Tuesday July 31, 2007

Corin and I had a wonderful time at the VHE homeschool conference on Saturday.  It was so good to see some old friends, and it was especially fun meeting some of you!!  Thank you so much to those of you who picked me out of the crowd and introduced yourselves!   It was great to meet you. Our day was jam packed with attending workshops, visiting with friends old and new, and finding some time to shop in the exhibit hall.  I found some wonderful new books for our Heritage Library, along with a special book for my grandson’s upcoming birthday.  More than half of the books I bought came from my friend, Carmon’s, booth.  Carmon’s Buried Treasure Books booth was a wonderful mix of all sorts of used books for the whole family.  Check out her web site for other “buried treasure”. I bought a few things elsewhere, too, of course, including a Dave Ramsey book for my husband.  He’s already read the introduction.  I’m hoping to read all of the children’s picture books aloud to my boys this week, and I’ll try to do a little mini review on each as I do.  I found some wonderful titles and I can’t wait to share them with the boys and with you. Sunday morning dawned a bit too early, but I rolled out of bed and began getting ready for church.  It wasn’t long before it was apparent that William had an upset tummy and that he would not be able to go to church.  He and I stayed home while Copper, Dani and Aaron went as usual.  Will and I took it easy all morning and into the afternoon.  We enjoyed scrambled eggs for lunch, which is a treat he always enjoys.  I did a bit of sewing on my stack of pot holders, finishing two and quilting four more.  I also finished up another dishcloth. The yellow “seeded diamonds” dishcloth, and a plain old garter stitch dishcloth that I made up quickly using  some fun self-striping yarn. My husband and the kids got home from church around 4:30ish.  I sat outside and knit for quite awhile and let the dog run around out front.  Dani came out and visited with me and shared everything about church.  Oh, how I miss going!  Will was feeling so much better by then that he ran around with the dog a bit and climbed the tree that I was seated under.  Oh, the bark and leaves he sent down my way!!!  He’s quite a good tree climber! I finally headed in around 6:00 and discovered that my husband was napping on the schoolroom couch.   It didn’t take long for the boys to decide that he looked just way too comfortable there.  They began pulling his arms and lifting his legs, but before they quite knew what had happened, Dad sprang to life and they had their work cut out for them!!!  Poor Dixie, our dog, ended up at the bottom of this wrestling match, but I don’t think she minded much! I started yet another dishcloth late in the day Sunday, this one a bit more challenging, called “lace mesh”.  All of the dish cloths have been worked in the Sugar’N Cream yarn, and this skein is called Rosewood.  I loved this variegated yarn in the store, but as I started knitting it up, it just became more and more beautiful to me.  It reminds me of choco-nilla-berry ice cream, which most of the country calls Neopolitan.  The more I worked it, the more I liked it!!  Some of the dish cloth patterns have not been so pretty when using variegated yarn, but this one certainly leant itself to the color changes.  I was in the car so much today, that I actually finished it up! Our van battery finally gave us its last start yesterday.  My husband jumped the van this morning for a trip to the feed store, and had to be jump started again there.  He came home from the feed store just as I was finishing up the morning kitchen stuff, and announced that we were all going to town for a “cheap” lunch, to get a new battery and to shop for an air compressor.  Now, here’s the deal.  My husband’s air compressor gave out last week, too.  It’s really become an essential tool around here, so a new one was certainly in order.  I had thought that the timing was most excellent as my husband’s birthday is this next weekend.  However, with his wanting to go “looking”, I had to fess up that we had already decided to buy him one for his birthday.  Well, he got his birthday present today!!  I even sang Happy Birthday to him at the check out in Sears!!!  (Those are the plants that I bought on Friday, still waiting to be potted up!  Aren’t the Cosmos pretty?) Right after lunch, we dropped Dani off to babysit at Corin’s house for a bit.  The grandbabies were all napping when we dropped her off, so we just let her off and the rest of us went on to shop for the compressor and battery.  However, by the time Corin returned home and Dani was ready to be picked up, those grandbabies were awake…..well, three out of the four were, and we just trooped right on in to see them.  My husband scooped up the two year old princess immediately, and I kissed and loved on the two toddlers and quickly took the baby from Corin.  I love all of their sweet faces!!!  I love seeing those sweet faces upturned to give Grandma a kiss!  Well, we weren’t too quiet about any of this, so we did wake up the five year old, too.  He got his hello and goodbye kisses all at the same time, and we left while he was still sleepily trying to figure out why we were all there! I came home and opened the door of my washer with fear and trepidation, sure that the laundry that had been washing when we left that morning, would now need to be rewashed.  The Lord was good and that load of laundry was still sweet smelling and ready for the clothesline.  It really was too late in the day to be hanging things out, but as the load from the washer is too big for the dryer, there really was no choice.  We are blessed to have enough night birds, bats and frogs that I’ve never had to worry about the occasional overnight drying outside.  Another load was washed as my husband changed out the battery in the van and I started dinner.  I hung that second load on the clothesline at 6:15 and it was still 92° outside!!  It’s after 9:00 now, but I may turn on some outside lights and bring in the dry clothes.  I think that a good majority of them will be dry! Today is the day that our menu for the week starts, and we are already off track!  The run to town caused us to miss our nachos for lunch, so Dani just popped the ground beef that was already thawed into the freezer for lunch tomorrow.  We got home too late for me to roast the chicken for tonight’s dinner, but my husband said that Nachos for dinner sounded great, so that’s what we had!!  I love that man!!  The roast chicken will happen tomorrow night.  This doesn’t mean, however, that the menu plan for the week is blown.  Exactly the opposite!  Since the menu plan is in place, it’s simply a matter of switching a couple of things around, and then holding something over for next week’s menu.   It really does make days like today work and I am so thankful for that! It is getting quite late, my boys are in bed, and my ever-patient husband is waiting to start a video for us to enjoy.  I’m a bit road weary, but I’m thankful that the van’s battery died on one of my husband’s days off.  I’m so glad that he was able to go with us to pick out his own birthday present as he wanted a couple of features that I did not know about.  I’m so blessed that I was able to visit, albeit briefly, with Corin and my grandbabies this afternoon.  I’m especially glad that the Lord has led me for the last year or so to not plan anything much for Mondays!!  It’s been a good day! God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households! Proverbs 31:27

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12 comments to Tuesday July 31, 2007

  • Sounds like you have had a beautiful day! I absolutely love the dishcloths. I am just learning now to knit, and pray that one day, I can make an array of beautiful dishcloths. I have one that a dear friend made for my birthday, and I absolutely love it! Glad your Will is doing better, and that you enjoyed Mr. Copper’s day off! Be blessed!

  • I spotted an Uncle Remus book in your treasure pile. We actually live in the area where Joel Chandler Harris was born and raised. In fact, the schoolhouse he attended has been moved onto a plantation where a couple from our church lives. Enjoy reading to those precious grandchildren!
    Mrs. C

  • Thank you for the Buried Treasure Book link! I am still excited to learn about heritage books and building a library. I know how busy you are and am a very patient peson! I found a large treasure yesterday of an entire set of Child Craft books. They belonged to my 25 year old when he was small. I had forgotten about them and was thrilled at the find. There are several volumns of literature there. I plan to use them in our studies this school year. Your wash cloths are wonderful. I too like the Neopolitan yarn!

  • Woohoo! Now THAT’s an air compressor!

    I like that choco-nilla-berry yarn! That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that picture! It’s making me hungry!

    You know, it really is a shame that it takes 2 grown and 1 half grown man to hold down that vicious attack beast of yours! 😆

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I love the yarn. I am learning to crochet. Could you please as time allows tell me more about the Hertiage Library?

    Have a beautiful day.


  • How neat that you were able to get your hands on some of Carmon’s books :o)

    I am going to search for that Rosewood yarn.

    I love those Neopolitan Ice Cream colors!!!

  • I really enjoyed Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover”. Actually, I really like all of his materials that I’ve read. Hoping that your dh will enjoy them as well.

    PS I love that “Neopolitan” dishcloth you’re making too.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Where did you get your washcloth patterns, I like the last one you shared for it is not done on a diagonal?

  • Heather – None of the dish cloths have been worked on the diagonal….they are all knitted across in full rows.  I’ve really enjoyed doing these.  I didn’t share the pattern link yesterday because I’ve shared it in some past posts and didn’t want to over do, but perhaps I should have.  Here’s the link:  http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall06/PATTbacktoschool.html

    These patterns get just a bit harder as you progress through them, which has been fun.  It’s been a good way to work on improving my knitting skills on quick little projects.  Also, I have not knitted them up with the stockinette stitch in the middle with the duplicate stitched words.  Instead, I’ve just knit the whole dish cloth in the patterned stitch, just repeating the rows until it is square. 

  • CW,

    It was really fun to see you and Corin (and the baby!!) again. 🙂

    I wanted to ask, are your yarn choices cotton or acrylic? I had a dishcloth made for me for a gift out of cotton and we LOVE it. It holds the water and does a wonderful job. We will be making some for Christmas gifts this year. They are crocheted instead of knitted, and that is what I can do. Knitting is a bit intimidating for me. :+)

    Again, wonderful to see you!


  • Cheryl – I recently found your blog through Jewels’ blog and have enjoyed reading about your life, your family, and your faith. I’ve also been in awe with some of your creations, especially the wonderful knitted dishcloths!
    I don’t really have any talent for knitting. I sew and do quite a bit with papercrafts (scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc), and can even do some needlework (cross stitch and embroidery), but not yarn.
    I just love the dish cloths you’ve displayed on your blog and would love to have one to try in my homemaking. I’m sure the ones I buy at the store would never measure up to these sweet treasures!
    Would you consider selling one to me or perhaps doing a trade? I make cards and would be so happy to trade a gift set of handmade cards with you for one of your beautifully knit dishcloths. Let me know if this might be something you are interested in.

    I no longer have a Xanga blog, but you can access my current Typepad blog (if you want to read about my life LOL!) on my last entry on Xanga. I hope to hear from  you. If not, please know that  your blog has been a special blessing to me these last couple weeks.


  • I’m so glad you had a wonderful time at the conference, it looks like you came back with some great books! Your dishclothes are so pretty…you are learning lots of new patterns!

    Thank you for sharing your day with us!