Monday July 9, 2007

I was up early this morning to make the most of the cool of the day.  I enjoyed my first cup of tea while everyone was sleeping and while the whole house fan worked to draw the cooler outside air into the house.  I even made the Monday morning waffles that my husband usually makes!

The delivery men called a bit before 7:00 to say that they would be here within the half hour with my brand new washer. I woke my husband up so that he could be available to meet the delivery men.  I am glad to take care of things when deliveries occur on his work days, but I do so appreciate having my husband handle it when he is off!  I was able to just tend to things in the kitchen and let the guys work it out on their own.

We have a rather narrow entrance gate, but many, many delivery trucks have pulled through it, and many others have even backed through it to make deliveries here.  The guys this morning didn’t want to chance it, I guess, and they just parked right out on the road and unloaded my washer out there.  They even screwed the machine onto the pedestal right in the road!!  They then wheeled it all the way up the gravel driveway on a dolly, and then muscled it up the garage steps and wrestled the machine into place.

In the meantime, Copper, Dani and Will were out investigating what was in the live animal trap.  Drats!  Another skunk!  Even after my husband opened the door so that it could escape, it wouldn’t leave.  I think it was finishing up the cat food that we’d put in the trap as bait!  Our yard sprinklers finally rotated through their stations enough to start getting the trap wet, and I guess that was all the encouragement our stinky little friend needed to move on.  I kept telling my family as they wandered ever closer to that caged skunk that I was NOT going to wash their skunk sprayed clothes in my new washer!!!  Fortunately, no one was sprayed and the skunk has moved on.

I was a little confused as to why my first two loads of laundry came out of the washer so hot.  My husband checked and, sure enough, the delivery men had reversed the water hookups behind the washer!  My husband re-installed things the right way, and now we’re good to go.  I am amazed at the capacity of a front load washer. Amazed!  My first load of wash would have easily been two loads in the old top loader, and I later did what would have amounted to two and half loads of towels in just one load.  And they’re clean!!

I can now see why this machine has such a high energy star rating.  Not only does it use far less water, it also does much, much larger loads, meaning less electricity usage in running time alone.  Less water means our well pump will run less, which will reduce our electric bill for our well (which is separate from our house), too.  The hyper fast spin means that the laundry comes out of the dryer much dryer than from the top loader, which means the things I do put in my dryer dry faster, reducing the electric bill for the dryer as well.  It’s all pretty exciting!

I only foresee one problem, and I have until late fall to figure it out.  Once it is too cold and/or wet to dry clothes outside on the clothesline, I will have to figure out how to dry “double” loads of wash.  What comes wet out of the new washer will not fit in the old dryer! I love a challenge!

My friend, Karen, was sharing these amazing seed pods with the gals at church yesterday.  It seems her Iris produced them.  Iris usually are grown from bulbs, and I guess I did not realize that they can reproduce from seed, too.  Isn’t it amazing the way that God insured that we’d have flowers?  I’m planning to open up the pod and plant the seeds somewhere in my backyard later this week, I just need to find the right spot.

I made a run to town with my husband this afternoon.  I do not schedule any real cleaning tasks or start any projects on Mondays.  It is my husband’s first day off of the week, save for Sunday of course; and I try to keep it free to do things with my husband if he asks, and he generally does! We made stops at the feed store, Costco and to pick up a pair of complimentary movie tickets.  I love going places – just my husband and I.  We don’t do it real often, so it’s a treat when we do!

This day has just flown by!  I feel like I’ve been going non-stop, and I suppose I have.  I’m still feeling some twinges in my back and my foot is still a bit achy from tripping over our silly cat on Saturday.  I’m praying that I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.  If not, I guess the Lord has a different plan for the day than I do.  We’ll have to wait and see what He has in store.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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10 comments to Monday July 9, 2007

  • Cheryl, hope the back and foot are feeling better!  I have a Maytag washer which looks very much like yours, and I love it; especially the fact that the larger capacity means less time spent doing laundry.  Enjoy!


  • Woohoo! I love the picture of Will! The boys spent a lot of time in the garage when we first got our front loaders! 😆

  • Four more days before I get to use it, WOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!:wink::spinning:

  • Ummmmm…………Dani, if you really want, you can do all of MY laundry all week and then I’ll do YOURS on Friday! 😆   Remember when the central vacuum system was first installed….you two girls fought over who was going to vacuum for weeks!!  Aaahhhh…………those were the good old days! 😉

  • So glad you’re enjoying your new household toy.  Anything to make housekeeping more enjoyable, right? 😉

  • Hello,

    I knew you would love your new washer. After having mine a  month now I wondrr how I ever washed without it. LOL A couple things I have learn. When you are done washing for the day. Wipe off the rubber seal and door. leave the door open for about an hour . This will allow the rubber seal to dry out. If you don’t it will mold and mildew. The  company LG taught me this. The other thing is I tried to use regular clorox and it doesn’t work. They make a HE bleach and that is all that will work in it. Hope you feel better soon.



  • I love your new washer! My mom had one at her older place, but had to leave it when she moved. I plan to get one like that when our current one dies. Living here in FL, I won’t have to figure out the double load method, since I hang clothes all year long. What a funny “problem” to have!

    And that seed is so neat! I didn’t know they produced seed pods! Be sure to let us know if it works!

  • Your new washer sounds wonderful, Cheryl! It will be so nice to be able to do larger loads! I hope your foot and back feel better soon!

  • I am lucky to live in Texas so I can and do hang my laundry out most of the time without  a problem. However as I have a frontloader that does huge loads too I have learned to put some of the wash on my drying racks in my laundry room (I have 3 racks) and to go ahead and dry the rest in the dryer. It dries fast as it is almost dry when it comes out of the washer. Take care. I do like your blog. I too love to spend time with my sweet husband. Roxie

  • Roxie – I have a couple of those nice wooden drying racks, too.  My problem is that my laundry room is really a hallway and there isn’t room for the racks in there.  I either end up with mine in the garage or in the house in front of the wood stove.  Still, as you mention, the articles come out of the front loader so much dryer than the top loader that they won’t take long to dry at all.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.