Monday June 11, 2007

This week’s Menu Plan Monday is up over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  Be sure and visit Laura’s blog during  the week, and browse through her archives.  She has some great organizational tips all the time, and she has just launched a new weekly post highlighting a particular organizational tool each week.  Should be great!

As always, if you see a recipe in my menu for this week with an *, I will be posting the recipe.  I usually post the recipe late in the day that the item is made.  Generally that would be in the evening, but Sunday morning’s coffeecake will probably show up Saturday night (since we make the coffeecake during the day Saturday).

I’ve enjoyed your comments on my menus and on the recipes that you’re going to try.  Be sure and get back to me on how your family has enjoyed something from my recipe box.  There’s only one thing new on our menu this week.  Well, ahem, it really can’t be new because the recipe is written down and in my recipe box.  I only put things in the box that we’ve tried and liked.  But I honestly do NOT remember ever making Chicken on a Cloud!  I’ll let you know Saturday night if it was good.

Starting next week I’m going to try to have at least one new recipe for my family every week.  I’ll be sure to share the keepers with you then.

Breakfast:  Dad’s Monday Morning Waffles
Lunch:  grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, green salad
Dinner:  *Chicken & Dressing Casserole, steamed broccoli, fruit

Breakfast:  cold cereal
Lunch:  cold ham sandwiches, chips
Dinner:  Mediterranean Meat Pie, green salad, rolls & butter

Breakfast:  Sausage, eggs, raisin bread toast
Lunch:  Crackers, salami, cheese (or left over meat pie)
Dinner:  Tacos, spanish rice, green salad

Breakfast:  cold cereal (this is usually our hot cereal morning, special day, special breakfast!)
Lunch:  The boys and I are going to a city far, far away to retireve our Dani-girl from the airport!!!
Dinner:  Out on the way home with our Dani!!!  Do you think we’ll have anything to talk about on the trip home??

Breakfast:  Pancakes (with a short stack for Dani!)
Lunch:  Shopping day, lunch in town
Dinner:  Crockpot meal – (Chuck roast, potatoes, carrots and onions),  rolls & butter

Breakfast:  Cold cereal (Budget buster,  cold cereal three times this week!!  Yeeouch!)
Lunch:  Cheese quesadillas, fruit
Dinner:  *Chicken on a Cloud, mixed vegetables, green salad

Breakfast:  *Sour Cream Coffeecake
Lunch:  Fellowship Lunch at church – I’ll take two dozen baked chicken thighs, sliced peaches and chocolate chip cookies (Dani’s speciality cookie and she’ll be making them!)
Dinner:  Wild dinner (everyman for himself – left overs, popcorn, buttered tortillas, whatever!)

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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10 comments to Monday June 11, 2007

  • wow, I love what’s at the table this week.

  • What on earth is Chicken On A Cloud???

  • Wild Dinner. I like the name of that. lol…

    okay so ~ perhaps fairmaiden, haus frau and coppers wife should prayerfully consider meeting together. :o)

  •   You need to switch Wednesday and Saturday’s dinners   I LOVE tacos and Spanish rice.  Mmmmmmm!!!!

  • LulasHardt – Are you feeling better?  I’ve been so concerned about you.  Food poisoning is NO fun!!  My life has been so crazy with Dani gone, then the whirlwind of activity with the grandbaby coming early, and then Grandma’s passing, and now Dani’s coming home again……..a get together with some lovely ladies sounds great!  I will be praying about this and the possible timing, and you all do the same.  We’ll be in touch!! 

  • Corin/Botzy – Chicken on a Cloud—a whole fryer is browned and then placed in a baking pan, then flour, seasonings, etc. are poured over the top.  It sounds sort of like a combo biscuit-stuffing deal.  I’ll let you know.

  • That Mediterranean Meat Pie sounds great… I have copied it off for future use!

    God bless,

  • Okay, Dani!  Just for you, Wednesday and Saturday night dinners have been officially swapped on the menu posted on the fridge!  Chicken on a Cloud Wednesday and Tacos, Spanish Rice and salad for Saturday.  You cookin’? 

  • :wha: What’s up with that? She’s not even home yet, and already she’s demanding special treatment??? :nono: Methinks somebody’s been spoiled on her trip

  • Me thinks that her momma has missed her!! 😉   I’m still waiting to hear if she intends to make her own tacos on Saturday night!! :giggle: