Wednesday July 25, 2007

I’d hoped that this would be the rare Wednesday that my husband would have off.  I know that he does very much appreciate being able to pull an overtime shift on his every-other-Wednesday off, and I am thankful that the Lord has made so many of these overtime shifts available to him.  I’m so appreciative of my husband’s willingness to work these full twelve hour shifts on days that he would otherwise be able to be at home.  As of last night, he was not going to be needed today.  I went to bed knowing that he’d be home on a Wednesday, and I was very much looking forward to it.

I sleep with ear plugs.  Did you know that?  Well, I do and I have for two or three years now.  My hard  working, twelve hour shift pulling, working his days off husband snores.  Like a big, hibernating bear!  How to sleep with his snoring was one of those things that just seemed almost insurmountable.  I ended up, most nights, on the couch.  I love it when the Lord brings some little passing comment into a conversation that is life changing for someone listening.  That happened to me when a sweet friend mentioned that her husband had a dairy allergy that caused him to snore.  She bought ear plugs for the nights that he’d eaten too much dairy and snored.  Ear plugs!! What a concept!  Ear plugs were purchased the next time I went to town, and I have happily remained all night in my own bed, where I belong, ever since!   I buy them by the gross now.  Well, not quite, but this big container is only about $5 at Wal-Mart and lasts for several months.  They filter out just enough of my wonderful man’s snoring that I can fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

Now, why on earth am I telling you all of this today?  Quite early this morning our phone rang.  My husband is a VERY sound sleeper, so the phone is kept on my side of the bed.  I can still hear the phone and the alarm clock with the ear plugs in place.  It rang once and I picked the phone up.  As I held the phone in my right hand, it rang for the second time.  I reached up with my left hand to remove the ear plug from my left ear, but I couldn’t feel my left hand!  It was numb and asleep!  The phone rang for the third time.  Our phone recorder is set to pick up once our phone has rung four times, so I knew I was running out of time.  My sleepy brain sent the urgent message to my left hand to pull the ear plug from my left ear, but my left hand, apparently, sleeps just as soundly as my husband because it just fumbled around fruitlessly around the side of my head!!  Frantically, as the phone was beginning its fourth ring, I pushed the “on” button and said, “Hello”, all while holding the phone up to my still plugged right ear.  I’m sure the person on the other end responded to me, but I didn‘t hear a thing.  Fortunately, I was now awake enough to transfer the telephone to my left hand (sleepy hands can hold phones) and reach up with my right hand to pull the ear plug from my right ear!  Good grief!!!!  “I’m sorry, hello”, I said, in time for the day shift sergeant to ask to speak to my husband.  His services would be needed today after all.

I had hoped that Copper would be home today to help me pick out the frames for my new glasses.  Since he wasn’t, I took all of the kids along to assist.  Believe me, I REQUIRE assistance when picking out glasses frames. In the first place, trying on new frames requires that I remove my current glasses.  I can do that just fine and dandy, the problem is that I cannot see what the new frames look like on my face without my prescription lenses!!!  It didn’t matter how close I stood to the mirror, or how far away I stood, or how much I squinted. I couldn’t tell what they looked like on me.

Dani offered suggestions and brought me a few pair to try on.  I pulled some off the wall to try on as well. She’d offer comments such as, “those bring out the brown in your eyes” or, “those look nice with your hair” or, “Wow. Those are pink!”  She almost talked me into a pair that was a pink, blue and lavender swirl!  Now that sounds pretty wild, but they were actually quite pretty.  They just didn’t make the final cut.

Now, I’m not quite sure about the fact that Dani says that the frames I finally chose are “fun”.  “Fun” could be a good thing in a 50 year old woman and grandmother of four, or it could be a scary thing!  The color is called “espresso”, and there are rhinestones involved.  Oh, yes!  Yes, indeed, there are rhinestones on my new glasses. Teeny tiny ones, but they are there!  Twelve of them to be exact.  I have ordered eyeglasses with bling!

The frames are actually quite pretty off of my face, which is the only way I can see them.  On my face, well, how they look on my face is something only my family can tell you, which is the second reason that I like to take my husband with me.  You see, I am not the one that needs to look at me in the silly things for the next two years. My husband and children are the ones that will need to look AT the glasses every day for the next two years.  Me?  I just look THROUGH them, and it really doesn’t matter much what the frames look like from that point of view!  I should be able to pick my new glasses up in a couple of weeks.

While we were in town we made a stop by Jo-Ann’s.  It is right on our way home, and Dani had a handful of 50% off coupons.  She’s about done with her beautiful turquoise skirt, and she has already ordered a really cute peasant blouse pattern to make up to pair with it.  She found some lovely white embroidered cotton that will look so summery and cute with the skirt.  She had 50% off coupons for both her cut of fabric and her thread!  She shared two more 50% off coupons with me and I bought two more skeins of the Sugar’n Cream all cotton yarn. One skein is a pure white and the other a self-striping red, white and blue!  I should be all set for dish cloths when I have all of my cotton yarn knitted up.

I finished the third dish cloth Sunday afternoon as we traveled between church and the home of some friends.  I worked the third cloth in the “plaid” pattern , using an off white, speckled yarn.  It turned out kind of cute, but it really isn’t a pattern I’m crazy about.  I think I prefer the basket weave pattern over the plaid in both appearance and pleasure of knitting.

I started a fourth wash/dish cloth today, working it in the yellow Sugar’n Cream yarn.  This time I’m doing the “seeded diamonds” pattern (see the above pattern link).  As before, I am not going to do the duplicate stitched words over the stockinette knitting in the center.  Instead, I will just work the eight patterned rows, repeated seven times to make the dish cloth.  These have been a lot of fun to knit and they are finished very quickly.  Each successive pattern becomes increasingly difficult, and I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments that you have left here lately.  Your words encourage me every day!  Several of you have asked questions in the comments, or have sent me messages through xanga or e-mail, and I hope to answer all of your questions soon.  This has been a silly busy week, and things are ramping up for the remainder!  If you’ve asked a question or sent a message or e-mail, please do be patient with me just a bit longer.  I am hoping, Lord willing, to answer all of those questions early next week.  I’m usually able to answer within a day or two, but this week has just been exceptional.  Please do not think that I do not welcome your inquiries or notes because I do!

My children are outside running and playing with the dog and I think I will take my knitting out and watch them for a bit.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27




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16 comments to Wednesday July 25, 2007


      They’re very perty!

  •      I had to laugh out loud when I saw your first picture:lol:. I have that same little jar in my bathroom. As I type I can hear my loving hubby snore away. I found the ear blugs about 6 months ago. I had been sleeping on a love seat for a year. My back was paying the toll. I Thank God for my little purple friends. LOL
        Then when you mentioned your hand. Oh my goodness! I can’t count how many times I have had that happen. It scares me at first till I’m awake and realize what is going on.  Hubby thinks it is funny watching me turn off an alarm with a sleeping hand. I just bat at it till it hushes up. LOL

        I hope you like your new glasses. I need to get new ones. I just have to take the time to go in. Not something I like to do.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  • I like your new glasses!  I had to look hard to find the rhinestones (maybe because ** I ** need new glasses?), but they are so tiny that I think they’ll add just the right amount of bling.

    My hubby snores too.  Has since Day 1 of our marriage.  Our former pastor went to a camp meeting with my hubby and had to share a room with him.  When they got home, my pastor gave me a year’s supply of ear plugs! LOL  I don’t wake up from the snoring so far, but if I am awake for some reason it is hard to get back to sleep.  He also chews and clicks his teeth all night long, which actually bugs me more than the snoring – again, only if I’m awake already and trying to get back to sleep.

  • You had me LOL!  That is just like a scene from a movie – funny!  We have an alarm clock that makes a wind sound – it’s helped me bunches and Papa Chanoli says it helps him but I’m not sure what for

    Can’t wait to see the bling-ed out glasses!  Take care!

  • Oh my! You’ve seen the shoes Dani chooses, and you bought the glasses that she calls “fun”??? 😮 I’m picturing “grandma Dorris” glasses! 😆

    See you tomorrow!

  • I think you made an excellent choice!

    Mrs. C

  • Just a thought, you might want to check hubby at DR for sleep apnea… My husband snored loudly also and got a CPAP machine and has made all the difference in the world.  He used to fall asleep driving, or the minute he would even sit down, had some high blood pressure etc.  even if he does not have these symptoms, snoring is a symptom…  just my 2 cents.  it wouldnt hurt to have a sleep study maybe…:shysmile:

  • Hey, Robob had an idea… It’s a bit more time consuming though… Take the digital camera with you when you try on glasses, take pictures, then look at the pictures to decide.

  • I am married to a guy who snores, too!

    Will check that the next time I’m at Wal Mart. 🙂

    Ahhhh…the little things that can save a marriage.

  • You did a beautiful job on the dishcloth!

  • LOL!!!  So many snorers out there!!!  :spinning:

    For the record, my husband has had two, count ’em, two full sleep apnea studies, both with negative results.  Just like Ang’s husband, though, he often falls asleep as soon as he sits down, too.  He’s even been known to fall asleep at red lights!  In the case of my husband, I think it’s more a matter of working hard and not getting nearly enough sleep.  The snoring on the other hand, is hereditary.

    Susan – LOL about your former pastor sharing a room with your husband.  Many, many years ago several men from our then church went to Anaheim for a men’s conference.  Some stayed in a motor home, others in tents.  When my husband went to sleep there were several guys in his tent.  By morning, only he and the other big bear snorer were left!  The others had all gone knocking on the motor home doors during the night to flee from the noise!

    Corin – Hey, taking the digital camera with me would have been a great idea!  I’ll try to remember that next time.  Of course, I might have drawn as much attention taking pictures of myself with the camera as the lady who was discussing her eyeglass choices quite animatedly with her imaginary friend.:lol: 

  • Oh, I love your new glasses. I always have to rely on my children for their opinions also (as my hubby is at work). When my folks drove out of town last week my mom was busily knitting away on a dish cloth. 🙂

  • Hello,

    My dh snores too. I so afraid the neighbors 3 streets over are going to call and complain. LOL I just got new glasses. I went wild too. I got purple one. Yep when I am an old lady I will wear purple. LOL  They make me dizzy when I stand up.. They so much stronger than my old ones. I can see I just can’t walk yet. LOL I am starting crocheting classes next week. I love the Sugar and Cream yarn.



  • I really like your new glasses, Cheryl! Very pretty bling bling. :0) I let Phillip pick out my glasses because like you said, he has to look at them! LOL


  • Elizabeth – Woo hoo, purple glasses!!! 

  • Your new glasses are very pretty. I can tell that I’ll be needing glasses soon, and I have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing a pair.

    I’m enjoying your blog so very much!

    Have a wonderful weekend!