Family Time

We had a wonderful day together, my treasured family and I!  We took a camera along, but our destination was a professional quality craft faire.  We didn’t take pictures because I’m sure that the craftsmen and women would not have approved and also because we did quite a bit of Christmas shopping and it just wouldn’t do to have pictures that others would realize were gifts for them!  Oh, but we had a wonderful day!  This is a big show that we have visited every other year or so for the past twenty years.  I always enjoy it!  We spent hours just wandering the aisles and looking at beautiful workmanship, beautiful pieces of art, and beautiful things to wear.  We found several gifts, ooooo’ed and aaaahhhh’ed at things we’d love to have ourselves but didn’t buy, and Dani and I both found inspiration for a couple of things to make.

Seeing my Will this morning just made my heart leap for joy and thanksgiving!  My little boy was cheerful and well-rested.  Quite a change from the last two weeks.  His whole demeanor all day was more the Will we all love, and not the sad little boy we’ve seen the last couple of weeks.  Being an asthma sufferer myself, it is amazing to me that I did not recognize his symptoms as asthma; but I am thankful that we now have him on the track toward better breathing.  He has learned to use his inhaler and aerochamber himself, though he knows he is to tell one of us (Copper, Dani or myself) before he uses it.  It is so wonderful seeing the instant relief he gets from this.  I will, of course, be doing some research looking for some more natural ways to manage his asthma long term, but I am very thankful for Albuterol!  Of course, we are also dealing with the fact that this drug is a stimulant, which is not the best thing to be giving my little ADHD/OCD/Tourette’s/QRSTUVWXYZ guy.

My wonderful husband took us out to a Mexican food restaurant after the craft faire, and then made a stop by the electronics store for one last cable for our wireless network.  Now we can access the family printer from our laptops, too!  What a fun thing!  I am so thankful for all of this new stuff that will do so much to save me time during the week!

It was a wonderful day.  A great day.  It was so lovely to have Dani home and with us for this outing.  When I told Lisa about our planned outing at the same time that she said they wouldn’t need Dani this week, we both agreed that the timing was providential.  A semi-annual outing that our family enjoys occurring the same week that she and Eric didn’t need Dani.  The Lord cares about our little wants and desires every bit as much as He does our needs.  Or at least it seems so to me!

We did get home quite late, though; and I am tired!   I do have something to share with you, though.  I found a wonderful article written by Elisabeth Elliot this morning on Barbara Curtis’s blog.  Click over and read this article.  Do it now.   I just read it again, and I say, “Amen!”.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27






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8 comments to Family Time

  • Wonderful article you linked us to Cheryl! It is so true, parents are “guilted” into thinking that asking a 10 year old to do some work is being a bad parent!

    Glad you had a wondeful day and you were able to do some Christmas shopping too! I am always happy to be able to accomplish this task.

  • Thank you Cheryl for passing on that article! It was definately a read worth holding near and dear to our hearts as we begin to prepare our homes, and our hearts for the Holidays. Perhaps t his year we can start the New Year on the right start…. and joyfully fullfill the duties we are called to ~ no matter our age, or our children’s age!!

    What a nice trip your family had! Glad everyone had a good time!

  • So glad you had a blessed day with your family. And that Will is himself again!!

    The article was wonderfully written, and so true. I have asked my kids, “Why do you work so hard at not working?” I think it takes more effort to hang up those clothes the wrong way than the right way!! I might just have to do a post on working hard at not working!

  • Hi Cheryl! 

    I just wanted to let you know how much I apprecite all the pictures you’ve posted of the porch in progress.  I’ve shared your pictures with my husband and he’s been so inspired!  He’s learning via your husband too!  :sunny:  We have a deck/porch to build as well and your posts about the progress really helped him to realize that he didn’t have to get all of it done in one day.  🙂   What an inspiration!

    I’ve talked about you, Corin, Dani your husband and the boys so much and showed your blog to my husband that he also knows who I’m referring to when I mention you all by name.  🙂    I mentioned the bread machine and he told me to go price them when I went out shopping.  I just wanted you to know how much of a blessing you’ve been to me. 

    And,….I’ve tagged you too.  lol  😆   :wave:

    Have a wonderful day!



  • Great article. Thankful that Will is feeling better. Typing one-handed while I soak the surgical “goo” off my finger. I’ve learned my lesson. :rolleyes:

    Hugs and blessings

  • Fabulous article by Elisabeth Elliot!  I loved her statement in the next-to-last paragraph: “Instead of feeling that they must be allowed to do what they like, they would learn to like what they do.”  How I need to learn that and model it in my life!

  • So glad Will is feeling better.  Jenn

  • Susan/brgrace3 – That statement is the crux of the article, isn’t it?  That is what the turning point was for me in my homemaking – learning to like, love really, what I do!