Monday August 27, 2007

It struck me, as I was making up our menu for the week and putting it onto a cute calendar for the front of our fridge, that we were going to be eating out a lot this week.  With a trip to town tomorrow mid-day for doctor’s appointments, and two special day trips, I guess it can’t be helped.  Weeks like this don’t come about very often, so we’ll enjoy it.  I’m sure we’ll all be tired of fast food by the time it’s over, though!

The new chore lists have Dani’s nights to make dinner moved to Monday and Saturday (from Wednesday and Saturday).  She is going to try a new recipe from Everyday Food Magazine (July/August 2007 issue) tomorrow night that sounds absolutely great!  We’re doing pizza-type dinners a couple of times this week; but with my husband working both nights, the kids and I will find the Foccacia and Barbecued Chicken Pizza different enough, and we always love both.  We can never make pizza too often around here!  The lasagne is a carry over from last week, and will easily feed us a dinner and a lunch.

Funny story about Sunday’s cookies – Last time Dani made these for our church fellowship lunch, one of the elders bit into one and said to another gentleman, “mmmm, these just melt in your mouth”.  I guess that means that the name of the cookie fits!

Be sure to head over to Laura’s blog and check out this week’s Menu Plan Monday.  It will inspire you to try some new things and will surely give you some great menu ideas!

Breakfast:  Dad’s Monday Mornin’ Waffles
Lunch:  Out after the boys’ doctor appointments
Dinner:  Shells with Grilled Chicken & Mozzarella, Green Salad

Breakfast:  Cold cereal
Lunch:  Cold cheese sandwiches, chips, peanut butter bars & snacks (in the mountains fishing)
Dinner:  Fast food on the way home from our fishing trip

Breakfast:  Turkey Bacon, eggs, English Muffins
Lunch and Dinner:   At the State Fair!

Breakfast:  Oatmeal
Lunch:  Hot dogs, macaroni & cheese
Dinner:  Focaccia, green salad

Breakfast:  Pancakes
Lunch:  Grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh grapes from the vineyard
Dinner:  Lasagne, green salad, homemade garlic bread

Breakfast:  Bagels & cream cheese
Lunch:  Planned-over Lasagne
Dinner:  Barbecued Chicken Pizza, salad

Breakfast:  Audrey’s Coffee Cake
Lunch:  Fellowship lunch after church.  We’ll take baked chicken thighs, a big bowl of fruit, and
melt-in-your-mouth cookies
Dinner:  Wild Dinner (Left overs, popcorn, whatever – every man for himself!)

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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6 comments to Monday August 27, 2007

  • Your menu sounds wonderful! And looks like you have a fun week planned too! Have a great one!

  • what a delicious week ahead!! Everything sounds delicious!

  • Hi!
    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that you not only list what you are having for dinner, but what you plan for breakfast & lunch too! I don’t find too many other bloggers that do that. They just post what they’re having for dinner.

    I’ve been lurking here for a few months now and enjoy my visits very much. It’s refreshing to visit here, where the Lord is Supreme & family comes first. You are always so cheerful & find the good in every situation. You encourage me to do the same!

    Thanks for being an example and for fulfilling Titus 2!


  • Hello Copper’s Wife! I remember that you wrote a post about Dani and her descisions regarding being a stay-at-home daughter and such. I am not sure how to locate it and would love your help.


  • I love planning menus.  It helps make my week more organized and each day run smoother.  I’m not standing in the middle of the kitchen scratching my head and wondering what to make for supper.  They also help with the grocery budget and it’s always fun trying new recipes.  They are just great all around!

  • I love seeing your menus Cheryl!  Now I know that my “every man for themselves” nights are not so uncommon.  I love planning my menus.  I had them pretty much tentatively planned up until the month of December.  I have them on a disk somewhere thanks to my wonderful thoughtful husband before we did a complete system restore on our computer.  :love:  I guess it’s time to get those out again!  LOL