You All Are The Best!

You all are the best, you really are!  I’ve had so many sweet messages, e-mails and comments from so many of you.   And not one of you has scolded me for not posting as promised yesterday.  Did you know that you guys bless me?  You do, and your words are such an encouragement to me.  Daily.

We’ve been incredibly busy here since Wednesday.  Will’s asthma is so much better, and I think we’re getting a good handle on keeping it controlled.  He’s using his inhaler far less now than he was last weekend and earlier this week.  I’m praising the Lord for that!  Aaron and I have caught colds, but we’re not feeling too bad.

I just wanted to pop in to tell you how blessed I am by all of you, and to let you know that we’re fine.  Just incredibly busy!  I’ll have plenty to share as soon as I have the time to write.  If I miss you this evening, have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27



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19 comments to You All Are The Best!

  • PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m suffering withdrawals you know )

  • Great to hear that ya’ll are going good. It is always a real blessing to read your blog. It truly inspires me to want to take good care of my family and home. Thanks for taking the time to inspire us!!

    Lisa in Texas = )

  • I am glad you are doing great.  You are the one who is a blessing.:)  I really have been learning alot from you.:)


  • Blessings to you on the Lord’s Day too.

  • Corin~

    At least you were THERE for Thanksgiving-we weren’t. I hate to whine,but I’m so jealous I’m not one of the family.:(

    :lol:Just kidding! We are ALL waiting on the edge of our seats for photos and details. We just miss you so much Cheryl.:love:

  • Look forward to hearing more from you! You have been a blessing to me!


  • Glad to know that you are ok…
    Looking forward to that next post!
    You are a blessing and inspiration and encouragement!
    Have a wonderful and blessed Sonday!

  • Hi, Cheryl…Glad to hear that Will is doing better.

    Hope you and Aaron will feel better soon too.

    Wishing you a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow…

  • I’m glad Will is doing better.

    I do have to say though, I think we are the ones that are blessed! Have a good weekend!


  • Hi Cheryl,

    It is so nice to hear all is well and you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I look forward to the update next week. I thought of you today as I was baked to build up my freezer stash. I made your South of The Border Coffee Cake and it was a great.



  • Thank you so much for sharing so generously! 

    It is a pleasure to ‘meet’ another fan of Mrs. Schaeffer!



  • I don’t think I have ever previously commented on your site, but I do infact read almost daily. You have been a blessing to me in so many ways. I was an only child raised by a single working mother who never really taught me how to keep a home. As the polar opposite of my sweet mom I am a  Christian homeschooling, cooking, cleaning mother of four boys. I have really enjoyed seeing the many aspects of how you spend daily life and have incorporated many of them into my daily routine. Thanks for maintaining such a great site.

    Kindest Regards,


  • I have missed you!!!! Glad to know everyone is doing well!

  • I have been reading your blog for several weeks and I wanted to say that you have brought changes into my life.  I, like most women, forget to be grateful that I have been blessed with a family to care for and nurture and love.  Your thoughts and views on this have forced me to take a long hard look at the way I view my “household chores”.  I have noticed a big change in my attitude towards preparing a favorite meal, for example, for my kids or my husband.  The little things that make it an event rather than a daily chore.  Whether they had noticed it or not, I felt a change in myself.  I felt happier.  And, as an added bonus, they did notice and were happier also.  Thanks for that.  You have reminded me of what’s most important.  Regina

  • Wonderful to hear you have had a good week 🙂  As always, I look forward to more when you have time–and–I am glad you haven’t had negative comments!  Once in awhile, I see some, on someone’s site somewhere, but it’s always a little unsettling!  I have favorite blogs too, but, we in cyberworld, must always remember that the REAL world comes first!!  Anyway…blessings on your weekend (what’s left of it) and as you begin another week.  ~Tea

  • Been missing your posts but I TOTALLY understand!  :heartbeat:

  • Glad to know you are doing well. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your such a blessing to me I am grateful that I found your site on Xanga. Praying for you and your family. Tee

  • Hope you had a great Thanksgiving (Christmas music or not);).

    I love to pop by here and see what you are up to. I am always blessed when I do.

    Merry Christmas!

  • :love: Oh I’m so glad his asthma’s getting better!! I grew out of mine, but it was rotton while it lasted! 😡