Scrambled Eggs Supreme Recipe (lots of variations)

Quick and easy. Adaptable to everyone’s tastes. Plenty of room for variety. Think omelettes, and you’ll have plenty of ideas of what to add for your own family.


Crack enough fresh eggs into a bowl for your family.  Whisk well, until they are fluffly.  Pour beaten eggs onto heated, buttered griddle or into a buttered skillet.  As soon as you’ve poured the eggs, season with salt & pepper, and then pour your toppings over the top.  As soon as the eggs begin to set, finish cooking as you normally would for scrambled eggs.  Cook until the eggs are set.

Topping Ideas:
This morning:  I seasoned with salt, pepper and freeze dried chives (about 2 Tablespoons), and added a couple of handsful of cooked, crumbled bacon, and a couple of handsful of  a finely shredded cheese blend.

Other great toppings include any combination of the following :  diced bell pepper, diced onion, diced tomatoes, cut up avocado, diced chilies, cubed ham, crumbled bacon, cubed left over steak, cubed left over pork chops, any kind of cheese, salsa, you name it!! Seasonings and toppings are limited only by your imagination and your family’s taste.  Have fun!  Experiment!

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1 comment to Scrambled Eggs Supreme Recipe (lots of variations)

  • yummy…now i’m really hungry…we used to use this same idea when i was at home…we had a little cast iron skillet…just big enough around to make a nice sandwich sized scrambled egg…we’d put a couple of beaten eggs in and some ham or bacon and a few veggies and once cooked put it on a couple of pieces of toast…very yummy…makes me hungry and homesick at the same time…>^,,^<linda