Good neighbors!  We’ve got ’em!  I’ve bragged on my neighbors before, but they really are the best.  My husband had quite a bit of extra material to return to the lumber yard, and the pieces were too long for our little utility trailer.  He walked next door this morning and came back with their heavy duty trailer, pulled by their pickup!  Nevermind that the lumber yard that we’ve been using is three cities away, the keys were handed over joyfully.  God has richly blessed us with these folks living close by.

Remember all of the cement trucks that were on our property a couple of weeks ago pouring the footings for the neighbor’s covered arena?  Well, it is almost done!  Here’s what it looks like from the end of my driveway.  It’s incredible, and it went up so quickly.  I’m just thrilled for them.  Sometime soon they will haul in several truckloads of dirt and then a top layer of sand, which will be delivered via our driveway again.  We’ve had so much fun watching their dream of a covered arena materialize for them.

My husband made the return trip with the lumber, and we are both pleased that the family owned and operated lumber yard was so gracious about the returns.  Nary a complaint about taking back a few hundred dollars worth of surplus lumber, hardware and trim.  Family owned and operated…..those businesses tend to be the best, don’t they?

We’ve a little lamb that’s not doing so well.  When he was born in early October, we were so thrilled with him.  His markings were quite different from the rest of the breed, and we knew within days that his vision was poor.  Yet he thrived.  He learned to keep up with the herd quite well, though he carried his head in a way that let us know that he was blind.  He’s grown at the same rate as his twin brother.  When he was left behind, he would holler, listen for Mama Ewe’s bleat, and then follow his ears to the herd.  As he grew, we remarked more and more frequently about his beautiful markings, and how we were excited to see what he looked like fully grown.

The little guy began failing over the weekend.  This morning he looked awful.  Dani and I went out to check on him, listening for signs of pneumonia, checking him for any sign of injury.  We found nothing.  He seemed cold, so Dani pulled down one of the black plastic tubs we use for the sheep’s grain, which was warm from the sun, put the lamb in the bucket and then covered  him with a towel.  He lay out there in the sun, sleeping for quite awhile.  (The rest of the herd wandered back into their yard later, and looked at him in the feed bowl so quizzically!  It was funny!).  I called my husband on his cell phone (he was still on his way to the lumber yard), and got his okay to take the lamb to the vet.

I love the large animal clinic at our veterinarians’.  The docs are all commonsense, and yet caring, individuals.  Well, we knew our little guy was special, genetically, because of his markings; but apparently he has some neurological problems that have become more complex as he’s grown.  In all likelihood we’ll lose the little guy soon.  We do know, though, to watch for future lambs from the same ewe, to be sure that we don’t windup with a genetic predisposition to this sort of thing running through our herd.  The vet sent us home with a few days worth of anti-imflammatory meds to give him, just to see if they might help.  In her words, “the body sometimes can fool us”, but I know that the Lord is in control.  Not even a sparrow (or a wee lamb) falls without His knowledge.  Dani has a bit more detail on her blog if you’re interested.

I had another wee bit of steering trouble leaving the vet’s office which led me right into a Starbuck’s parking lot.  Funny how the van always seems to go out of control near Starbuck’s. One Eggnog Latte with light whip, and one peppermint mocha frappucino later, we pulled back into our own driveway.  My husband was already on the ladder finishing up hanging the Christmas lights.


















I had fun arranging things around on the front porch this afternoon.  I pulled out our pretty Red Flyer wagon  and put my little lit tree in it, arranged a couple of throws on the front porch furniture and then set the beautiful arrangement Meg gave me next to the front door.  The front porch decorations are simple, but I like it!














My day was full to overflowing.  Homeschooling.  Laundry.  Picking up and straightening up as I moved through my home.  Checking on my husband’s progress with the lights.  Taking care of an ailing lamb.  We did a lot of dusting and polishing of furniture as we worked decorating on Friday and Saturday, so there was not a great deal of that sort of work to be done today.  I spent a lot of time knocking down cobwebs on the front porch, though.  With all of the construction going on out there, it hasn’t been done in several weeks!

This evening my husband and I spent quite a bit of time doing some planning for the next few weeks.  There are several holiday traditions involving different parts of his extended family and we were planning what we would be able to host and when.  I think we made some good decisions!  In the past few years, we’ve had a couple of really rough Christmases health-wise.  Three years ago, my husband and I spent the entire day in the emergency room while he did battle with a kidney stone.  Last year, he had  surgery two days before Christmas and was certainly not quite himself on Christmas Day.  We are looking forward to a HEALTHY, quiet, family day this year!  I’m praying that the Lord will so bless!

We also decided that while we still hope to get the porch and front door painted before Christmas, we are going to wait and see and not worry if it doesn’t happen.  Our weather has been dry, too dry; and we desperately need the rain.  Our climate is also prone to long stretches of damp fog.  Neither of those conditions is favorable to outdoor painting, so we’ll wait and see.  We do have our new porch lights ready to be installed tomorrow, and if that is all that gets done between now and the holidays, then we will be happy with that!  This has been a big job, a huge job; and my husband has labored long, hard hours on his days off from work to finish the building of the new porch.  The painting can wait if it needs to.

I’ve been asked, recently, about not stressing out when things don’t go quite as we’d planned or hoped.  You know what?  I used to stress when *my* plans blew up.  Big time!  Did that help?  Not a bit.  Did my stressing cause further harm?  Usually!  Holding your plans loosely, my friends, means allowing the Lord to do what He will in your life.  I do so hope that you younger woman can learn this without the hard lessons it took for me to learn it. Many of you celebrate the holidays with a lot of family events and plans and parties.  Well, we do, too.  I’ve already mentioned that my husband and I did some planning toward that end this evening.  However, we hold our plans loosely.  We leave room for the Lord to alter our plans, or to change our plans entirely.  We’ve spent many holidays at the bed side of ailing parents, either in the hospital or in our own homes.  We’ve opened our home just days before Christmas to four young sisters who needed foster care.  I’ve left tearful boys at home with a tearful Dani as I’ve driven my husband to the emergency room, cancelling plans to prepare dinner for a house full of guests.  Hold your plans loosely!

The knitted dishcloths brought up a few things yesterday.  You can use any all cotton, worsted weight yarn for these, the brand doesn’t really matter; but the 100% cotton does matter for dishcloths.  My big skeins of Christmas-colored cotton yarn, which were bought in early September, are Bernat “handicrafter” yarn.  There are oodles and oodles of patterns for knitted dishcloths available without charge on line.  Something for every skill level!  I’ve mentioned several before, check back or just do a google search for them.

I do not plan to sell any of my knitted dishcloths, but remember that milestone I talked about reaching soon?  I might go so far as to say that some of my knitted dishcloths might be a part of a celebration of that upcoming milestone.  Yep, I’d go that far. When the milestone is reached, there will be a celebration, and we’ll invite everyone who wants to attend to come to the party.  However, as I’ve said before, I really and truly hope to be able to give some special benefits to those of you who read her regularly.  The only way I have of knowing you’re there, though, is if you leave me a comment now and again.  I started keeping a list of commenters when I first mentioned this, and I’ll keep on keeping it, until the day the milestone is reached.  Hmmmm……..any idea what the upcoming milestone might be?????

Oh, dear.  The day has been full, and I had several things more to share.  Isn’t that always the way?  It’s grown quite late, and I really must retire soon.   It was a busy, but delightful day!   It might not look like much, written down this way, but we kept busy all day long and so many things were accomplished.   Lord willing, tomorrow will allow me a bit more time to share again.  Until then,

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27





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39 comments to Tuesday

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now,it is my first stop every morning.I have to be honest and say I am of a different faith,but know I love God and my family.You are such an ispiration to me,I learn so much from you everyday,that I felt I just had to say thank you.I love the relationship you have with your girls,it reminds me of my mother and sisters.My mother refers to my sisters and I as her GIRLS.I just again wanted to say thank you and that you may not realize how many lives you touch with your words of wisdom.

  • Good Morning, Cheryl!

    Your porch looks great – so inviting! All the decorations and lights that you added are perfect!

    I’m so glad that I have a sampling of your wonderful handknitted dishcloths! I use them every day and just love them! I’m pulling out the Christmas ones this week – it’s like getting an early Christmas gift! So fun!

    I’ve also been doing a lot of planning as the holidays approach, but I’m so glad the Lord leads our path and shows us His ways. I’m very excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord this season.


  • Good morning Cherly! Enjoying my peppermint Mocha right now along with your blog! My favorite way to start the day!! I must admit while I understood your absence last week with Thanksgiving preps, as we busy too ~ but goodness my mornings were not the same!!

    The lights look lovely, as I anticipated they would!! I wanted to tell you your comment about God knowing when each of his creatures fall ~ really touched me and made me ponder His love for us even more. It’s like I knew that ~ but when I read it BAM…. it clicked! Thanks for allowing God to use you in such a mighty and humble way!

  • My Cheryl, you were a busy little beaver!!! The porch is wonderful decorated! I love the arrangement Meg gave you-it is perfect there on the porch. It makes me just want to come and sit down for a spell!:wink:

    Poor little lamb. He is so cute too.

    Thank you for the dishcloth yarn hint. I am practicing my crocheting on easy, no pattern dishclothes. I just make it 8″ wide and use a single crochet and a large hook. I am not used to counting stitches and stuff, so this is good practice for me for now. I hope I will be blessed by some ladies at church who are interested in starting a crocheting/knitting group. I would LOVE someone to ask basic questions to!

    Have a wonderful day Cheryl!

  • Those are some good neighbors. How sweet.
    Your porch decorations look nice and cozy. I like them.
    I am sorry about your lamb.


  • We, too, raise sheep.  Lambs are such tricky little ones when they are sick. Many times we have brought chilled lambs into the house, in front of the fire, or injected them with penicillen for infection, or worried about eyes that were sore or swollen, or not right.  Sometimes we are able to help, sometimes not. I hope your little guy recovers!  The porch looks absolutely lovely.



  • Good neighbors are a blessing that is for sure. I have several and we are there for each other…in a cul de sac of 7 houses, there are 3 of us with both bio/adopted kids (all of us have adopted kids with horrific backgrounds) and we are all parents of grown children and little children. God will hand pick our neighbors for us if we ask him to. I was the first one with our situation and then a neighbor adopted internationally (twice). Together we prayer for just the right family to move in to the home for sale. A lovely Christian woman, her husband, 3 bio kids and 4 adopted kids moved in. She had done fostercare for years and has great wisdom that Cindy and I have been blessed by…she will tell you she has been blesssed too, and had prayed for the right “neighbors”. 

    Your porch is beautiful!

  • *GASP* The porch is beautiful, Cheryl!!!!!  I have been waiting for the picture since you started your project!  To me, there is nothing more inviting than a porch decortated for Christmas…Oh, and a roaring fire with a beautiful mantel!!!

    Congrats!!!  I am so proud for you!


  • The lights and porch are just beautiful! Can you believe that I have never had a coffee from Starbucks??? We don’t have one in our area, the closest is 30 or so minutes away, but from reading your blog I am planning on stopping by for a coffee next time I am in that area. You may just cause my van to start malfunctioning as well! LOL Sorry to hear about your little lamb, it must be hard to watch happen. (((HUGS))) to you all.:heartbeat:

  • Your decorations are very pretty and inviting, that “homey come right in feel”.

    How nice to be able to share in your neighbors dream coming true.  That looks to be quite the structure and I am sure will be quite a blessing to the family.

    Have a joyful day today!!

  • Good morning, Cheryl! I too love the decorated porch. That’s one thing that always seems to missing on our houses. We have NEVER had a front porch. We do have a large deck on the front of our current home. Hope I can take some of your ideas and change them up a bit next year to decorate this area. Unfortunately, it isn’t covered though and gets the brunt of the bad Kansas weather we often deal with.

    Thanks also for reminding us to hold our plans loosely. This is something I am just now learning (at age 40!), and often still forget.

    Looking forward to the blog’s milestone celebration!

    Melanie in KS

  • Hi Cheryl,
    Your home looks lovely, and the porch is beautiful…I really like the lights! :o)Good advice on holding our plans loosely. We too have been to the ER on Christmas, and last year my husband had surgery two days AFTER Christmas…so New Year’s was a bit slow! LOL
    Thanks again for your wise words.

    PS…I’m now on my third knitted dishcloth, and I’m hooked!!!

  • Good Morning Cheryl,

    Your home looks lovely in all it’s Holiday wrappings!

    I hope the little lamb improves. :heartbeat:


  • I have so enjoyed watching the transformation on your front porch.  Your hubby is to be commended for his hard work and perseverence.  Your boys have sure benefited from this big project by learning some valuable trade skills.  I think the porch will look fabulous even if it doesn’t get painted before Christmas. 🙂

    Mrs. C

  • Cheryl, Your porch is so gorgeous both in the daytime and at night with the lights!! WOW!!!!

    I have to put a face on this comment because my 3yo son is helping me type. ;o):fun:

    Love, Heather P.

  • the picture of your little one with the lamb is such a precious one…there is such tenderness from it…tickles me though to see the pictures of your little one…and your grands too…seems that 99% of the time they are barefoot…kids after my own heart…shoes are the last thing i put on when i am going out the door and the first things i kick off when i come in the door…though lately i tend to get cold toes faster than i used to so i slip on socks more often than barefeet…somehow it just makes me think of how free children are running about with no shoes…hard to explain my reasonings but seeing those pictures makes me smile each time…>^,,^<linda

  • Everytime you mention Starbucks, I get a craving!! Unfortunately the closest one is 2.5 hrs. away!! Actually, maybe that’s a good thing! 😉

  • :spinning:Ooo, ooo, ooo!  Ask me what the milestone is, I know, I know .  And it is ever inching nearer:eek:

  • “Hmmmm……..any idea what the upcoming milestone might be?????”


    Ooooooooooooo!!!!!  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know too!!!!  Who wants to try to bribe Dani and I???????  😆

    Woohoo for good neighbors!!!

    I can already picture that lamb as part of Dad’s nativity scene this year (he IS putting it up right???)

    The porch is really pretty!  I can’t wait to see it in person!

  • Oh that picture of the lights on and the garlands around the windows, so lovely :goodjob:

  • :coolman:  I just love reading about your days.  I have to say that I check back each evening (except last night)  to read about your day.  Thank you for inspiration and encouragement that you give daily. 


    Regina  :sunny:

  • Cheryl, I am SO sorry about your little lamb. Even though it doesn’t escape the Lord’s notice, it is still so sad every time an animal is sick or dies.

    I wish you were planning to sell your dish cloths, but since you aren’t, maybe I’d better move “relearn to knit” up a bit on my list of things to do, lol.

    Your porch looks very pretty. Your husband did an excellent job. Someday I hope to have a porch instead of a deck too, but we’ll see.

    Thank you for being the constant inspiration that you are. I’ve been taking my lunch break with you lately. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Well, I know you have got to be well over 100 posts, so it can’t be that!  I can’t wait to find out…I love celebrations, and surprises!  I too love your blog.  You are such an encouragement to me.  Whatever the milestone is, congratulations in advance!

    Love to you ~ Kathy

  • Hello,  I have reading your blog for several months now and always seem to come away with great ideas on homemaking and being a mother.  I have to started to rethink some ideas that I had before concerning my children’s future spouses and how to go about praying for them and how to help my children in making a wise choice concerning their future mates.  I have started to teach my 10 year daughter to cook and how to clean a house.  My 8 year old daughter is also learning right along with her big sister.    I enjoy your blog very much and really enjoy the fact that you and your family are Christian and are servants of the Lord.  May your Christmas be merry and may you all be healthly.

    God Bless,

    Karen Fay

  • I love your blog, it is so inspiring…hehe it also makes me feel lazy..ROFL…thanks for sharing your days..


  • I just had to say how beautiful your porch looks – esp with all your lights and decorations up! Your husband did a WONDERFUL job!
    As every day, you inspire me.

  • Your porch looks beautiful – esp all decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments. Your husband did such a wonderful job!


  • What a wonderful neighbor you have. 🙂

    I had to chuckle at the “poseable lamb”. Poor thing.

    Your Christmas lights look lovely. I like the picture of Copper sitting down for a well-earned rest. The porch looks fantastic. Four gold stars to Copper and his assistants for their hard work.

    Hoping you get both the rain and the restful Christmas you are needing.


  • Beautiful!!  The front porch just keeps getting better and better – I didn’t think it possible!  Somehow I also didn’t know you were going to paint it so I can’t wait for that.  Hmmm.  I guess you have figured out I like porches!  Now, about the lamb going with the nativity set?  I look forward to seeing that too!  Thanks again – you have made my year so much better!

  • Hello Cheryl,

    It’s so great to see you back posting regularly this week after the holiday last week. As always, you are an inspiration to me as I read about you and how you go about your day. I’m sorry to hear about your lamb that is sick. I enjoyed reading about your menu on Monday. Menus are one of my favorite things to read about, not sure why, but they are. I hope you have a blessed Lord’s day.


  • Hi Cheryl, Your porch looks so pretty all decorated! You and Copper did a wonderful job with the Christmas decorations. I love seeing how you get your home ready for the holidays.

    Too funny how you had “car trouble” again. 😆 It’s amazing how it only acts up around Starbucks. :giggle:

    I can relate with you on being in the hospital at Christmas. My youngest had to have brain surgery on Christmas Eve 7 yrs. ago. I am very thankful for the times when everyone is healthy and doing well during the holidays. ( or anytime as a matter of fact)

    I’m looking forward to reading what your milestone is. Could it possibly be your blog’s anniversary or maybe your 1000th post or something like that? I guess we’ll soon find out!

    Take care,

  • I’ve knitted 15 dishcloths so far – all for gifts. They knit up quick and make such nice little gifts along with a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap. :o)

    btw, I’m having a Christmas gift-away…come see. :o):wave:

  • Your porch looks beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations and lights.  🙂

  • I love the porch, your husband and boys did fantastic work! I have to say I learn so much from you, I thank God for you and your wisdom! You have helped me so much. I have suffered an ER visit with my husband and a kidney stone, the most horrible couple days of my life, not to mention my Husbands it was just awful for him.

    You are the type woman I would love to call my *adopted* Mom, someone I could sit down with and ask any kind of Godly question or to get instruction from. I am ever so grateful for finding your blog.

    But you really should get the steering on your vehicle checked! haha!



  • Hi,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. You’ve become part of my morning ritual. Take the dogs out, grab a cup of coffee, and catch up with Coppers Wife. You’re a lovely woman, with a lovely family – Thanks for sharing your bits and pieces 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your day with us. I feel as if I know you just a bit better every time I visit. I have to say it is probably a good thing there is not a starbucks around here because I am sure that I could add those steering problems to the growing list of things that are wrong with my van! :giggle:  I love, love, love your porch all decorated for Christmas!! It is just perfect!


  • The porch is beautiful! Your husband is a craftsman. I’m sorry to hear that you los the little lamb.

  • I love your porch and love you rlights – they look so cool.
    Also can sympathise with you re the wee lamb.
    Our children bring in pet lambs and goats and only some survive each year.
    I guess it is a good lesson on the frailty of life.

    I can also identify with the way your car has a weird steering problem when it gets near Starbucks!!
    Mine has the same trouble

  • :wave: I’m a few days behind in reading, but had to add my “WOOO HOOO” on the lovely new porch. I need to finsh our decorations on my front porch as this will be the last year you will be able to see it clearly. We are having it enclosed this winter to save on energy costs.

    Milestone… guessing it’s an anniversary since both your dds hinted at it.

    I look forward to your posting everytime. I wish we were neighbors. I’d love to have you visit my farmhouse for a cuppa.

    Kay (RicksFarmwife)