Saturday September 29, 2007

If you spin your wheels long enough, you will eventually catch enough traction to get moving.  The important thing is to keep your foot on the gas so that when that moment of traction comes, you’re ready to go.  No, I didn’t have problems driving today, but I certainly had a slow start to my day!!

I had all of my normal Saturday tasks ahead of me, and I really did want to do some fall decorating in my home today, too.  The lawn mower shop called, though, and the mower was ready to be picked up.  My back yard had not been mowed for three weeks, so it was important to get it done today.  Please keep in mind, a quick trip to town to pick up the mower is a good hour’s round trip or more!  The mower shop reduced our bill considerably.  It had been in the shop in July for repairs, but the current problem was completely different from what had been serviced before.  Even so, they sold us the necessary parts at their cost and reduced their labor bill as well.   What a huge blessing that was!  I was very happy to relay that news to my husband at work this afternoon.

The mower was picked up and loaded into the van, and I ran by the feed store to pick up some feed for our chickens, too.  I haven’t been to the feed store for quite awhile.  My husband usually makes our feed store runs.  It was nice to go in today, despite the Saturday crowd, and visit a bit with one of the employees that I haven’t seen for a long time.  Still, the crowd at the loading dock and the difficulty getting back out again makes me thankful that my husband usually takes care of this chore for us.   Home again, and Aaron mowed the back yard.  It looks pretty good out there now!

Dani is so good to me!  She kept my laundry running while I was gone.  She even put the clean sheets back on our bed and made it!  (I think she was really, really looking forward to having the fall decorating done!)  As soon as I came home I had a bit of late lunch, and was finally able to get to work.  Aaron went out to the storage barn and brought in my tubs of fall things.  I quickly dusted and webbed the master bedroom and bathroom, and then started the deep, weekly cleaning in my bathroom.  By 2:30 or so, I was finishing up the mopping  in the bathroom and was ready to start going through my tubs of fall things.

At Dani’s direction, Will had already unpacked all of the tubs.  The linens were stacked neatly on the kitchen table.  The decorating items were sorted on the bench to the table.  He’s so sweet!   I started with the mantle, and worked right up until almost dinner time placing things here and there in my living room and entry way.  I have a few last things to do next week, but I’m pleased with today’s accomplishments.

It was a good week.  A busy week.  A productive week.  It sure passed by quickly.  Since I worked on the fall decorating all afternoon, I had (have!) a few things left to finish this evening to prepare for Sunday.  The chicken for tomorrow’s potluck was cooked this morning first thing, and has been in the fridge in the crock pot since.  I still need to get the baked beans ready and into another crock pot.  Dani has her cookies all baked and arranged on a tray for tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning’s coffee cake is on the kitchen table, along with the plates, forks and a serving spatula.  Just after dinner I ironed Aaron’s dress slacks, and then hung up Will’s clothes for tomorrow in his doorway.  I still need to pack Will’s after church play clothes and check with Aaron to see if all of his things are ready to go.  My skirt and blouse are hung in the door way to my closet.  I have yet to pack our church basket for tomorrow with our Bibles and notebooks.  I need to tidy the computer desk a bit, and make a quick check for other areas that need a bit of tidying, too.  My husband is giving the boys haircuts as I’m typing this.

However, the tea light candles are lit on my mantle and in my kitchen window, and they are so pretty .  My husband is home from work and I am so happy to know that he is off the next few days.  Though I still have work to do, it is all in preparation for tomorrow, and I will be able to sit and relax and enjoy the fruit of today’s labors with him yet this evening.

Sunday is the Lord’s Day.  It is so much easier to do that extra bit of work on Saturday to make Sunday morning more restful.  We want to arrive for worship with cheerful hearts, ready to praise the Lord!  We want to walk out the door knowing that everything that was necessary for the day was put together the day before.  No last minute “I forgot….”.  For the most part, we succeed; but if we did not take the extra steps on Saturday, I can tell you for certain that we would not!    Come Sunday morning, my home is in order.  All of the day’s food is prepared.  There are no chores to be done, save the feeding of animals.  Corin’s dear mother-in-love and I used to liken this to the children of Israel gathering the extra manna for the Sabbath on the day before.  It’s a good comparison.  Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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9 comments to Saturday September 29, 2007

  • The mantle looks beautiful 🙂

  • Your mantle is gorgeous, Cheryl and the coffeecakes look so pretty! I’ll bet they are yummy too! Have a blessed Sunday!


  • Bless you Cheryl as you enjoy your Sabbath. Your home always looks so lovely, but I am anxious to see more!!

  • Your mantle is gorgeous. I decorate my entryway for Autumn, but I should do my mantle also. The tea light really set it off.

    Your Saturday night prep for Sunday is inspiring!

  • Cheryl  –

    The Fall decorating looks wonderful! How pretty!
    And the coffeecake makes my mouth water! Is it apple? I’ve been inspired by your blog to share some of my own apple recipes over a weeklong of blog postings. I’m going to put some of my own favorites and then I’d like to link to some other great recipes I’ve found on others’ blogs. Do you mind if I link to some of your posts where you’ve mentioned some great dishes that contain apples? This sounds like it would be wonderful inspiration to me, so I thought others might enjoy it too. If it goes well, I might do a weeklong of posts on pumpkin recipes in a few weeks (my friend, Bonnie, has some wonderful pumpkin recipes for types of dishes!).

    Have a beautiful sabbath!

  • I really should be getting ready for church but I wanted to tell you I have that same picture of George Washington!

    Mine has a more beige/brown mat on it.

    I remember when we had an open house for my daughter’s wedding (small wedding and reception, HUGE open house a couple of weeks later). “George” hung over the fireplace in our family room and so many people commented on “him”.

    He’s still a favorite. GREAT picture!

    Loved the decorating you did.

  • Oooohhhhhh, so pretty with the tea lights lit in the evening!  Thanks for sharing.:spinning:

  • Cheryl,

    I wanted to let you know how your comments on preparing for the Sabbath have blessed me. My husband is a minister and supplies for different churches. We are not home to go to the church where our membership is every Sunday. But when we are we have potluck lunch at church every Sunday. I can’t begin to tell you how many mornings I have gotten frustrated trying to get lunch ready while trying to iron clothes and other tasks. Usually by the time i get out the door I am stressed out and so is my family.

    For some time now I have been reading about your Sunday prep on Saturday. Yesterday my husband was gone all day long to a out of state church meeting. Sometime yesterday afternoon I got to thinking what I could do to get ready for today. I prepared my baked spaghetti casserole, stir fried some whole kernel corn and baked and frosted a German Chocolate cake. When I finished I washed all of the dishes, as we don’t have a dishwasher. I then ironed and laid out all of our clothes for this morning and straightened up the house. My husband came home and he was impressed with me getting everything done ahead.

    This morning when I got up I checked my email and had the digest from your blog. I read what you said about the children of Israel and the manna. My husband and I discussed how we had not ever thought about applying that to our lives. We had a long discussion about it and agreed wholeheartedly.

    We had breakfast and I showered, got my daughter a bath and all got ready. I warmed the food quickly. We go to church early and without any stress. It was such a blessing. I had a nap this afternoon and we have had leftovers for dinner. It has been a very relaxing day and I feel so refreshed. I can’t wait to try it all again.

    Thank you for your blog and sharing what has been on your heart. It has truly blessed me and I thank you for that. I think that God uses us to help others and I feel He has blessed you to share so much with me. I love the verses in Titus about the aged women teaching the younger women. Not that you are aged 🙂 but you have more wisdom and knowledge that young mothers like myself.

    I just wanted to share what was on my heart with you. May God continue to bless you and your family!


  • Cheryl~

    I absolutely LOVE the way the wall behind your mantle is painted blue-how cozy! I have been looking for a set of Pilgrims for about 2 years now-where did you find yours?

    I am excited and wanted to tell you that I won an auction for  the book “Creating a Senseational Home” on Ebay for …….. $1.99!!!!! My total came to $4.24 with shipping!!!! God is Good!!!!

    Thanks for asking about my Saturday-which was NOT my typical Saturday at home. I definitly needed prayer that day. It was busy, busy, busy-and not the kind of busy I do well with! It was nice to know that someone was thinking of me. I also was able to speak to one of the people I needed to apologize to and I felt good about that meeting. We hugged  and cried and I feel we both can go on without any hard feelings and build from here.

    Glad you like me portraying Ma Ingalls! I do wear my hair that way! Does that count for something?

    Have awonderful couple days  with Copper. Is he working on the porch?