Wednesday November 7, 2007

     Since posting my article “A Vision for the Future – The Heritage Library”, I’ve heard the same questions time and again, “Where do I start?”  “What books would be best for my child?”  “Will you help me?”  “What do you recommend?”

     With this post, I hope to begin a new series to begin answering some of these questions.  These “Library Builder” posts will, Lord willing, appear about once a week, perhaps more, perhaps less.  Each post will feature something a bit different – books for a particular age group, books on a particular subject matter, books of a particular genre, a favorite author or illustrator, etc.  Because I am still a home schooling mom myself, and because I have four beautiful grandchildren, most of my posts will feature books for children.  There will be, from time to time though, Library Builder posts featuring books for the non-juvenile readers, too.

     It is my hope that you will find books and/or authors that will appeal to you that you will want to add to your own home library.  It is my hope that you will build a fine home, Heritage Library, that you will use, that your children will learn to enjoy and use, and that you will pass along to your children’s children.  If you’ve not read my article, please take the time to do so now.

     Everyone’s home, or Heritage, library will be different.  The make up of our families is different, our interests are different, our standards of acceptability are different, and our tastes are different.  God has made us all very unique, and yet we still can have many things in common, perhaps our interest in good books!

     Keep in mind, the books I recommend in my Library Builder posts are strictly my own choices, and I do not presume to tell you that they are flawless, or that they will meet all of your family’s personal standards.  I will do my best to point out anything that may be of concern, but I cannot promise that I will address everything that will be of concern to you.

     If my suggestions are helpful to you and you decide that you want to purchase any of these books for your own library, or to give as gifts, I would appreciate that you use the links found in the posts, or on my side bar, and make your purchases through Amazon. You can buy the books brand new this way, of course; but there are usually dozens of used copies available there as well, at a reduced price

     I do not do any sort of paid commercial endorsements, but purchases made at Amazon, through my links, do reward me with a very small percentage of sales generated that way.  Amazon keeps all of your transactions private, and I have no idea who may or may not click through my links to shop there.  I won’t be pestering you about this every post, but I did want to mention it this once. 

     This blog, and my web site, are funded solely by my wonderful husband.  I only ask that if these book lists are helpful to you, that you consider making your purchases through my Amazon links as a way of showing your support.  The small credit that is passed my way is used to purchase books for our own Heritage Library.  I am very grateful for those of you who have already blessed me in this way. Shop at

     Thanks!  I hope you enjoy this new series! (For a complete list of all of the Library Builder articles to date, please visit the Library Builders page of my web site.)

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