Thursday June 7, 2007

     I’ve been asked for a grandbaby update; and of course, I’m happy to comply!!!  I’ve not seen Corin or the baby since Saturday.   However, we IM or talk every day.  I am thrilled that I am taking them dinner tonight, and I will be sure to take a couple of pictures then.  I’ll post one tonight. 

     Baby is doing fine.  Her bilirubin leveled off and she is, slowly but surely, pinking back up.  Her Sunday appointment also indicated a 2 ounce weight gain over the previous day so the doctors were satisfied. 

     Corin is a bit sore, of course.  The doctor gave her a prescription ointment for her rash, and she is much improved.  If she crosses your mind today, though, remember to pray for her.  We have had a fairly good wind the last couple of days and her allergies have really flared.  Sneezing after a c-section is no fun thing! 

     Anyway, all in all, they are doing well!  I’ll post a picture of Corin and baby for you this evening!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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