Friday October 19, 2007

Today was the mega-shop.  The boys and I headed out and got ‘er done.  Will was VERY Will today.  If there was a pattern on the floor to be followed, he followed it.  If the store had a sound to it (buzzing, humming, whatever), he heard it.  The camera at the grocery check out, the one that looks for things you’ve placed under your basket, caught his eye; and he amused the checker, as well as himself, by putting his shoe in front of it, his leg in front of it, whatever he could put in front of that camera and still be able to look over the edge of the counter at the cashier’s screen the entire time she was scanning our groceries.  Thank you, Lord, for a sweet, young checker who was amused by my boy and not annoyed by him!  I don’t believe he ever did anything at less than 90 m.p.h. today.  Including talk, which he did non-stop.  Oh….and he got stuck in the slide in the Del Taco playground.  Really stuck.  Unable to get unstuck-stuck.  Aaron had to go up after him to dislodge him.  Glad Aaron was there, I’m not sure how gracefully I would have been able to climb up that tube slide! Or come back down again!

I’m tired.  My ears are really, really tired.  I think that, tonight, I’ll just be quiet.  I am capable of being quiet.  Sometimes.  Like once a week or so.  Sssshhhhhh……..

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27




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11 comments to Friday October 19, 2007

  • Awww…. praying for rest for you, restoration for both you and Will, and for the grace that continues to shine through Aaron! Be blessed!

  • If I lived close by, I would bring you something yummy from Starbucks.  You deserve it!

    ((Chocolate Hugs))

    Mrs. C

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I feel for Will. I have OCD and have been out of sorts. We are having major foundation work done this next week so Dave had to take up the flooring in the downstairs today. Having things out of place and my house upside down doesn’t set well with me. I decided this is God’s way of teaching me contentment. I bought the book you mentioned this week and so next week I plan to make it my Bible Study. Starting Wednesday for 3 days I will have 6 men in my house with jack hammers for 3 days working. I know all I can do during this time is fall at the foot of the cross or my OCD will get the best of me and my grace will go out the window.

    Enjoy the quiet.


  • Oh WILL!!!  Poor guy!  You know that is twice now he has gotten stuck in that playground, methinks he is getting a bit big.  Last time it was those roller thingies and Aaron had to go up and pull him loose so he could come eat, that was pretty funny!

  • Poor Will! I love that boy! Give him a rub on the head for me! :love:

    Now… since your ears are tired… I’ll be quiet. Shhhhhhhhhhhh… quiet. At least until tomorrow. But even then, I’ll be quiet.

  • A big hello to you and your family, all the way from Australia! I came across your blog last week after I followed a link from another blog I was reading (can not remember who’s it was though, sorry) and I just wanted to say that your blog is great! I have spent the past few days reading your old posts, you are truly and inspiration. Would it be alright if I added a link to your blog through my own blog? I thought it would be best to ask first. I would love to share your blog with the people who read mine. 🙂

  • Will is such a great looking boy!   I hope you enjoyed the quiet!   Have a blessed day in Him.


    PS.  I am reading the Jeremiah Burroughs book.   It is truly blessing me.   Thank you for recommending it.

  • aahhhhh….quiet……silence…..peace….soak it up!  along with lots of hugs for your precious boys!  I happy you didn’t have to climb up the tube slide….picturing me having to do it actually did make me LOL!!!:eek:

    Blessings Cheryl,to you and yours

  • What a day another day to go in the memory books of our minds.  I hope the Lord blessed you with restful sleep last night and today sees many blessings for you.

  • Aww, praying for you and Will….

    Hope that today is a wonderful and blessed day for you both filled with God’s grace, love and mercy!

  • quiet is good- have a great weekend