Monday June 4, 2007

     We received a phone call late last night from my husband’s dad letting us know that his mom, my husband’s grandmother, had gone home to the Lord.  She passed very peacefully with her two living children at her bedside.  She was 101 years old.  She will be missed, but we are blessed in the knowledge that she will waken in the presence of her Lord and Savior. 

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11 comments to Monday June 4, 2007

  • Sorry for your loss but joyful she’s heavenbound.  Was this the grandmother that Dani and Corin always went to visit?  If so, God’s timing for Dani while she’s on her trip is so interesting, wonderful to be sure but still….  101?  *just shaking head*  What a long life! 

  • I’m sorry for your family’s loss.  It makes the arrival of Corin’s baby even more of a blessing.

  • Kristi – Dani & Corin went weekly to visit my husband’s  maternal grandmother until her homegoing a couple of months ago.  Interestingly enough, just a few weeks before she passed away, my husband’s paternal grandmother went to live in the same nursing home!  The girls visited both great grandmas for awhile, and have been able to visit there with Golda the last couple of months. 

    You know, I have been pondering all of this – Corin’s c-section, the baby’s arrival and now this passing of a beloved great grandmother all while Dani is away.  (She’s gonna read these comments and cry!)  Not doubting at all the decision for her to be on this trip with the K’s, but just pondering, you know?  And trusting totally in His providence!

  • I was thinking the same thing.  I feel so bad for Dani.  Even thought I know she is having a great time, and who better to be with than the K’s!  God truly does plan each and everything out so perfectly in HIS way and that is just what happened here.  I am praying for all of but, Dani (because I know you will read this) I will say an extra prayer for you that God would grant you peace in your heart right now and that you don’t second guess not being here.  God has you EXACTLY where HE wants you!  Love to you all.


  • Am so sorry for your loss but am rejoicing  right alongside you with Heaven’s gain!  God bless.  Big hugs, Susan P.

  • Praying for comfort and peace during this “learning season”. :heartbeat:

  • So sorry for your family loss but also rejoicing with you also.

  • Please allow me to offer my condolences to your family. How wonderful it is to know in the midst of our grief that we get to see our beloved on the other side. How sweet is the grace and mercy of our Lord. Blessings to you all.

  •   Thank you all for your kind words and prayers.  I am definitely…growing during this time.  It has been really hard not being able to be there for all of these events, but I just keep praying that I will have the strength I need during this time. 

      Poor Eric and Lisa are probably getting pretty tired of my red watering eyes   They have been so great in making sure I can keep in contact with all of my family.

  • Ok, now I’ve got red watery eyes!  God bless you and your family thru these good but interesting times!

  • Praying for your family. What a blessing to know that you will be re-united with her in heaven.