Thursday June 7, 2007

Guest blogging today is Dixie, our faithful, wonderful lab mix.  She is the family dog, of course, but she is very  devoted to Dani.  A certain turn of events yesterday was quite upsetting to her, and so we thought it would be therapeutic to let her blog about it.  Here’s Dixie!

Oh!  Those boys!!!!  Dani keeps her room so tidy and neat all the time, but those boys!!!!!  They played in Dani’s room yesterday.  I told them not to.  Repeatedly.  I barked and barked to no avail.  The toy cabinet in the hall way was thrown open wide and there were pirates and knights of the round table and what looked like Robin Hood’s band of merry men.  They even ate lunch in there!!  I did my best to clean up the crumbs.

Will has been sleeping in Dani’s bed and he’s not been doing a very good job of making it up in the morning.  And will you just look at the mess they’ve left on my bed in the corner?  How’s a dog to get her beauty rest.

As you can see, I am not at all happy about the state of affairs in my our Dani’s room.  Those boys!!!

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7 comments to Thursday June 7, 2007

  • Poor Dixie! Hopefully the boys will put her room (I mean Dani’s) back to rights soon.

  • Dixie must be completely confused!  I bet she’s missing Dani as much as the rest of you.

  • Oh poor Ditzy-foo!!! She really does look upset about it!

  •  LOL!!!  I am cracking up!  Don’t worry Ditzy-foo-foo, less than a week, then your world will be back in order. 

      When I talked to Will the other day I asked if he was keeping my room clean and if he was making the bed, he answered “Yes!” to both.  I guess he hung up, then went and made a mess:lol::love:

      Give Ditz some full body lovins for me!:love:

  • Oh , Dixie, you poor thing! You and Dani are going to have a big job to do once she gets back home! 🙂

  • The boys WILL be cleaning up their mess before Dani’s homecoming, and I plan to have it dusted, linens fresh and all vacuumed before her return. 

  • Dixie, darlin’, I’m with ya’ — there’s just something about a boy and his (or their) toys! I hope they haven’t made you step on any Mommy torture devices — oops :rolleyes: I mean Legos! 😉