Tuesday October 30, 2007

We enjoyed a spectacular light show last evening, courtesy of the Creator of all things.  Thunderstorms developed in the foothills just a few miles to the east of us, and the lightning display was incredible for our part of the country.  All throughout dinner we watched out the school room windows and would loudly, “Whoa!” when the sky would light up.  Poor Copper, with his back to the windows, saw very little of it, but enjoyed himself immensely by laughing at us and then issuing his own, “Whoa!” whenever the fancy struck him, which made us all laugh hysterically!  Later on, we stood on the back porch and watched the tail end of God’s beautiful light show.

There were tremendous downpours all around us, but we had only a drop or two of rain.  So today found me working on my watering and irrigation.  I’ve let this slip a bit in the last couple of weeks.  With the cooler temperatures we’ve had, not as much watering has been necessary, but I’ve let things go about as far between drinks as I dare.  Today I irrigated our orchard and berries (blackberries & blueberries).  I watered my cutting roses, back yard flower beds, back lawn and front yard flower beds.  The crape myrtle trees next to our little storage barn were given a good soak, and I watered all of my outdoor potted plants, too.  The day was overcast and cool, which made working outside pleasant; but it made getting my feet wet (which always happens) unpleasant.  I’m pleased to give the trees and plants a good, long drink.

I’m still moving rather slowly through my day today, but I had my everyday tasks completed before noon. When lunch was finished, I recycled the laundry, quickly loaded the lunch dishes into the dishwasher and turned it on, washed up the stove-top griddle (from the cheese quesadillas we had for lunch), and then we all had our personal Bible reading and hour long quiet time. That hour of quiet in the early afternoon is a wonderful thing!

With my little potpourri pots plugged in again today, my house smells like apple pie!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Delightful!  I topped them all off with hot water this morning when I plugged them in, and then topped them off again this afternoon.  Tomorrow I will pull out and replace the apple slices, and I will also refresh the spices a bit.

I’ve been asked about The Book of Life that we read together in the mornings.  The Book of Life is an eight volume series.  It is actually the King James text of the Bible, broken up into different volumes, and then into small reading segments.  Each small segment is only two or three pages long.  We are currently reading Volume Two, Bible Heroes and Pioneers, which begins with creation, and follows right on through the Tower of Babel, the stories of the patriarchs, the history of Israel’s captivity in Egypt and the Exodus, the book of the law, the conquest of Canaan, the Judges, and ending with Ruth.  Interspersed throughout are lovely classical works of art, hymns and poems that correlate with the Scripture passages.  For my family, this is a wonderful way for us to read God’s Word together in the morning.

The boys kept busy throughout the morning and the early afternoon with home school work.  Will finished up a bit before our tea time, and so he took one of his favorite books out to the front porch to read.  I wonder if the front porch will be such a magnet when it is finished?

My husband had several errands to run in town this morning, but he worked on the steps for the porch all afternoon.  He has read and studied, and read some more, and looked up even more, in his determination to build a fine set of steps for our new porch.  Life long learning! It’s what we tell our children we want for them.  It’s certainly a good example for my boys to see Dad opening his various books and manuals to find the information he needs.












My afternoon was filled with my normal Tuesday chores.  On Tuesdays I dust, Webster and clean up my school room and the mud room/sewing nook.  The tile floor of the mudroom/sewing nook is supposed to be mopped weekly, but it hasn’t been done in awhile.  Sewing projects out or under construction have kept me away from doing a thorough mopping, but it was done today!  It looks so much better!  When I was done, Dani used the mop and damp mopped the rest of our vinyl and laminate floors, a job she does about once a week in between the weekly, more thorough mopping.  Laundry was recycled.  Watering was finished up and, one by one, valves were finally turned to the off position.  Eggs were collected.  Ingredients for cinnamon raisin bread were put into the machine.  Looking back over things, it’s such a pleasure to see clean floors and drawers filled with clean clothing, fresh bread cooling on a wire rack, and fresh, clean eggs drying on the kitchen counter.  Yes, it is “work”, but it is fulfilling work in that there is a pleasurable, valuable outcome!  At the end of your day’s labors, take pleasure, take delight in the work of your hands!  I’ve admired my pretty mudroom floor all afternoon!

I have been looking forward to the chapter in Hidden Art on flower arranging, and I finally had the time to read it during our quiet hour this afternoon.  You know, though I’ve read this book several times before, this chapter seemed like all new information to me!  Funny how that happens!  I was inspired by some of her suggestions for arrangements for the dinner table.  How many times has a Lego creation been admired by me, and then relegated back to the boys’ room?  Why not use that Lego creation, in some unique way, as a centerpiece on the dinner table, perhaps with a lit candle on either side?  What a wonderful way to let a son know that his creative abilities are appreciated by the entire family and are something we want to enjoy!  Special rocks discovered during a boy’s afternoon explorations could be arranged on the table, perhaps with some twigs or cut grasses, to make his discovery something lovely to be shared with the family.  Cut flowers on the table are lovely, of course; but I was inspired to think outside of my normal box by this chapter.  A potted house plant that is in full bloom could be lovely on the table.  An arrangement of cut twigs from trees in full color might be especially nice for fall.

Mrs. Schaeffer closes the chapter with this, “I must add one more sentence to this chapter: please try something in this area today. The only way to start, is to start.”  My boys didn’t have any new creations or discoveries for me to use for our supper table tonight, but I took up her challenge and decided to do something a bit different this evening.  I finished my tea, grabbed my trusty scissors and headed outside where I was promptly startled by a slithering snake, screamed and flapped my arms, which sent Dani into peels of laughter.  Sure!  Easy for her to laugh!  She was sitting on the porch with her dad and not out in the “wilds” of the front yard with the snakes!




I wandered about a bit and decided to cut a few tips, 6 to 8 inches long, from a tree and a large shrub that grow along the front of our property.  The shrub is a Pyracantha, which has red berries (and looooong, sharp thorns!), and the tree had some dried seed pods mixed with its long, dark green leaves.





Any idea what the tree might be?




I brought my cuttings in by carrying them in my apron.  I looked into my linen closet and checked the candle shelf and found three pretty candles in wire baskets that I haven’t used in awhile.  I spaced the candles out along the center of my table, and then I trimmed my cuttings to, very roughly, the same length.  I then placed the cuttings in two groups directly onto my tablecloth between the candles.  I lit the candles to take this picture and William immediately asked, “Why’s the table decorated so nicely?”.  I thanked him for his compliment and realized that I need to remember to make this more of a habit!

My weeekday evenings are filled with looking over completed school assignments and making notes for the next day’s homeschooling.  Then there’s a bit of last minute tidying.  Once that is completed I’m ready to just relax and take it easy.  A bit of stitching on an embroidery project.  Knitting a few rows of my shawl or another project. Reading.  The weather is cool enough this evening for a fire in the wood stove, and it feels so nice!

Bren, who comments here as TJSNana, sent me the most wonderful gift!   When the box arrived yesterday,  Dani and I just kept “oooooo”ing and “aaaahhhh”ing as we pulled item after item from the box!  I will be sharing many of these lovely things with Corin and Dani, per Bren’s instructions.  Oh, Bren, you should have heard Will when he sniffed the Citrus Grove candle!  He absolutely loved it and asked if he could use it in his room!  Precious!



Bren makes beautiful, lovely scented soy jar candles for sale, and I must tell you that they are wonderful!  She  also shared several craft kits and patterns, a lovely selection of embroidery floss as well as an iron on transfer, and some of her great quilting magazines, too.





This beautiful tea pot light was just for me!  I am….my girls and I are… just overwhelmed by your generous gift of friendship. Thank you, Brenda, I am blessed by you and your gift!

I always have so many things planned to share with you, and the time just flies by.  No matter how fast I type (and I do type pretty fast), I simply run out of time to share it all!  I’ve been inspired, or re-inspired, toward so many things from Mrs. Schaeffer’s book that I’d like to share, as well as a couple of recipes.  They will be coming in the days ahead, Lord willing, and as He provides the time.


God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27











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10 comments to Tuesday October 30, 2007

  • Oh how pretty!

    I about fell over laughing, because I can so TOTALLY picture Dad doing the whole “WHOA!” thing 😆 Hmmmmmmm… “so TOTALLY”… There seems to be a bit of valley girl in me

  • What a beautiful teapot light! It looks like it goes perefect with your colored walls and picture frames that show in the background. The candles look so pretty, too.  I’m just wondering where you get all of your energy?! You just keep yourself so busy and do so many things! The porch is looking like it’s coming along well and your table centerpiece looks so pretty! What a splendid idea. Thanks for sharing your day with us. I look forward to reading your posts. Have a wonderful Wednesday.:)

  • I am so glad everything arrived in tact. A young girl I know from church works at the UPS store and told me I needed to pack it better. She said, “Leave it to me.” So I did! Tell Will that is Lemongrass and Orange Peel. I hope he enjoys it! I am sure his mom could use those essential oils to make some spray for his room:wink: He could even make something with the Gingerbread Family, I’ll bet!! I do hope you all enjoy the candles. They are really taking off in the natural food store. And the tea pot was just “you” Cheryl. A small token to show how much I recieve from you every morning with my coffee. Encouraged on so many levels.

  • Cheryl ,

    Your table was just lovely!  I am still struggling with being the master of my schedule and not the servant.   My first thought was that your table was so pretty and a thoughtful thing to do for your family and yet I thought when would I have time?

    I don’t have any babies at home, and my girls are not homeschooled (they attend a private Christian School.) and yet I had an anxiety attack last nite because I didn’t feel prepared for my sewing class (which was suppose to be an enjoyable evening out for me)  and so I am ashamed to say I didn’t go.

    I’m feeling overwhelmed by just the daily tasks of taking care of my little home.

    I am reading the Mr. Burroughs book which I think is excellent but I haven’t gotten too far.  Everytime I sit down to read (except for my Bible reading in the morning before the girls get up) or sit down with my sewing machine or even write a letter I feel so guilty that the house is not perfectly clean. (Though I don’t feel as guilty about my computer time, which I do limit, figure that one out?!??    )

    I will just keep going to the Lord to straighten out my “stinking thinking”.  I know I can’t do it on my own. 

    I hope you continue to feel better.

    What a lovely gift!   Do enjoy it, you really do bless (and your family) alot of people!

    Take care.


  • OH Cheryl how precious are you!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a gift YOU are to me, and to others. Daily you share your life, and daily I am learning! God is definately using your blogs as a mentoring tool for me, and I am learning! My life is becoming so much more clearer, and my focus is so much stronger and “focused”. How blessed are your daughters who learned under your skills, and who will no doubt be lovely housewives now, and when the time comes. How honored your husband and children must feel. I will follow another comment by saying “Thank you for making my coffee a bit more enjoyable!”!! ~ Have a blessed day!

  • Hello, Dear Cheryl ! I always love visiting you. You share the most wonderful things.You have a lovely home and family.

    God bless , Shelleyjournals@aol.com/shelleymb47/shelleysweetshabby/

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know you are one busy lady! I wish we lived closer also as I would give you Frosty Dan. I know he would go to a good home. I really enjoying visiting your blog as I get so many ideals on how to better take care of my home. Thanks so much for sharing! Peggy

  • Hi Cheryl,
    aren’t the leaves from a tree from the Eucalyptus family???
    Love the way you set your table.
    Also want you to know once again that daily you amaze me with the way you share your live with us. I sure hope that you realise that to very many – well at least to me anyway – of us you are such an inspiration.
    So thanks again for all the sharing you do!!!
    May God bless you and your lovely family,

  • You did a great job on the table decoration. I try to “dress” my table also, but it has never looked as nice as that. I love reading your blog. I find you an inspiration!!

  • Hi Cheryl!

    I just have a minute to stop by, but I thought I would ask you, which bread machine do you use?  And, can you share your various bread recipes that you use for your machine?  I’m finding my time is getting more and more sparse and I think a bread machine may just help.  :coolman: