Wednesday August 1, 2007

     This day has flown by!  It seems as though I just rolled out of bed, and then it was evening.  It’s been a day of long, tedious tasks, none of them going quite as smoothly or as easily as they could have; but it was still a day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!  It’s not always been so.  In days gone by, I’m sad to say, I would have grumbled and complained my way through it all.  Not that all of that grumbling and complaining did any good, mind you, because it most certainly did not!  I much prefer to just “roll with the punches” on days like today and to look for the good in them.  It’s there, it surely is.

     My husband asked me to take care of two tasks for him today 1) To fill out the paperwork for all of the various rebates for our new washer, and 2) to make an appointment for Aaron for a check-up.  I added to #2 making an appointment for Will for a hearing screening.  Hmmmm, just two things, should be a piece of cake, right? 

      The forms for one of the rebates on the washer was out-of-date when the store gave it to us!  Aaron and I were in town to redeem his recyclables anyway, so I stopped in at the store for an up to date form.  They don’t have them.  They man said, “just do it online and it won’t matter”.  Wow!  On-line!  That’s even better, no stamps!

     I didn’t fare much better on line because I still needed a code for the rebate and the only code I had was from the expired form!  I clicked around for a bit, finding the rebate I needed; but despite the fact that the page said “find and print rebate forms”, actually printing any of them up was not a working function.  I clicked around some more, found customer service for the rebates, and finally found a phone number.  A very nice young man named Dan listened patiently to my story and quickly gave me the code for the extended rebate promotion that we qualified for.  Once I had that, the rest was easy!  I quickly filled out, on line, the rebate form for the delivery charge, as well as the form for the $100 Home Depot gift card.  Quick and easy……after a trip all the way to town and into the store and spending 45 minutes on line and making a phone call……..    Still, it was so nice to have spoken to such a pleasant young man on the phone.

     Especially pleasant, because we had encountered some not-so-pleasant young folks at the recyclers.  You know, I am so proud of my Aaron.  He just stood there beside his momma and all of his twenty or so bags of pre-sorted, lids off, properly contained bags of recylcling while these other young people swore and spat and complained rudely to the recycling lady about everything, including their own lack of organization, all the while working v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y, oblivious to the line forming behind them.  I just kept looking up at my son, standing in the full, hot afternoon sun, and smiling at him.  Smiling at his patience.  Smiling at his turning a deaf ear to their unbecoming speech and manners.  Smiling that he kept his head turned away from the young woman dressed for the beach.  

     At last our turn came and we chatted amiably with the recycling lady as Aaron dumped all of his bags into her pre-weighed cans.  She asked him if he might lift some big garbage cans that had been abandoned into the back of her pick-up truck for her, which of course he was glad to do.  She very kindly helped Aaron out by emptying some of his bags for him.  She complimented him on his clean recyclables and the fact that he had presorted everything and removed all of the non-recyclable lids in advance.  She even kidded him just a little bit when she discovered two or three missed lids on his plastic bottles.  She was just so pleasant and sweet to us.  Aaron is thrilled with his $37.50, and bought his momma a coke on the way home!

     I used the automated appointment system at our health care provider to make the appointment for Aaron, but then got hopelessly lost in that same system while trying to make an appointment near the same time for Will!   I hung up, called back, and opted to talk to a “real” person who giggled with me at my getting myself deeper and deeper into no-man’s land with the automated system.  She quickly resolved my problem with a message to our pediatrician’s office, and the pediatrician’s office called me back within ten minutes with appointments for both boys at the same day and time.  I was thrilled. 

     There was still one last rebate form to fill out, and that was with our local electric company.  No easy on line submission possible there, lots of copying of forms and bills and receipts as well as their form to fill out.  However, it’s all ready to go, save for my husband’s signature (his name is on the sales receipt for the washer).  Lord willing, there is still the funding available for our $175 Energy Star rebate there! 

     I am pleased that when my husband comes home at the end of his twelve hour shift I will be able to tell him that I accomplished the extra tasks he gave me to do today.  The fact that they took a LOT longer to accomplish than I anticipated doesn’t matter.  They are done!  The day was good!  I will need to play a bit of catch-up tomorrow, but Oh, that will be easy.  It will be easy because tomorrow Corin and my grandbabies will be here and that will keep me flying all morning!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 



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