Saturday July 14, 2007

     The boys and I got a late start on our shopping trip today.  Every two weeks I determine that we will get an earlier start, but we just never do.  By the time we’ve had our pancake breakfast and taken care of the morning chores, it’s usually quite late in the morning.  We do have two sets of chickens to feed and water, goats and sheep to feed and water, a garden to see to, and all of the normal household tasks that need to be done in order to leave our home in order before heading to town.  I suppose that’s just the way it is, and I should plan on that rather than an earlier start!

     I did miss Dani’s company today on our shopping trip.  She is working at the Arabian horse ranch around the corner while the owners attend a horse show.  Helping the hired man there does not take up all of her day, but it involves three or four separate trips to the ranch and her time there each time ranges from ten minutes to forty minutes. She helps move horses to exercise areas and back to their stalls, waters the horses, etc.  The owner’s wife asked her this morning if she’d be willing to clean up one of their shelving units in the barn today as well, and of course she was glad to do so.

     It was such a blessing to come home and see that she had spent her brief times at home thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and then mopping the kitchen, back hall, laundry room and living room.  The floors are all so shiny and wonderful looking!  She’s been using Murphy’s Oil Soap on our vinyl floors with great success, and she used it on our laminate in the living room today.  I think we are more pleased with the results from the Murphy’s on the laminate than we have been on a more expensive product made especially for laminate flooring.  I love it when cheaper is better!  I appreciate it even more when the product is, perhaps, more natural than the expensive laminate cleaner.

     The boys and I had seven stops to make today, and we made quick work of most of them.  A couple of the stops we made today are places that we’ve only been to once before, and that was two weeks ago.  I have to say that I was absolutely amazed at William!  The first of these stops was at a lovely neighborhood grocer that carries the full line of Mrs. Meyers products.  I wanted to stop in for some lavender ironing spray.  The front of the store sort of masks where the entrances are.  Since I’d only been there once before, I headed the wrong way.  Will immediately said, “It’s this way, Mom.”, and sure enough, he took us right to the closest entrance.  When I got turned around leaving, for the same reason (I’m really NOT directionally challenged!), he set me to rights again and headed me right for the exit.

     The last time we shopped there, we had lunch at the Burger King at the corner.  That sounded good to the guys today, so we headed there again.  My Will!!  He’s just amazing!  He walked right in and slid into a chair that had just been vacated by a man who was leaving.  He happily announced, “Hey! I got OUR table!”  Well, now, OUR table.   Sure enough; it was the table that he, Dani and I had used two weeks ago.  I wish I’d been clued into my son a little better at that point, but seeing how the restaurant was not very full, I asked my boys to move to a booth by a window while I ordered our lunch.

     As we ate, William kept tilting his head to the side a bit, almost as though something were sort of bothering him.  I finally had to ask him, “Bud, what’s wrong?”  His reply?  “They’re playing the exact same songs they played the last time we were here.  See?  That’s a song from Night at the Museum, do you hear it Aaron?  They played that last time and the song before was the same, and this song that they’re playing now is all exactly the same.”  Okay, I’m not really surprised that Burger King has a pre-recorded loop that they play.  I’m not even that surprised that it was the same music that they played at approximately the same time of day as when we were there two weeks ago.  However, I was absolutely astounded that my son would remember that so clearly!  He knew they were all the same songs and in all the same order. 

     When we walked out the door to leave, which by the way was the same door we left by last time, he immediately veered off to the left rather than toward our van which was straight ahead.  When I called out to him, he said, “Oh! We parked over there last time.”  I’m pretty sure he was right.

     You know, it would be so easy to see and hear and know all of the negative things about William that make him so special, and to dwell on those things.  I could have spent the day counting how many times I had to ask him to calm an action that he was compelled to do today. (I can always tell when it’s just a childish behavior and when it’s something he just HAS to do, and airplaning his arms today was just one of those HAVE to do things.)  I could have watched him pop his jaw, and wink a million times each today and wondered how many people were noticing his tics.   Instead the Lord showed me today the absolute marvel of the way his brain works.  I was just so thrilled to think about the wonderful brain that God has given my son that records such intricate detail and keeps it in memory.  What might He have planned for my son that will require such a skill?  What does William’s future hold?  Only the Lord knows for sure what His plans are for my boy, but it was so good to focus on the wonder that truly is Will!

     Tonight during family worship we sang together and this verse just brought home that my hope for the future is only in Him.  My job is just to keep my heart on the Lord, and to direct my sons’ hearts there as well.

In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song.
This Cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease,
My Comforter, my All in All, here in the love of Christ I stand.

     We came home at last, hot and tired from the rush hour traffic.  We unloaded the van, put away most of the groceries and had a cold sandwich supper.  It was just the thing.  After dinner, I was carrying the rest of our supplies from our garage to our outdoor storage area when my husband came home from work.  After his twelve hour shift, and before he even entered our home, he graciously took the time to help me tote the rest of it out there and put it away on the shelves.  I still have some big packages of meat to divide up and freeze, but that will wait until tomorrow.

     I have a very, very full day tomorrow.  I’m hoping to rise early and get a good start on the day.  Just now, I’m looking forward to a coolish shower, a dish of chocolate ice cream, a soft pillow and a good night’s rest.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Saturday July 14, 2007

  • He could SO be Monk 

      :wink::wink::wink:Hey Corin!:lol::lol::lol:

  • Burger King plays music??? I need to play closer attention!

    I LOVE that boy!!! :love: Give him a rub on the head for me!

  • He sounds like such a sweet boy!

  • I’m always amazed how the Lord compensates for perceived limits!  My brother is mildly mentally handicapped, but he is a walking telephone directory – he can remember telephone numbers and recall them on a moment’s notice, and he is always right.  He also plays the piano by ear and is a superb speller. 

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve given you a Blog Reflection award.  There’s no obligation on your part; I just wanted you to know what a wonderful blessing you’ve been to me.  You’ll never know how much of a help you’ve been to this wife and mama!

  • That is so amazing that he remembered the songs. It’s nice that he can help you out with directions too, I am definitely directionally challenged. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your busy day with us, I hope you got a good rest!