Saturday October 27, 2007

Today I worked through my day by working a little, then resting a little, working, resting, working, resting……..  You get the idea! It’s quite possible, though, to still enjoy a day like this.  I might have had to walk slower than normal out to the orchard to irrigate, but the slower pace allowed me to enjoy the warmth of the sun just that much longer.  I was also able to enjoy watching one of the neighbors’ horses eating the leaves from a tree and then scaring himself when his pulling on a branch caused the dry leaves over his head to rustle.  Boy, did he kick up the dust as he fled!

The chicken for tomorrow’s fellowship lunch was cooked early and the two large baking pans run through the dishwasher with our breakfast dishes.  My laundry progressed, though even that was at a slower pace as I had several things to wash individually on the “handwash” cycle.  As morning wore into afternoon, my pace needed to pick up a bit.  I took on more of a work a lot, rest a little approach.

Our temperatures are still quite warm, but I was motivated to pull out the flannel sheets today.  It seemed a bit silly, since my bedroom windows were wide open all day, but I’ve been longing for the soft warmth of those sheets.  My longing has not been borne of necessity this year, but more of just a readiness for cold weather.  My sheets have been stored out of the way of dust all summer and still smelled quite fresh and clean.  Instead of re-washing them before putting them on my bed, I simply made up my bed in stages today.  After spreading the bottom sheet, I sprayed it well with my lavender linen spray and then let it air a bit.  I did the same with the top sheet and pillow cases before pulling up the top covers.

I pulled out the boys’ flannel sheets as well for Aaron to put onto the bunk beds.  I have one boy that’s been complaining about it being cold, while the other is still “roasting” at night, but they are both making the switch to flannel sheets just the same.

I mixed up the dough for the cookies for Sunday and then put it into the fridge to chill while I mixed tomorrow’s coffee cake.  The coffee cake baked, the cookie dough chilled, and I recycled my laundry and turned off all of the irrigation and watering I’d started earlier in the day.  Every now and again I was pleased to sit down at the computer and discover a new xanga message from Dani.  It’s fun to be able to keep in touch with her while she’s away!

We had a splendid evening at the Reformation Party last night.  I was so pleased that Corin, Rob and the grandbabies could join us this year.  The traffic was horrid driving down, and we met up with Copper and Aaron for a quick dinner at a fast food place, so we arrived a bit late.  The children all had time to participate in at least a couple of the games before the booths were closed.  This year we had a fun look at the Westminster Divines in action in the form of a short play looking in on one of their meetings.  We enjoyed a time of hymn singing as well, and found the drive home, quite late in the evening, to be a long one.

Grandpa’s water bottle was, apparently, more entertaining than the play.

My grandbabies are “divinely” cute, are they not??  Check out the baby on the far left!  I wish you could see her face better, because she was laughing!




Will re-enacts the legendary tale of Jenny Geddes.





As always, our church basket is waiting by the back door, ready to be loaded into the car tomorrow.  I started packing it this morning, as a matter of fact, when Dani messaged that she’d forgotten to pack her church shoes!  The shoes were put into a plastic bag, then into the basket and the basket parked by the back door.  Clothes are ironed and hung out.  I am just finishing up the last of about seven dozen gingersnaps for tomorrw, and my boys are asking about dinner.  I need to mix up a batch of my buttermilk baking mix before starting dinner, so that it will be ready for waffles on Monday morning.  I have enjoyed spending the extra time in my kitchen this afternoon, though I had hoped to make up a few things for the freezer, too.  Maybe next Saturday.  I still have a very busy evening ahead, and I am dragging.  I am very much looking forward to a Sabbath rest tomorrow.  Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27











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13 comments to Saturday October 27, 2007

  • Oh I love the flannel sheets.  We pulled ours out about 2 weeks ago, the nights were getting cold and we had turned off the cool air for fall and now it is too cool at night for the windows to be open. 

    I finally purchased a container to keep my BM in as I did not have one, so I am ready to give this a try!!  Thank you for sharing the recipe. I also picked up containers for the scouring cleanser and for making my own laundry detergent….

  • After only 3 hours of sleep, it took me a moment to get Melissa’s comment being about Baking Mix!! I have laughed at myself alot today…time for bed.

    I pray you too get a good nights rest! I still need to go get church clothes layed out for the kids and decide what I am to wear. I LOVE Baby Girl’s yellow blanket…beautiful.


  • I’m so glad that last person explained baking mix ~ I was rather confused! 😆

    I was just wondering how you warm up the chicken for your church meal.  Do you put it back in the oven in the morning?  How do you keep it from drying out?  And what do you transport it in?  Sorry for all the questions, but I was just curious.  I love the way you get everything ready ahead of time.

  • Melissa – :lol::lol::lol:    I love my homemade scouring powder, but I’m sticking with my ECOS laundry detergent.  Love that stuff.

    HisHomemaker:  I bake the chicken with the skins on (which keeps them nice and juicy).   As soon as they come out of the oven, I layer them into my big crockpot and put it immediately into the fridge.  The crockpot gets turned onto “high” as soon as we get to church, (just before 10), and they thighs are piping hot (but still juicy) when lunch is served, usually around 1:00.  Hope that answers your questions!

    Taking care of everything needed for Sunday is an important part of having a restful Lord’s Day.  Sunday morning is not the time to be getting clothes ready, or to be trying to fix potluck food, or find Bibles, or pack diaper bags.  Having it all done Saturday is worth the extra work to have a restful Sunday.  Reminds me…..with Dani gone I almost forgot to put the coffee cake, plates, forks and serving spatula on the kitchen table tonight.

  • Oh my goodness, my brain is so sleepy, I had to read the first comment over and over and think about what the blog entry was about before I understood!

  • Oh the perils of shorthand today!  Of course you realize I never saw the other interpretation of those letters otherwise I would never have done that… least we all got some chuckles!!!

    Cheryl, what is ECOS for Laundry detergent?

  • Melissa: I thought it was quite amusing, in my sleep deprived stuper, and of course we all knew it was a boo boo! Too funny!!!

  • Melissa – ECOS is a commercially made, all-natural laundry detergent that I’ve discovered.  It’s quite pricey at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc., but Costco is carrying it now in a large bottle and it is comparable, price-wise, to their own Kirkland liquid detergent.  I’ve been very happy with how my clothing is washing in the ECOS.  I talked about it a bit more, I think, here:–a-product-review.html

  • Awwwwwww, you guys! Give Melissa a break! She has a lot of things on her mind lately But I have to say, it took me a bit to figure out what she meant too! 😆

    Thanks again for inviting us mom! We had a great time!

  • :laugh:  What a hoot!  :p  Cheryl, I just love visiting your blog!  Which reminds me, I visited the bulk food store last week and found the dried Buttermilk powder for the Baking Mix.  🙂  I already have a container…maybe I should share it w/Melissa for her BM???  😆

    Regina…who is seriously considering purchasing flannel sheets for her household.  :love:

  • Flannel sheets sound cozy on a day like today.  It’s cold in Georgia! You know 60 is cold right LOL!


  • I’m with the boy who is still “roasting”, lol. I would just die if I had to sleep in flannel sheets. Even though I live in Vermont, where it was only 28 degrees when I got up this morning–I still have to sleep in a summer nightgown if I don’t want to roast. I don’t think I’ll be able to use our flannel sheets at all this winter. There’s my poor hubby, all wrapped up with extra blankets, and I’m asking him if he’d like the fan on, lol!

    Cheryl, I hope that you’re feeling better today. If you’re still under the weather, I hope you’ll feel better soon. Take care of yourself…

  • mmmm flannel sheets, my mom has a set of those. They are so warm and cozy, I can understand why anybody would be itching to take them out and put them on! I don’t mind not owning fannel sheets I just like to hog the blankets!:laugh::lol: