Thursday September 27, 2007

My days are not perfect.  Far from it! Most mornings I wake up, and climb into my day with great anticipation.  What does the Lord have in store?  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m eager to find out.







I begin the routine of my day….start the tea kettle for that first cup of wonderful, black tea.  Greet my children.  Neatly fold the bedding back to air my bed.  Start a load of laundry.  Check my planner to see what sorts of things I have scheduled.  The whole of the day lies before me, ready to be met head on, and I’m ready!





I dive right in!  My morning kitchen routine is going.  The first load of laundry is out of the washer and hung on the line.  The children are finishing chores and getting ready to start school.  My second cup of tea is hot in the cup, and ready to be sipped.  I shove off and begin moving along at a faster clip.




Uh-oh, things become tangled.  Sinful attitudes develop that need to be dealt with.  I discover a task assigned to a child that has been left undone.  I forget to oil the baking sheet before putting the oven fries on it, and they stick to the pan.  My heart is burdened in prayer for a sister or two at church.  Someone is not feeling well.  None of the things on my agenda are getting done.  I’ve missed my time in the Word.  Things become tangled, but what of it?  Genesis tells us that our life will be filled with the thistles and thorns of life, trying to choke back the efforts we make tending the garden – tending to our children, our homes, our marriages, our walk with the Lord.


For me, the beauty is in working through the thistles and thorns.  Pulling out the sinful attitudes by the roots.  Cutting out the thorns that prick and cause wounds in my relationship with the Lord and with my family.  Putting behind me the weeds of the day’s failures, knowing that tomorrow is another day.  Keeping my eyes firmly fixed on the Lord, and on His Word, and looking for the beauty in my garden.  Oh, and it’s there!  The beauty is always there!



God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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9 comments to Thursday September 27, 2007

  • :sunny: I”m blessed each time I visit :sunny:

  • Beautifully written, and well illustrated!:giggle:

  • :love:  :love:  :love: this post!

  • Dear Cheryl.  Thank you so much for this post!   A huge encougagement to me this morning!    Have a blessed day in Him!   Jenn

  • Thistles and thorns…mmmm,,,I’m up to my eyeballs in them this morning and it’s only 7:41!!!! Okay . Lord~ I’m thankful for the beautiful day to be able to hang out my laundry, but Lord, could you have prevented my 3 y.o. from showering my recliner with his full cup of milk while I was out there?  Okay Cheryl, I’m trying to find the positive here~ he is an active, bright 3 y.o. that the good Lord has given me to brighten up my world on a daily basis……can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me today!!!!!

  • Well Mom… It’s 4:57 here. I’m headed back to bed… At this hour I can’t even SEE the thistles and thorns! 😆

    Awesome post though!

  • I am sorry if this sounds terrible, but I am glad your days are not perfect. If they were your readers could never aspire to learn from you. What kind of Titus 2 woman has a perfect day? Well, I think the key you have given, through the illustrations of your grandson, is that your day BEGINS and ENDS with a good attitude. That has much to do with how you deal with the thorns and thistles. If you have a good attitude to begin with, you have a point to go back to when the sinful attitude creeps in.

    Great lesson!! And thanks for the comment on my quilts. I do so enjoy working on them. Please be sure to comment on my 100th post so you can be included in the drawing…should have it up over the weekend.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Would you mine sharing with us how you made up your cleaning schedule? I am trying to create one for my home. I understand about not so perfect days. God is so good to reach down on those days and pull me through.



  • Bren – heeheehee……I don’t mind a bit that you are glad my days are not perfect!  *I* am glad that they are not perfect.