Tuesday July 3, 2007

Wet throw rugs in front of the washing machine are never a good thing.  Ever.  Finding them with your bare toes first thing in the morning is even worse.  It seems our washing machine is on its last legs.  (Dani has a lovely obituary posted on her blog )   Copper has checked it out thoroughly and the verdict is – It’s repairable, but a new high efficiency machine would actually be the more frugal thing to do at this point.  That always seems so weird to me, but there are times when being overly frugal actually costs more money.  Something about being penny wise and pound foolish.  My husband has jury-rigged things in the laundry room so that we can limp along until the new washer is delivered on Monday.  I am thankful that we will be able to keep doing at least the highly necessary laundry.    sigh………I hate spending money.  I hate using credit even more.  Sometimes, though……….

…..Once the decision was made today to purchase a new washer, Copper and I headed to town to do some comparison shopping.  We checked out three big stores, but found an incredible deal at Home Depot, of all places.  Because we have managed our credit well for the last almost thirty years (ie – borrowed infrequently, paid all of our debts on time, etc.) we were able to purchase the washer for 12 months no interest no payments.  That will give my hard working husband plenty of time to work a few overtime shifts to pay for the washer!  The machine we bought was on sale for about $100 off the normal price.  There was an in-store 10% further discount for using our Home Depot card.  The machine qualified for a $100 Home Depot gift card with purchase.  Our local utility is currently offering a $175 rebate on new Energy Star washers if you also own an electric water heater, which we do!  Even the delivery & haul away charges will be rebated!  We were so excited to be able to buy such a nice HE washerwith so many discounts and rebates. (The price we paid even before discounts and rebates wasn’t as high as in this link, but I wanted to show you a picture!)

The new machine will use less energy than our old machine.  It will require smaller amounts of laundry soap, which means that expense should be less as well.   It will also use far less water, which means our well pump will have to run less often.  The lower water usage also means good news for our septic system. The clothes will come out of the washer far less wet than with our old machine, which means that our dryer will have to run for a shorter time as well.  I am using the clothes line for most everything now, but it means that the clothes will dry out there more quickly, too!  I’m pretty excited.  I’ll have to do some reading up to learn how to best use my new machine; and I need to take a brand new bottle of laundry detergent back to Costco and exchange it for HE detergent.

Speaking of laundry detergent, I know a few of you use Charlie’s laundry soap.  I would welcome any and all comments you might have about the Charlie’s laundry soap; good, bad or indifferent.  I would be most interested in those of you that use the liquid type, as we prefer this for the septic system (no caking of undissolved powders); but any reports on Charlie’s soap at all would be appreciated.   

We came home just in time for me to fix dinner and get it into the roaster oven in the garage.  I didn’t want to  heat up the house with the range oven, so the roaster was fired up.  The meat loaf and scalloped potatoes fit in there nicely.  I like dinners that are prepared awhile before mealtime and then just cook in the oven until dinnertime.  I always feel like such a lady of leisure doing other things until just a few minutes before mealtime!

So, what did I do with my before dinner leisure time?  Laundry!  The whites were done and hung on the line, and then a batch of towels were washed and put in the dryer. Copper and the boys enjoyed the pool while dinner was cooking.  Things were pretty wild and crazy out there!

Today’s chores will be done with tomorrow’s chores.   We will not homeschool tomorrow because of the holiday, so that will give me quite a bit of time to take care of not only the Tuesday and Wednesday tasks, but hopefully to catch up on a few other things, too, before we head to the park for the evening.  I may even have a chance to take care of some much needed blogkeeping in the archives and sidebar.  Maybe.

My husband will be working until 7:00 p.m. or so tomorrow.  The kids and I will pack up a picnic supper, chairs, blanket, etc., and head to a beautiful park in the city closest to us around 4:00 or so.  There will be booths and entertainment until dark, and then a very big fireworks display.  My husband will stop by the park on his way home and meet us there for the rest of the evening.  I’m looking forward to some nice down time, people watching and relaxing in the park.  Do you have any special plans for tomorrow’s holiday?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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10 comments to Tuesday July 3, 2007

  • Oooh!   Oooh!  Pick me!  Pick me!  I love Charlie’s Soap!  We have been using it for about six months.  Two of my girls suffer with eczema so I have to be careful to use pure laundry soap with vinegar as the rinse.  Charlie’s is all natural and terrific for septic, which we have as well.  No foofy detergent smell, but we don’t miss it.

    I’d love a referral if you decide to order :goodjob:

  • :wave: i found you! I enjoyed your presentation on Living books. What is Charlie’s Soap?

  • Oh, I am so pleased over your new washer!  My dh is much like yours – when we need a new appliance as opposed to repairing the old one, he is more than willing to do it, and we find the best deal we can. 

    Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

  • I’ve just been catching up on several entries on  your blog. I didn’t know you could use borax in the toilet–thanks for that info.

    I inherited my grandma’s cast iron, which included a dutch oven. It is the best way I’ve found to make a roast chicken! Never thought to use one skillet as a lid to the other, tho’–great idea.

    I commented on your daughter’s “obituary”–congratulations on the great deal on your new washer. God smoothed the way before you, and it is a reminder that we should never get frustrated when something breaks down; God already “has it covered.”

  • :goodjob: Great choice on your new washer! We have a front loader too (Kenmore) and we absolutely love it! It’s quiet and has a large drum – large enough for me to put my heavy bedspread in! Besides the ‘less water’ thing, you can also use *half* the laundry detergent you normally would use and still get your clothing squeaky clean! Another savings!

    We aren’t going to the park you’re going to for the 4th…we did last year and it was wonderful although *very* crowded! We’ve been invited by friends to spend the day at their home – they have probably the largest residential pool I’ve ever seen (we don’t have a pool). A number of other families are invited as well so it may be a large turnout. We’ve been instructed to *bring your own meat to grill *bring your own beverage *bring a dish to share. We’ll be enjoying hot dogs, hansen’s soda & lots of water, and sharing a marinated bean salad. yum. It’s going to be a hot :sunny: one today. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do heat well, and I’m uncomfortable being in a bathing suit in public. So, I may be spending some of the day indoors or cooling my feet in the pool. Have a wonderful and safe 4th!

  • We have used Charlie’s Soap for a long time….You can use their powder in a septic tank purely becasue you only use 1 tsp. of soap per laundry load so there is no undissolved powder. They do have a liquid version also. The most cost effective way to purchase is to start a co-op. You could probably get your daughter and some church or homeschool friends to buy with you after you have all tried it(this is what we do). The other benefit is that you don’t use fabric softner, so that lowers your cost also. Hope this helps…feel free to email me if you have anymore questions. Charlie’s soap also has great customer service and chances are if you call you will be talking to Charlie or one of his sons as they are a family owned company.

  • You’re gonna love it! With our I could hang a load on the line, then 40-60 minutes later (depending on what I was washing), when I brought the next load out to hang up, I could bring the previous load back in to be put away! Even diapers on really hot summer days!

  • Oh, I know I’m going to love the new machine!  I do, I do, I really, really do!  I know there will be a bit of a learning curve, and I’m so looking forward to figuring it all out.  Can’t wait!

  • I use Charlie’s Soap and love it.  Our towels and wash clothes finally smell clean!!!!  My laundry just seems a whole lot cleaner.  It amazes me that it takes so little soap to get things clean.  Now, it doesn’t take out some stains.  Grass is tricky, mustard is tricky.  But I’m not sure that anything could remove those stains.  I use the liquid. The more bottles you buy the cheaper it gets and you get free shipping.  For me the cost comes out about the same as Tide but I use far less.  Give it a whirl.

  • Hello,

    I just got a front loader and i love it. I don’t know how I ever washed all these years without it. Did you get the drawer? I got a drawer on my washer and dryer. They are wonderful too. Lots of storage space for supplies. It only takes about a tbs of Tide to wash a load of clothes. That saves money too.

    Enjoy and Happy washing.