Monday September 3, 2007

     Yesterday was Corin and Rob’s 7th wedding anniversary.  Several times during the day I reflected back on the years since their marriage.  Most of my reflecting, of course, centered on the four beautiful grand children that have been born in the last seven years!  We came home from church late yesterday afternoon and settled in.  I wrote up my menu plan for the week, and wrote a few notes to myself for today.  I was keeping my eye on the clock, thinking I’d give them a call and wish them a happy anniversary at about the time that I thought they’d be heading home from their day at church.

     Rob beat me to the call, but it was one of those calls that you dread the moment you hear the voice on the other end.  I could hear all of the babies crying, Rob’s voice was frantic.  They had been in a car accident.  Their van was totalled.  He was, faithfully, giving me directions for where they were; but I had a burning question.  Were they all alright?  Was anyone hurt?  He said that he thought they were all okay, just badly shaken.  Thank you, Lord!

     My husband, hearing the conversation, picked up the note pad that I had scribbled their location on, quickly put his boots on and we headed out the door.  Dani had picked up enough from what she’d heard to know what was happening.  As we headed out the back door for our own small van, I realized that all of Corin’s family and my husband and I could not all fit in our car.  My husband headed for his car, I for the van and off we set.  (God’s first intercession for our benefit.)

     We are speed limit drivers for the most part.   I for the whole part.  I don’t intend to start a topic of discussion about this, but you need to know it.  It is a matter of conviction for us, as submitting to the government authorities that the Lord has placed over us in all matters not in direct opposition to His Word.  Speed limits are simply observed by us.  I can think of only two instances in recent memory that I have broken speed limit laws.  Last fall when William busted his head  in the playground and again last night.

      As I drove down our country road, my husband quickly became just a dot on the horizon.  His low to the ground car handles much better on the country roads than my van.  I prayed constantly.  The radio was bugging me, so I turned it off.  Praying right out loud in the car.  Fervently!  Earnestly!!  I will never judge anyone again who is talking very animatedly, seemingly to themselves, in a car.  They may be, like I was last night, having a very important conversation with their God!   As I finally reached the highway, I merged immediately into the left lane and just blended with the flow of the fast lane traffic.  The couple of times I checked my speed, it was somewhere around 78 mph. (God’s second intercession.)

     There was intermittent cell phone use during this time.  Calling Dani.  Calling Steve.  Calls received from both of them.  Dani was calling or e-mailing our church elder for prayer.  I kept giving her specific prayer direction (like she needed it!).  I asked the Lord to quickly advance me toward my goal.  The accident occurred almost an hour from our home.  Before I knew it, I was passing through the small city where we shop and on my way to the larger city on the other side.  No holiday traffic, thank you Lord.  I passed through the busy inter-city interchanges with no problems.  Praying all the while.  Then, up ahead, I saw a sea of brake lights.  Still praying.

      The traffic came to complete bumper-to-bumper gridlock.  Not stopped, but moving very slowly.  I called my husband.  He was less than half a mile ahead, stuck in the same mess.  Still praying.  Lord, you allowed this traffic to slow me down.  You can either have a definite reason for it, or you can open a path through it for me.  Poking along…..praying……   My husband called.  The kids were all being transported by ambulace to hospitals afterall.  Rob and the boys were being taken to a hospital in the small city where the accident occurred, Corin and the girls were being transported to a hospital in the large city I was now stuck in!  (The third intercession!)

      His first intercession put us in two separate vehicles.  His second intercession got us safely and unhindered down the road, even though our state highway patrol was promissing a maximum enforcement of the speed limits for the holiday weekend.  And the third intercession just magnified the other two.  Not only were we in separate cars, which enabled us to each be with one-half of Corin’s family, but the Lord put that traffic tie up right at the state fair exit.  To get to the hospital where Corin and the girls were headed, I needed the off ramp immediately past the fair exit.  Had I continued at the speed I was going, I would have been miles beyond the necessary off ramp!  None of that escaped my notice as I signaled and moved ever-so-carefully from the fast lane to the right lane to make my exit, waving a grateful “thank you” to every car that allowed me to change lanes in front of them.

      In just a few more minutes I was at the hospital.  The emergency lot was full, but a car pulled out just as I entered.  Thank you, Lord, again and again.  I parked and ran in.  I had arrived before the ambulance.  The registration clerk was very nice, telling me that she would enter my presence into their records as soon as they were registered, but that I could not expect to seem them for 20 – 30 minutes AFTER they arrived.  Uh-huh.  I had just entered the hospital through the ambulance bay, I was pretty sure I was going to see them much sooner than her prediction.

     A nice young paramedic, cleaning up his ambulance, chatted with me a bit.  He assurred me that both of the hospitals my family were being taken to were considered very low trauma hospitals.  If they were being taken to those hospitals, the injuries were certainly minor.  Another amublance was rolling in, and I walked to where it was backing in.  Through the back doors I could see the back side of a car seat!  As the young man exited, I asked, “Do you have a young woman and two baby girls in there?”  He smiled, and said, “Are you Grandma?”   “Yes, yes I am!”  He smiled and made some silly comment about my being too young (yeah, right, but nice try guy!).  The gurney came off the back with both of my beautiful granddaughters strapped to it, still in their car seats.  The two year old was chattering away to everyone!  Corin, beautiful, beautiful Corin, was riding in a jump seat and smiling!!!!  Oh, this mama’s heart was now just calmed and at peace!

     I did have to return to the waiting room, but I was allowed in in about fifteen minutes to be with them in the ER.  The girls were examined and had just minor abrasions and bruising from their car seat belts.  Corin’s ankles were very sore, and she was just hobbling.  I’ve never seen anything like it before, when the doctor removed Corin’s left tennis shoe, her ankle and foot started visibly swelling.  I could almost hear it “wwwhooooofff”.  It was amazing.  More amazingly, though, she is just fine.  No fractures, just sore ankles and feet and hobbling around on crutches for a few days.  I was able to sit with, cuddle, love and talk to my granddaughters while we waited and while Corin’s ankles were x-rayed.  I told them over and over again how much Grandma loved them.   

     We were, surprisingly, released from the ER in under two hours.  When I called my husband to see how the guys were faring, they were already in the car headed toward us!  We decided to just meet back at Rob and Corin’s house.

     I am who I am, and Corin and I swung through McDonald’s for big old Cokes on our way!  I bought the two year old, sitting ever so prettily and happily in her car seat in my van, a small fry and a water.  I did not care that it was almost 10:00 p.m.  We were having cokes and that baby was going to have a french fry!

     I am so thankful.  I am so grateful.  I am praising my Lord over and over and over today as I think of His hand that was so evident in everything last night.  I look for His hand so often during the week, and always find it.  In  the small things of my life.  Tender mercies.  Gentle touches.  Last night was no small thing.  None of it.  His hand was seen mightily and working and I am awestruck

     If you’ve spent much time here,  you know that my daughters and I share a rather strange, at times, sense of humor.  We had just walked in our back door last night, after leaving our van with the kids, when the phone rang.  It was Corin.  Laughing hysterically.  The power in their neighborhood had just gone out! 


      Corin has an account of the accident posted on her blog this morning, which you might want to read to get all of the details I don’t have.  I would appreciate your prayers on their behalf as they mend from their very minor injuries, and as they began to wade through the insurance process.  Join us as we praise God for His mercy and kindness to our family.  And hey!  Use those car seats!!  Wear those seat belts!!!  No exceptions!!!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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25 comments to Monday September 3, 2007

  • Thanks for coming for us! :love:

    This will definitely be an unforgettable anniversary! ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Thanks for coming????  Like you could have kept me away???  Hello???   I’m so thankful…so very, very, very thankful.

  • Thanks be to God for His mercy!  Cheryl, I have 3 adult/young adult children. We live in the country and they all drive.  I know we are not to have a spirit of fear, but I struggle so much with this and am so thankful for this evidence of God’s awesomness in our lives!  (along with His faithfulness, love, blessing, on and on and on)

    Thank God your precious ones are all alright, I rejoice with you!


    PS – On a happier note, I am going to be a first time grandma in the spring!!!!

  • What a day!  I’m glad that noone was seriously injured.  So much for this week being “normal”, right?  You’ll probably have to play nurse instead.  I’m sure Corin couldn’t have a better one.:)


    Mrs. C

  • Just headed over here after reading Corin’s account, and I’m weeping tears of joy with you for God’s safety, intercession, mercy and peace.   He is a mighty Saviour!


  • I’m so glad to hear everyone is ok. Amazing how God had His hand on everything and everybody.

    I’m sure you already know this. But, just incase. It is very importand to get new car seats to replace the ones in the accident. It is said they are not safe anymore.

  • God’s timing is truly amazing isn’t it… he knew just where to place you and at what time to place you there…. I am so happy that your family was not injured any worse than they were… and you have such a great outlook on life…
    P.S. I came to your blog through Jodi (Deputy Domain) and I enjoy the daily interaction of your family so very much…

    Mimi (listen to grammie)

  • CountryMom – Yes!  Thank you!!  We, and Corin, did know this.  In fact, I just got off the phone with her and they are out buying new car seats for all four grandbabies right now!!  Those car seats did their job last night, but the force of the accident on the straps and frame are considered a one-time deal! 

    Mrs.Mom497 – Congratulations!!!!    I find that praying when I am anxious, and totally giving everything into the Lords’ keeping, is such a joy.  As much as I love my family, He loves them even more.   They are in much better hands when they are in His hands, then when I am fretting over them.

  • Ok, I cried all the way through this!  Praise the Lord for His protection and oversight the entire time!  My heart is still tender after dropping our oldest off at college, and I just shuddered to think of receiving a call like that.  I am praising the Lord right along with you that everyone is safe and not seriously hurt.

  • ((Cheryl)) ~ Tears just streamed as I read your post. Even though I read Corin’s little note at the bottom of her “running post” this morning (so I knew what was coming), still your tender “momma’s heart” touched mine. Thank the Lord for His blessed protection! I am so glad that your sweet family is okay. Praying for the financial aspect to resolve itself smoothly.

  • Thank the Lord your family was O.K.!! I cried as I read about the wonderful hand of God intervening for you and your family. You wrote so beautifully about the love that you have for your family that mirrors so many of the rest of us mothers. I am so so glad that all is well with you and your family. May the Lord continue to mend and heal the bruises and trauma of the accident. Many hugs to you and your family…


  • Lots of tears flowing from that post, mine included! I know the feeling of being frantic, yet with a sense of peace that can only come from our Lord. All those intercessions from God are signs of love :heartbeat:

    Praising God for the safety of your children and grandchildren.

  • :sunny: I PRAISE THE LORD!!!
    For HIS Protection!! AMEN!!!

  • Praise the almighty and Sovereign God who hung the starts in the heavens and took just as much detail into orchestrating your day!
    ..I remember when I go the call 3 years ago this Nov. I prayed and prayed as my husband drove… the day after our car was hit by a deer in the same spot where Josh had his accident!!! I’ll continue to pray for Corin and Rob and that things will be back to normal soon… and praise God for his hedge of protection over the babes!

  • So glad everyone is ok.  Sending you a big hug as sometimes it’s harder not knowing what’s happening while you are waiting.  You’re such a good story teller – even in situations like this.  I love how you write…  Take care…

  • So glad everyone is safe and there are no serious injuries – God is SO good, in His protection and mercy! I’ll continue to pray for full recoveries and smooth dealings with the insurance companies.

    Hugs! Denise

  • Oh big tears in my eyes! What a praise and what a blessing. Heading over to Corins blog now. What a sweet sweet Godly mother you are! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh my the lump in my throat as I could visualize myself in your spot cradeling your grandbabies and telling them all your tender words of love……

    I join you in praise and prayer for God’s awesome powers and how he intercedes for us.  He does listen, he does hear, and he does make things happen.

    Praise God for the umbrella of safety over your family.

    Love and God Bless,

    Melissa D. SC

  • I just can’t stop bawling, I came very close to loosing my mom and her boyfriend 11 years ago to a very similar accident, they were in much worse shape however :(. I am just praising God that everyone is ok! Thank God!!!! Love and prayers for all :heartbeat:

  • Also crying as I read this….praising God w/ you and your family that all your loved ones are safe and sound.~ Karen

  • So grateful that your family is safe and escaped with minor injuries. Lovely testimony to God’s grace.


  • I just happened across your blog this evening and am sharing in your gladness. THANK YOU JESUS for protection over this faithful family. Thank you for your intercession and thank you lord for allowing grandma and grandpa to be with their loved ones when they needed it most!! :sunny:

    Lori R (gardenkeeper)

  • I am SO glad that everyone is all right! The Lord was certainly watching over all of you. :sunny:

  • Thank you for sharing the details of that night. I know its a call that all parents dread, but I think you and Copper handled it well. I can see the hand of the Lord working for you and for Corin’s family that night.

    Big hugs to you and thanking God that everyone is ok.


  • Just catching up on my blog-reading. ๐Ÿ™‚
    God is good……all the time.
    What a great testimony to His remarkable providences!
    He’s always there in even the smallest of details.
    What a concept. :yes: