Monday October 15, 2007

     I had quite a few things I’ve been pondering that I’d hoped to begin sharing with you today.  It looks like they will all have to wait.  Oh, it’s been a good day here, a great day!  My husband, after spending about half of the day running to and from the lumber yard, finally was able to start building our new front porch.  Will and I went along for the ride and were treated to a yummy lunch at Arby’s in the bargain!  My knitted shawl is many rows further along from all the time in the car as well.

      I have had in my mind, for quite some time, the idea of updating my side bar.  Rather than working on bits and pieces here and there, I just dove right in and updated the whole thing in one day!  There are some new things for you to read there, and I spent several hours organizing the recipes for you.  They are now broken into categories to make them easier to find, and ALL of the recipes are finally listed there.  I checked all of the links in the side bar, including all of the recipe links, and they are all working properly.  Whew!!

     I am not very literate at html codes and such, and this was a very labor intensive project for me today.  I am thrilled to have it done, though!  I hope you will enjoy perusing the side bar and, perhaps, finding a new recipe.  I am hoping to begin bringing the archives up to date, but that will have to be tackled piece-meal as time allows.  Please bear with me as this may be slow going!

     I will have a “normal” post for you tomorrow, Lord willing, but my husband was given some free movie tickets and he is taking me to a show this evening.  I’m looking forward to a date night!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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4 comments to Monday October 15, 2007

  • I just wanted to say that I love your new siggy.  It’s very elegant!  Made me smile when I noticed it the first time.:)

  • Thank you for sharing your life and for all the hard work you have done on this blog.  I am a fairly new reader and have so enjoyed getting to “know” your family. 🙂  My dear husband and have 3 sons whom we homeschooled for the last 9 years.  Our babies (twins) graduated this past Spring.  Homeschooling was such a wonderful life choice for our family and it was so nice to be able to bring them up in the Lord and to be honest, protect them from some of the things that were being taught in the public schools.  I am a former public school teacher and now part time librarian and I am just not comfortable with the whole NEA agenda.  I share your love of books, cooking, taking care of my family and serving the Lord.  Being a wife and mom were my dreams as a child and I just feel so blessed to have had them come true.


  • Woohoo! Good job! :goodjob:

  • It all looks great!! html is no joke!