Saturday June 30, 2007

It’s a bit past 7:-00 p.m. in my home and I am ever so sleepy.  Driving an hour to church this morning, a full day spent with the wonderful ladies from my church encouraging one another in our walk as homeschooling moms, sharing a fabulous lunch provided by the church, and then an hour’s drive back home again late in the day.  Enjoying the fellowship of a sweet friend while driving.  A sweet friend who didn’t even bat an eye when I got in the wrong lane on the way home and had to drive way round and back again to get on the freeway.

Oh!! – and my dear friend Lisa, the lady whose family Dani recently travelled with, surprised me by inviting my daughter, Corin, to the homeschool event!  I was so surprised and so delighted to see Corin there this morning!  The surprise of seeing her, and getting to cuddle my newest grandbaby, completely obliterated the nerves I had about speaking to the ladies this morning.  It really was a lovely event, and the men who serve as elders in our church blessed us all greatly by making sure that we were all cared for very well!

Dani blessed me so much today by not only taking care of her little brothers and doing her normal Saturday stuff, but also preparing the chicken for tomorrow’s fellowship luncheon after church, doing several loads of laundry for me, ironing her brother’s church clothes for tomorrow, and making a fabulous breakfast for Sunday morning (my mother-in-love’s Christmas breakfast roll!).  Don’t anyone say anything about it’s not being Christmas!!!  The breakfast roll is so wonderful and so yummy, and Dani was really being very frugal because she used up the left-over maraschino cherries from last Sunday’s Banana Split Cake!  Just cleanin’ out the fridge!!  She ended up taking care all of the horses next door this weekend, too!  All this from the girl who started out her day very early this morning trying to figure out a way to release a SKUNK from the live animal trap without getting sprayed.  She was successful, I am happy to report!

My husband won’t be home for about an hour, and I’m so anxious to sit and talk with him about his day and mine.  Thanks to my daughter’s hard work on my behalf today, all I have left to do this evening is iron a blouse for church tomorrow!  I’m also hoping to sit down in a few minutes and begin jotting some notes for this next week.  The normal, day-to-day, every day things that need to be done.  The less frequent, deep cleaning type tasks for the first week in July.  Scheduling in some sewing…..I am so longing to be back at my sewing machine!  Finishing up an embroidery project.  So many things, and I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you next week.

But tonight I am just sleepy!  It’s almost silly how sleepy I feel; but I will sleep well tonight and wake, Lord willing, refreshed for worship in the morning.  Have a blessed Sunday!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27



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5 comments to Saturday June 30, 2007

  • I’m so glad you had a nice time at the homeschool event.  I’m sure you were an encouragement to the moms there.  And PTL for all the help your daughter was to you at home today.  She is such a blessing to me as I read about her sweet spirit.  She seems to have a true servant’s heart.  That speaks volumes about your homeschooling success!


  • Go Dani go!

    Hey, I’ve discovered that a Citrus Squeeze with an Immunity Boost is a good pick-me-up when suffering from the sleepies

    (Oh! And how did you get in the wrong lane? I was tired and have never driven down there before and still managed to find the dreaded freeway! )

  • You blessed us all so much today, friend.  Thank you for your willingness and for allowing God to speak through you.  I am priveleged to know you.


  • I enjoyed your blog very much!!! I’m glad I came to visit.


  • I’m so glad that conference went well, Chery, and what a blessing Dani is to her family!! I’m glad the skunk problem was taken care of successfully! LOL