Wednesday August 15, 2007

We had a lovely morning, really and truly.  Tuesday morning is the day for our big breakfast together – turkey bacon, fried eggs, and chocolate-zucchini muffins.  I have a wonderful griddle attachment on my stove and I’m able to fry about 14 slices of bacon at a time, and enough fried eggs for all of us at the same time.  After several years of use, its well-seasoned cast iron finish cleans up easily.

My husband and I puttered around a bit this morning, and then he said that we HAD to go to lunch together. He took me out for Mexican food for lunch, and it was so good.  The best part, of course, was enjoying a relaxing meal with my husband while we chatted about several things that had been weighing on our hearts lately.  Good food and wonderful conversation with the love of my life.

When we came home I recycled the laundry, hanging out the load of whites that washed while we were out and starting a load of our cleaning towels.  Since the day was late, the cleaning towels ended up in the dryer rather than hung out on the line.  I did a bit of watering here and there, too; but I really do need to get back onto my normal watering schedule. The weather is still fairly hot, in the mid-90’s; and the yards and orchard are going to start showing the effects of the drought I’ve imposed on them this last week.

The hot weather has caused our dog, Dixie, to start shedding like crazy.  We find piles of dog hair everywhere she has laid down for awhile.  If anyone pets her (which happens frequently throughout the day), there is an even bigger pile of hair on the floor.  The broom and vacuum have been put to good use cleaning up the hair this last week or two.  Dani took a proactive stance on the problem today and vacuumed the dog.  The dog loved it!!!! Silly old thing!


There was a pretty good pile of hair on the floor last night, too, when my husband was finished giving Aaron his  haircut!!!

The Mexican Short Ribs for tonight’s dinner smelled so delicious as they cooked in the crock pot all day. Crock pot meals used to seem like a fall/winter thing to me.  I’m so glad that I realized a few years ago what a wonderful tool crock pots are in the summer as well.  While soups and stews are marvelous cold weather foods, roasts, chicken dishes, meatballs and even some casseroles can be terrific hot weather crock pot meals, without heating up the house.

About a month ago, Dani pointed out a place on our kitchen floor that had sort of bubbled up.  Saturday she noticed that it was a bit bigger.  When I headed to the kitchen to start the rest of our dinner this evening around 5:00, the evening light hit the floor just right to show that the bubble was now about 12 inches by 12 inches!  My husband headed in to check it out.

The first course of action was to slide the refrigerator away from the wall to check the water line to the ice maker.  No water leaking there.  The side of the fridge, though, which butts up to the counter, was filthy!  Yuck!! My husband went to hook up the vacuum to clean in behind the fridge, and I sprayed and wiped the side until it was nice and clean again!!







Hey, deep cleaning in the kitchen is a job for the second week of the month (this is the second Tuesday in August).   Pulling the fridge out and vacuuming behind it, a semi-annual job, was scheduled for September!  I got to cross that task off a month early.




Next he took the panel off of the bottom the dishwasher.  Uh-oh.  Not only was there water standing under there, the smell of wet wood was strong enough to let us know that it has been leaking under there for quite awhile.  Of course, we knew the bubble in the floor was there for at least a month, so who knows how long the dishwasher has been leaking.

A broken dishwasher is no fun, but I’ve got to tell you how good the Lord is.  My husband discovered, as he checked things out, that the dishwasher spurts water from a sealed housing when it is filling, when it is running and when it is draining.  The water spurts out right over and onto the wiring and motor of the dishwasher.  We set our dishwasher to run every night while we are sleeping, and often turn it on to run during the day when we leave the house.  In His great mercy, the Lord has spared this water from getting into the electrical wiring itself, which could have caused a short and fire.  I am so thankful that the light was hitting the floor “just right” today and that my husband was home to find the leak so that we did not run the dishwasher even one more time!  We are so blessed!

My husband is very concerned about our wet sub-flooring under the linoleum, though.  He mopped up all of the standing water with towels, but we have no way of knowing how much of the sub-floor is wet under the flooring.  The bubbled up part of the linoleum is a good two feet or so in front of the leak in the dishwasher, and we can only assume that the water has spread that far in all other directions as well.  We are running a big fan in the kitchen tonight and have it blowing under the dishwasher to help dry out the wet wood.

I think it’s another great testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness that He has so recently given me such a love for doing some of the dishes every day by hand.  I’m not sure He’s quite given Dani the same love for it as He has me, but she certainly cleaned up tonight’s dinner dishes in record time!  We will gladly do all of the dishes by hand for a season while my husband prays and determines the best course of action to take with the dishwasher and the floor.  Until then, I will rest in His unfailing love, knowing how good He has been to spare us from fire or even from the leak going undetected for a long period of time causing even more damage.

My husband took the dishwasher owner’s manual outside to sit and look over while I was cooking dinner. Finding the blessing 013_320x240 While he relaxed in the shade of the Sycamore tree, he heard a loud popping noise across the yard, followed by a cracking noise.  He looked up and saw that a huge branch had broken out of one of our lovely weeping willow trees!  The branch, which was about 6” in diameter, had split near its attachment to the tree.

I had to laugh when I went outside!  Last thing I knew my husband was sitting outside looking over the manual to the dishwasher.  When I went back outside, to take him his glasses, he was gassing up the chainsaw!  I had one of those instant visions cross my mind of his using the chainsaw to cut out the wet part of the kitchen floor in an act of desperation! It was then that he pointed out the tree to me!

The tree limb was cut down, as well as a few smaller branches that were broken when the bigger one came down.  The boys helped their dad drag it all out to our burn pile.  They finished up just in time for dinner.

I am thankful even for the timing of that huge branch breaking.  My boys are tree climbers, yet neither of them was up in that tree when it broke.  The tree is next to our driveway, and the branch did not fall on a car, or on a boy riding his bicycle there.  I hope you don’t think I am being trite.  I am really and truly thankful for the Lord’s care over our family today as always.  I see His hand daily in so many little things in our lives.  Today I saw it in a couple of bigger things, and my heart rejoices.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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9 comments to Wednesday August 15, 2007

  • I have only been coming to your blog now for about 2 months or so and everytime I read your posts I think to myself, I want to become a lady like that. Now I also have to remind myself that it is our wonderful Lord and Savior who I ought to be longing to be like. Anyway, I  really appreciate the effect that your site has on me, I feel like Titus 2 is being played out amongst us. You teach me about how things should be done, and there is nothing I love more than feeling like the Lord is blessing me with a teacher. God Bless You. I have come to feel like you are family.

    What a coincidence about the tree branch falling! On Monday night our eucalyptus tree lost 2 very well developed branches, one about 6 inches wide, and one about 4 inches wide, and to suprise my husband I spent three hours on Tuesday cutting it all up with a handsaw! He bought me an ice cream blizzard. Yummy!

    I am so pleased that your family is safe and that through God’s beautiful light you noticed what could of been an awful fire. *Hug*

  • Wow, Cheryl – what an interesting day you had!  It’s so great that you find reasons to rejoice and be thankful even when things go awry.

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned washing dishes by hand. I enjoy washing dishes, as it seems most theraputic to me in many ways. Probably because my mother taught me at a very young age (standing on a stool at the kitchen sink, helping her rinse dishes, then learning to dry them), even though we had an automatic dishwasher the whole time I was growing up. Several years ago, when I began teaching my children to wash dishes by hand, suddenly my husband thought it would be a great idea to buy a dishwasher!
    I still wash all my pots and pans (stainless) by hand, as I can get them cleaner and sparkly myself, as opposed to the machine!

    I enjoy visiting your blog. I’ve only been reading it for a month or so, and lately I’ve been going back into the archives and finding all kinds of wonderful “jewels” of homemaking that you’ve posted about. Thanks for sharing your days – I feel like I’ve met a new friend!


  • 😆 Aren’t you glad it was the tree that snapped and not Dad???

    I’m sorry you had a crazy end to the day!

    Did you got the place I think you went for lunch?

  • I enjoy your blog and your wonderful outlook on life…
    if life gives you lemons you make lemonade…and you truly see the will of God in everything…
    thank you for all your helpful hints.. and your just plain good information

  • You need the Furminator!  We bought ours from Amazon.  It was half the cost of everywhere else.  It’s truly amazing.  Everyone that has borrowed ours has ended up buying one.  It’s a gotta have item!  Well worth the money spent.  Our dogs shedding is hardly noticable now. 

    Sorry to hear about your dishwasher.  Guess that servant gets a much needed rest til she is feeling better!:wink:

  • I’m so glad you were able to find the problem before it caused anymore damage!

    I have to say that your son looks so grown up in that picture. I remember when I first started reading your blog and he has grown so much. Time sure does fly.


  • Oh, I can just imagine your fright at seeing the chainsaw and thinking it was for your kitchen floor! I’m so glad no one was hurt by the fall branch. Your lunch out with your husband sounds wonderful, what a blessing!
    I think it’s hilarious that Dixie liked being vacuumed..LOL

  • I just adore reading your blog daily.  I subscribe and find it such a blessing from the Lord.  You are the greatest homemaker ever!  My mom, who passed away March 21, 2005, was not a great homemaker and we laughed a lot about it.  She loved to shop and was very good on the computer and handling the home’s finances.  She loved numbers!  She told me when I was a little girl I cried, because I wanted her to be a regular mother, wear and apron and bake cookies..LOLOL.  We laughed about that one for years.  I love hommaking.  Even though I work away from home, as we have no children, I have discovered my love of cooking and taking care of the home.  You have helped me so much with your daily descriptions of your home care, cooking and baking.  What a blessing!  I wanted to thank you and may the lord bless you and your family always. :sunny:

  • Wow! So glad he wasn’t under the willow reading the dishwasher manual! 😮 I feel your pain on the dishwasher though. Our old one sprang a leak and had to be removed. It damaged our floors as well. We are on a slab though, so no worries about falling into the crawlspace like we would have in our old house. You know, washing dishes by hand gives me time to reflect and pray about things. Plus, I found the dishes won’t pile up if they are done after every meal instead of being set in the sink for the evening dishwasher load. The Lord was truly watching over you that both the dishwasher and the tree limb were not major disasters.

    I had to smile at the picture of Dani vacuuming the dog. 🙂 I wish my German Shepherd would sit for that.

    Oh, and I would have had a moment’s “chainsaw panic” as well if I hadn’t known the tree lost the limb and knew the floor might need fixing. 🙂

    God bless you and your family today, tomorrow and always