Friday June 1, 2007

Do you remember the first thing you ever bought for your future home?  I cannot remember the very first thing I bought, but I do remember the summer I began buying things for my future home.  I think I was about 12.  We were in Missouri visiting my uncle and aunt, and we stopped at a yard sale.  The lady had several “old dishes” as she called them.  This egg plate caught my eye and I bought it.  I’m sure I didn’t pay more than a quarter for it.  Here’s the really funny thing – I didn’t even LIKE devilled eggs back then!!

This plate is probably quite old, but I just keep it on the shelf with my regular serving dishes.  I used it to serve our devilled eggs this past Monday.  It makes me happy, now, almost 40 years after buying it, to know that the Lord was leading me to prepare for my future home way back when…..even though I didn’t like devilled eggs then, even though I was sure I’d be a career woman then, and even though I didn’t know the Lord then.  His hand in my life is so evident as I look back over the years.

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God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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7 comments to Friday June 1, 2007

  • What a pretty plate, Cheryl and I enjoyed hearing about how you bought it many years ago. Yummy looking eggs too…we love devilled eggs around here! 🙂


  • That is a lovely dish!

    I have ordered 72 deviled eggs for the par-tay!

    I will not have a pretty dish like that.

  • Another thing we have in common!  When I was just a young girl my Mama and Daddy got me a hope chest.  The first item I ever put in it was a deviled egg plate that I found on sale!!  Mine isn’t nearly as prettty as yours but I treasure it dearly because i t was my very first item that I purchased for my “future.”  To this day I still get a smile on my face when I bring it out for deviled eggs:)

  • 🙂  I have one of those too.  Mine was my Grandma’s.  The flowers are a bit different though.  Thanks for sharing. 

  • :wave: Pretty plate and those deviled eggs look mighty good, too!

  • I love your beautiful dish!  I am going to keep an eye out for one ~ I always have to use a regular plate and of course they slide all over the place 🙂


  • Cheryl, what a great egg dish.  It’s very pretty…thank you for sharing it!