Friday July 6, 2007

     It is summer.  Most assuredly!  Today’s high temperature was 107.  My boys spent the better part of their afternoon in the pool keeping cool and making up games with the inner tubes.  I passed by several times as I was hanging clothes on the line or changing water, and they were having a great time.  Each time there was something new for me to see and admire.  Hanging the towels out on the line today took quite awhile as I had to stop quite frequently and turn and see the newest heroic fete being done by my sons in the pool!  They are such goofballs!  Some days I can manage applause and even a cheer.  Today I was doing good to give them a heartfelt, “Woo Hoo!”

     Though our efforts to keep the house cool have been successful for the last couple of weeks,  yesterday and today we had to turn on the air conditioner.  I was so thankful to be able to come back into a coooool house every time I had to be outside.  I’m also very thankful for several back windows that look out at the pool.  As I worked about my home this afternoon I could peek out and check on my boys, or ask Dani to check on them, all from the comfort of our nice, cool house.

     With needing to be out for a day shopping for a new washer Tuesday and the holiday yesterday, I fell behind a bit on the weekly house routine; so I hooked up the vacuum attachments this afternoon and got busy!  Using the vacuum, I thoroughly dusted my mud room/sewing nook, school room, living room, parlor and entry way.  It took a little over an hour, but it’s so lovely this evening to look at dust free surfaces.  Remember awhile back when I decided to start doing my dusting with the vacuum?  At that time I was just trying to keep my allergies from flaring. The summer heat means that allergy season is, for the most part, over for me; but I think I’m hooked on dusting with the vacuum.  I’ve done it long enough now that there is actually less dust accumulating in my home.  I’m sure that it helps that we’ve been keeping the house closed up more during the hot part of the day, but whatever the reason, it’s a good thing. (Oh, dear, did I sound like Martha??  )

     The first week of the month is the time that I generally spend time working on the monthly, semi-annual, etc., tasks about my home in the parlor, entry way, front hall and front porch.  I’m hoping to get to many of those scheduled tasks tomorrow and Saturday.  I love taking care of those jobs – freshly laundered doilies and curtains, scrubbed porch floors, clean windows.

     Thank you very much if you have left me a comment concerning Charlie’s laundry soap.  I am leaning towards ordering a bottle of the liquid and seeing how we like it.  With the new washer arriving Monday, though, I will have to buy a small bottle of an HE-friendly detergent to tide me over.  I am so glad that my husband was able to fix things up so that we can still run the washer until the new one comes!

     It’s a family affair to keep the washer going, but that’s the way I like it – for my family, especially my boys,  to be involved in the day to day running of things around the house and property.  Here’s our laundry routine – Aaron walks the washer gently away from the wall, and then carefully tips it back.  Then either Will or I pull out the wet towel from underneath and quickly slide a thick dry towel back under the washer.  Aaron can then let the washer back down and then gently slide it back to the wall.  We can do about two loads of laundry between towel changes.  With the hot weather, the wet towel dries on the line in a couple of hours and is ready to come back in for another go ’round!  It works for us!

     I was a bit concerned that our washer would be completely out of commission until the new one arrived, but my wonderful husband just fixed us right up!  Are there any special little tricks you employ in your home to keep an appliance working?  How about any little fixes that you or your husband have made for you to keep you in business until a permanent solution can be found?  I’d love to hear about it!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Friday July 6, 2007

  • Twice my dear hubby “fixed” our washer with a rubber band and a toothpick! I asked him how he figured it out, and he said Probably the Lord, because it just “came to me.”

    I’m amazed at the way we can sometimes just keep things going that by rights should be Dead already!

    I’m glad to be living in Indiana–our high yesterday was 88. Rather normal for us this summer.

    Keep cool!

  • Okay, I’m really curious about dusting with your vacuum?  Could you explain with details?  Thanks!!

    I love reading your posts, by the way!  I’m from BC in Canada and my dh is a Corrections Officer at a max pen – on shift work like your dh.  I’m a homeschooling mom of 9.  My oldest is almost 19 and my youngest are twin boys who are almost 1.

  • I say a LOT of prayers over my appliances. :laugh:

    We have a sceptic system and the Charlie’s Soap is suppose to be great for it. I’m surprised how much a small amount of Charlie’s can clean my laundry.

    Love the Charlies. I use the powder but they have the liquid, too. :love:

  • Glad you are able to use your old washer until your new one comes. When ours died, it died.

    Let me know how the detergent works with your new machine. I am sort-of stuck using the ALL Free and Clear since the Army recommends that for the new ACU uniform. I was using it for my dd’s Eczema anyway. It works pretty well, but with no optical brighteners, my whites just aren’t as bright as they used to be. oh well. 🙂


  • I don’t know how women without a handy husband manage! My hubby is always fixing something (’cause something’s *always* breaking!). And it’s great to get those boys involved isn’t it? Our eldest (17) has learned at his dad’s side, and boy was that important to our family when JR got transferred with no notice. I could never have gotten our house ready without Brian’s help.

    Hoping today is not as hot for you as yesterday! :sunny: