Thursday June 21, 2007

I wanted to share a few of these pictures with you yesterday.  It turns out that xanga (my blog service) sufferred a Denial of Service attack. If you tried to find me yesterday and couldn’t, that’s the reason why.

Just for fun, here are some of my favorite scenes from recent days at home…………….

Conversations with my brand new granddaughter!!  She didn’t have much to say, but the fact that she stayed awake while I talked was enough for me!



William, brown as a biscuit from his hours in the pool,  pouting.  (Yes, he was being bad.  Yes, he was disciplined for the attitude.  I still can’t help loving that adorable face!!!!!)





Summer haircuts, and Aaron’s determination that he WILL learn to type at 30 wpm.  This typing program will not defeat him!






Star shaped lights wound through the vine on the fence, and candles lit on the table out by the pool.

Oooooooo…….aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh……  Dani brought two strands of the lights home for me from her recent trip, and then she strung them through the vine for me.  I love them!





French bread baked in the cool part of the day, and whole wheat bread fresh from the bread machine.  Mmmmmm, did my kitchen smell good!







Dani and her vicious, half-wild, psycho cat.  She is a brave girl to let the cat that close to her bare toes!!  Miss Meow (I know, Aaron named her when he was just a little guy) is getting on in years, but she’s still a great mouser.  That’s why we put up with her psycho ways.






The hanging of the Independence Day decorations!   These stars went up inside, and the buntings and bows were hung on the front porch outside. 







A VERY patient daughter helping Will with his math.  Abstract thought and that boy just do not mix…..hence the trouble with word problems!!  Love his frown!




Dani’s blueberry smoothies for the three adults to sip last night while we watched Bleak House.  These were “killer good”.  As a matter of fact, they killed the blender.  Copper carried the smoking thing out of the house onto the driveway.  Bummer.  The smoothies were incredibly delicious!

What sorts of scenes are you enjoying in your home today?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27









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10 comments to Thursday June 21, 2007

  • **Warnng, totally disjointed comment ahead**

    Will being bad? I refuse to believe it! He was just being misunderstood I’m sure!

    I LOVE the haircuts. Looks like Aaron’s a redneck for sure! 😆

    How old is the killer attack cat now anyways???

    Oooooooohhhh!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Twinkle lights and candles!!!

    The scene around here today? 3 wild indians :fun: :fun: :fun: and a baby who must be attached to me at all times.

  • Goodness gracious great balls of fire :eek:! A smoking blender. Did you give it a proper burial? Those smoothies look extra super duper paratrooper yummy. El and I went to Jamba Juice on Monday. They have a lime smoothie that is just my ‘cup of tea’…i love lime.

    Our Court Jester is psycho too. He’s about 10 years old, overweight, front claws gone (not our doing..we adopted him) and boy can he hunt rodents! I’ve no idea how he does it with such skill. It’s always a joy :nono: when he brings his rattie friends in the house (kitty door) at 3:00am. Yes, always a joy. I could tell stories.

    Tiger loves my daughter and me. He attacks my husband – without fail. Tiger is very fortunate to be alive.

  • Psycho Cat is eight years old.  We found her in the bushes the spring Will was a baby, so 1999.   I think that is probably pretty old for an outdoor cat. 

    Three wild indians and a clingy baby sounds good to me!! :love:

  • Love JambaJuice – love lime, too, I may have to try a lime smoothie next visit.  Hey!!  We have a buy one get one free coupon from JambaJuice…….hmmmmmmmmm:sunny:

    Our goofy cat is lucky to be alive, as well.  She takes GREAT pleasure in stalking me and then attacking the bottom of my skirt as I pass by.  In years gone by I’ve just taken the opportunity to give her a bit of a “lift” with my foot.  Nowadays, she gets into what is sort of a “blind spot” for me between the two lines of vision in my bi-focals and I cannot see her.  One of these days I’m going to end up on the ground, and the cat…..well, good thing she can run fast!

  • The bread made me hungry.  I should go make some.  LOL   The outdoor lights are lovely.  And the picture of you and your new grandbaby is precious. 

  • Can I come live at your house!!!  Yummy smoothies, peacful evenings outside with beutiful scenery to look at, a cut pouty little boy, and a dughter to help with the schooling….yep, I am backing my bags and am on my way :o)   I’ll bring my own blender:sunny:


  • howiesgal…..peaceful evenings?  Did I say we were having peaceful evenings? 😉     Bring your own blender….that sorta gives the old BYOB a whole new meaning!!! :giggle:

  • I thought I was gonna die with that word problem yesterday.  I know why it wasn’t making sense to him, but I was running out of different ways to phrase it so that he would understand!

      Sorry about the blender

  • It’s interesting, isn’t it, to have those sorts of conversations with Will.  I always feel a whole lot more empathy for him after experiencing things the way he does.

    Not your fault about the blender….the smoothies were great!  We’ll just have to keep our eyes open at the thrift store for another good one.

  • Oh, I love posts like this .. everyday life! 🙂
    I think my f-aaa-vorite picture is the one of you holding the baby. So precious!!