Tuesday October 30, 2007

We enjoyed a spectacular light show last evening, courtesy of the Creator of all things. Thunderstorms developed in the foothills just a few miles to the east of us, and the lightning display was incredible for our part of the country. All throughout dinner we watched out the school room windows and would loudly, […]

Two Frugal Recipes For A Lovely Fall Scented Home (plus six bonus ideas!)

Every fall I enjoy filling my home with lovely scents! There are so many ways that I’ve done this. Here are six quick ideas:

scented pinecones purchased at the grocery store and displayed in a bowl near the wood stove scented candles tart warmers scented potpourri displayed in bowls or hidden in vases around […]

Monday October 29, 2007

Just in case I am scarce, here’s what we’re doing: Dani is back home, safe and sound, and we are enjoying catching up. She enjoyed her time at Lisa’s. My husband is busily working away on our front porch. My boys are homeschooling, talking to their sister, and “supervising” Dad from the front windows. […]

Saturday October 27, 2007

Today I worked through my day by working a little, then resting a little, working, resting, working, resting…….. You get the idea! It’s quite possible, though, to still enjoy a day like this. I might have had to walk slower than normal out to the orchard to irrigate, but the slower pace allowed me […]

Friday October 26, 2007

My family is scattered today.

Copper took a vacation day from work. He and Aaron drove an hour or so this morning to participate in a work day in preparation for our church’s Reformation Party this evening. They will be down there working all afternoon.

Dani left before 8:00 this morning […]

Wednesday October 24, 2007

Always thankful. Always looking for His hand of mercy. Looking always and in all ways. My son who cannot concentrate today – through the frustration of trying to help him focus I am still thankful for his exuberance and vitality. For the blessing that he was, and still is, to this older mom. The […]

Wednesday October 24, 2007

My husband is the hardest working man! He’s been laboring away on our front porch all day today. Lifting heavy beams, measuring, cutting, nailing. The boys have been helping as they are needed. Aaron was the muscle on the other end of especially heavy lifting, and Will painted the tops of the beams that […]

Tuesday October 23, 2007

     Xanga, my blog server, has been having some “issues” for the last 24 hours with uploading photos.  If the issues persist until later tonight, I will post without photos (sigh).  I’m hoping, though, that the problem will be fixed  by then.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!Proverbs 31:27  […]

Monday October 22, 2007

Oh, my word!!! We’ve had such a hugely great weekend, I don’t even know where to begin! So many, many good things! I’d love to share it ALL with you, but I’ll just have to settle for the highlights.

My boys and I did our mega-shop on Friday. We did everything except the […]

Monday October 22, 2007

I am late, late, late getting my weekly menu posted. In fact, we had eaten two of this week’s menu items before I even prepared the menu!!!! Did I mention we celebrated Aaron’s 14th birthday yesterday? And that we had a really great time? And that his 3:00 afternoon family party lasted until after […]