Cheryl’s Chicken Rice

****Updated on March 29, 2008, for the even better tasting way I make this now!!!!****

Now I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve actually measured the ingredients for my Chicken Rice.  I’ve been making this recipe forever and a day, but I’ve always just measured the seasonings by eye.  However, since I promised the recipe, tonight I measured!  This is a lightly seasoned, tasty rice dish that pairs well with any meat dish. The parsley flakes and wild rice make it pretty, and the wild rice and pine nuts give it a nice texture.


2 1/2 cups chicken broth (I use boxed chicken broth, or make my own with Better Than Bouillon)
1 Tablespoon dried minced onion
1 Tablespoon dry parsley flakes
1 1/4 teaspoons garlic salt
1/2 teaspoon bon appetit (or beau monde)
A pinch or two of black pepper
2 Tablespoons wild rice
2 Tablespoons butter
scant 1 cup brown basmati rice (you want the brown rice and wild rice to be a rounded cup if combined)
1/4 cup pine nuts

Pour chicken broth into covered pan.  Add remaining ingredients EXCEPT brown basmati rice and pine nuts.  Bring to a full boil.  Quickly stir in rice and pine nuts, cover pan, reduce heat to medium and cook for five minutes.  Reduce heat to simmer, and simmer, covered, for 50 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand, covered, for 5 minutes.

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