Tuesday July 10, 2007

I’ve been admiring linens lately.  Embroidered linens.  Vintage linens.  Newer linens, too!  Linens neatly folded and stored in a linen closet.  Linens piled high in a wicker basket.  Linens hanging from a clothesline.

I was given a few of Grandma Nora’s things awhile back to choose from, and I quickly pulled out the seven handkerchiefs that had been hers.  These are not antique linens, by any stretch.  They are all commercially made and embroidered, save for one beautiful pink floral that was hand done.  I’m guessing they are probably from the 60’s.  Yet the handkerchief linen is so delicate and fine in all of them.  I washed them up today and dried them on the line  Most of the storage “rust” spots came right out in the sunshine.  I pressed them all, and I will put them away with my other vintage hankies.  These are quite delicate and I will save them to use for special occasions only.

I have two and a half dozen everyday, off-white cotton napkins.  These were bought in packages of two at Wal-Mart.  They were not, necessarily, cheap; but they are a nice, heavy cotton and are of a good quality.  They have been laundered and laundered.  They have been occasionally bleached.  We use them everyday at all three meals.  Lately I have been taking the time to iron them before putting them away, and I must say that it has become a favorite job.  In fact, I have a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s ironing spray on my shopping list for this week with the idea that I will use the spray everytime I iron the napkins.  I am also planning on buying a few more of these napkins while shopping this week if they are still available.   They have held up so well, that I would like to have a few more so that we will have plenty for an entire weekend including the times we have company.

One of the things I enjoy while hanging my clothes on the line every day is admiring the wildlife that the Lord sends my way.  The wild turkeys are frequently passing from our pasture to our sheep yard to our citrus orchard in the morning, and I can watch them as I’m hanging clothes.  The adult birds know that they can fly over the fences. The babies used to just squeeze through the square holes in the fence, but they have become much too large for that now.  They can fly, of course, but the farther away the adult birds get from them, the more frantic the babies become, trying desperately to fit their much too large bodies through the fence.  Eventually, one, then two, and finally all of them will remember their wings and will fly over the fence and then run to join the adult birds.  Oh, how they mother turkeys will scold their tardy brood!

Lately I’ve had a solitary hawk circling overhead and calling for his mate.  He calls and calls as he flies overhead.  When he receives no reply, he begins to fly in a larger circle calling and calling.  Eventually, she will hear him and respond and then he gives the most gleeful cry and flies directly to the tree she has roosted in.   He is quite beautiful.  I’ve seen him up close seated on a post nearby, and he looks so regal and proud.  He’s much larger than the hawk that tried to steal one of my young hens a couple of weeks ago.

As beautiful as the hawk is, the vultures certainly do have them beat just by the impressiveness of their size.  As I was walking out to change the water in the orchard this afternoon, a vulture passed between the sun and me.  He cast a large shadow.  So large, in fact, that I looked up to see what it was.  Today the vulture was flying alone and seemed to be enjoying his solitary flight, playing and gliding on the wind currents.  I watched him for several minutes.  Normally, when we see one vulture, more are close by; and there are usually three or four following their noses to their dinner.  I used to despise the vulture, thinking it a very ugly bird; but I know better now.  God designed those big birds to perform a very necessary service, and it’s a service that I have come to appreciate as a country dweller.

There’s an extremely fun game I play with the vultures when I’m driving and Dani is traveling with me.  You see, they are REALLY BIG birds.  If they are in the middle of the road having, oh, say, rabbit for lunch, and see me approaching in my van at 55 m.p.h., they become very defensive of their meal.  The birds will stand up big and tall and stretch those big wings out, shaking them threateningly at me.  At this point they are probably three feet tall with about a five foot wing span . Pretty impressive I must say, but remember; I’m driving a steel vehicle and have the advantage of size and speed.

Here’s the fun part.  As I approach, and as the birds stand tall and shake their wings at me, I honk my horn. Loud and long!  Dani usually begins her half laughing half screaming cry of, “Mom!” at about that time.  The birds, realizing their imminent demise, use the tiny little brains the Lord gave them and decide to fly away.  They are very graceful in the air.   But they’re huge.  And a bit awkward on the ground.  Make that a lot awkward on the ground!  The wings flap once, ka-whump.  No flight.  They flap again, ka-whump.  Nothing.  By about the third ka-whump, the bird finally catches enough air to take flight and I merrily pass down the road under them, swerving to avoid making their middle-of-the-road lunch into a pancake.  I don’t know why that causes Dani to panic.  I certainly never would hit one of those birds.  I’m not sure what I find funnier, the birds or my daughter!

Oh, my daughter!  She’s not felt well for much of the day today.  A nasty migraine took over her day and she became quite ill this afternoon.  I am so grateful that she was able to take some medication and drink down the Mountain Dew that her Dad brought home for.  I know, I know!  Mountain Dew!  However, it is the one thing that helps Dani recover from a migraine quickly.  By dinner time she was back to her old self and actually played a game of Candy Land with William while dinner was cooking.  I am so thankful that the Lord hears the prayers of mothers offered up on behalf of their children.

Copper and the boys had to make a run to the hay broker this afternoon.  They brought home a trailer load  of  baled hay for our goats and sheep.  We had an overcast day today and the temperatures remained quite pleasant, which made the job of unloading, moving and then putting the hay into the feed barn not quite so bad.  The guys had the hay all stored in no time!

After all of my daily tasks were behind me, I did some work deep cleaning in my  laundry room and pantry.   My husband leveled the new washer yesterday and then discovered that our dryer had never been leveled.  When he finished that job, the dryer was back a little closer to the wall than it had been, exposing a line of yucky floor that hasn’t seen the light of day for quite some time.  I quickly sprayed and scrubbed and wiped up that area, as well as the area between the dryer and the wall.

I pulled all of my wicker laundry baskets off of their shelves and scrubbed the shelves down and then  replaced  the baskets.  The counter top was emptied of the small stack of today’s ironing (which was later ironed and put away) and then I wiped the counter and the soap jars down.  Though my baseboards still need paint in the laundry room, they are clean!

This little mouse that Dani painted for me kept careful watch as I scrubbed down the baseboards!

We’ve done a nice job keeping the pantry neat and clean, so it only took a few minutes to give it its monthly cleaning.  I wiped down the shelves and straightened up the shelf where we keep our snack type foods.  That one shelf  gets messy fast.  I cleaned the floor of the pantry, too.  I’ll do some more of my monthly, quarterly, etc. cleaning in the kitchen and dining areas tomorrow.

My husband has gone to the monthly men’s meeting at church tonight.  I’m so glad that these are held on one of his days off so that he is able to attend.  He enjoys these meetings very much; so we are willing to forfeit an evening of having him home.  When he went to town this afternoon to buy our girlie-girl her Mt. Dew, he rented a copy of The Queen for we gals to watch tonight while he is gone.  What a super guy, huh?  I think I’ll grab a shower and try to finish the tea towel I’m embroidering while we watch it.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Tuesday July 10, 2007

  • Oh I’d love to watch Dani when you go flying at the vultures! That sounds like more fun than coasting at a snails pace past the endless grapevines with her! :yes:

    I can hear Dad telling you what movie he brought home! 😆

  • You know what’s funny about him and the movie title?  He doesn’t call it “The Queen”, he just calls it “Queen”.  :lol::lol::lol:  I love your Dad!

  •   Yah, yah, yah she SAYS she would never hit one, but do you have ANY idea how close she has come?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:  One of these days Corin, you’re going to get a call from me as I’m on the way to the emergency room because a vulture landed in my lap after coming THROUGH the wind shield!  YIKES those things are big!

      Gotta love a Mountain Dew when a migraine comes a callin’.  I’m feeling much better now!:sunny:  Candy Land may have helped too, Mr. Plumpy had it out for me though; if I hadn’t have been the one shuffling…

  • Mountain Dew used to be the dentist’s worst nemesis until all these high-sugared energy drinks hit the market. Tell Dani we’re really glad she’s feeling better and to go brush her teeth!

  • You know, she’s never had a problem with the Mt. Dew and cavities (she wanted me to tell you that, Kendra :wink:)  She uses her Sonicare faithfully twice a day!