Monday June 4, 2007

     My guys have all gone fishin’!  The Bing Crosby – Louis Armstrong “Gone Fishin’ ” duet is going through my brain today.  Their favorite fishing spot is a two hour drive up through the foothills and almost to what you would call the mountains.  We usually make it a family outing.  This time, though, they’re meeting a couple of other dads and sons from church.  They won’t be home until evening.  With Dani gone, I’ve got the joint to myself.  Weird!  Really weird!  That doesn’t happen often!  But, I’ve got plans   More on that in a minute.

     Speaking of Dani, be sure and check out her blog, as well as the K9 Family blog, to see and hear what all they are doing.  My girl continues to have a wonderful trip and a wonderful time!  We are very grateful to our friends Eric and Lisa for taking Dani on this fabulous trip as their nanny/babysitter/helper/whatever.  I spoke to Dani for over an hour Sunday evening, and it was so good to hear her laughing again.  She’s had an ear infection this week (it even required a doctor’s visit!) and a bad cold, but I think she’s finally feeling better.  Today marks the half way point of the trip.  They are touring Amish country near Lancaster, PA today, as well as Gettysburg.  What a trip!  She’s delighting in all of the things that she is seeing and doing, and is glad that she is able to help out with the children as she can.  Having the time of her life!  And yet?  And yet, her heart is at home, and you know what?  That is exactly as it should be!

     Corin and baby girl are home.  We took the grandkids home late Saturday afternoon after naps.  I miss my grandkids, but I’m glad that their family is all home together and getting acquainted with my new granddaughter.  Corin has all the details, and LOTS of pictures, up at her blog.  May I just say, my new born granddaughter is beautiful!!  She’s tiny, and just such a wonderful bundle of love and joy!  If you are so inclined, please join me in praying that her bilirubin count drops and that her weight does not.  Thanks!

     Okay, my plans for today.  Well, I do have some straightening up and cleaning to do around here.  Nothing major, just some odds and ends that didn’t get done while the grands were here.  My kitchen floor is gross!!  I’ve fallen a bit behind with the watering and irrigating, so I need to get a bunch of that going.  With Aaron gone, I’ll need to feed all the critters, too.  I also have a few things that didn’t get picked up during my other shopping trips with all the kids last week.  My plan is to work like a crazy-woman and see how quickly I can get things done around here.  Afterall, I’ve the place to myself and no one but the dog to talk to!  Then I’ll head to town and use my Mother’s Day Starbucks gift card to buy myself a venti (yes, VENTI) mocha frappucino, WITH whipped cream, thank you very much.  I’ll pick up those last few items we need from WalMart and then……

     I’m heading to Jo-Ann’s.  I haven’t been there for months, and I’m longing to browse.  The bank account will guarantee that I not buy much.  I’ve a gift that I want to make in the next few days, and another little project that I’d like to do for my own home.  The materials for the gift will be bought, but I’ll have to see what prices look like for the other project!  Still – A trip to Jo-Ann’s with no reason to hurry back home!!

     For all my plans and girlish glee for my anticipated Starbuck’s/Jo-Ann’s outing, I know that by the time my guys roll in tonight, I will be more than ready for them to be home again!  The house will be too quiet without them.  The day will be too long.  I will have missed out on a whole day off with my husband.  My heart, much like Dani’s, is here with my family and my home.  I am, by the Lord’s will, a keeper at home, and I am happy to be so! 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Monday June 4, 2007

  • Heehee! You sound like me! I get lonely all by myself! Enjoy your Venti mocha frappucino WITH whipped cream thankyouverymuch

  • Enjoy your day of widow-shopping!  Even though we love taking care of our families, it’s nice to have a quiet day to piddle and play by ourselves every once in a while.:sunny:  I always feel refreshed after such a day.

  • Enjoy your day alone!  I know exactly what you mean about enjoying the alone time but so ready for everyone to be home again too. 

  • I hope you had a wonderful day, Cheryl! I know what you mean about looking foward to the time alone but then missing everyone! Enjoy your frappucino. :0)

  • Mocha and fabric ~ :yes: ~ If all went according to plan, it sounds like you had a lovely day! 🙂

    I check out Corin’s blog this morning. Cute, cute baby! Praying for her rash and baby’s jaundice. Praying for your Dani girl to continue to enjoy her trip. I’m sure you enjoyed having your fellas home tonight!