cleaning.  I know that your homes have a wonderful, fresh look when you are done.  I, however, find it’s better for me to work all of that once a year cleaning into my normal schedule and do parts of it all year long.  It’s a better “fit” for me and for my family. 

     Please, do not ever do anything just because someone else does it that way.  Whether it’s the way you keep your home, homeschool your children, or spend your private time with the Lord.  It’s wonderful to learn from others.  It’s great when we find an example or method that is used by someone that fits us and we can then benefit from their experience.  However,  if it doesn’t “fit” you and your family, it’s not going to work for you no matter how hard you try.  Find what works for you and then do that thing.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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3 comments to Wednesday May 16, 2007

  • Woohoo!

    And yes! DEFINITELY warn that boy before the inspection! 😮 😆

  • next week is my cleaning frenzy and last week of full school.  I havent told kids yet we are taking JUNE and July off except for reading obvisouly!  I need a few months of some down time.  Pick school back up in Aug and take Nov off after babe is born end of Oct…  We will see how it goes, I usually critique it as I go and if it needs changing we do that… BUT, the house will get picked apart next week for sure so I can relax those 2 months and just do the basics 🙂  I just bought contractor garbage bags today and plan on filling most of them with give away and throw away!

  • I will pray your neck feels better soon, Cheryl. Excellent advice at the end of your post!!