Closing Out 2007

     The year 2007 is winding down.  In our home it will end quietly, but with a celebration as well.  In the meantime, we are busily enjoying the final days of my husband’s vacation and our Christmas break from homeschooling.

     Today, of course, was spent with the usual laundry and preparing for the Lord’s […]

The Vacation Coninues

We have very much been enjoying our vacation time together. Our pre-Christmas Goody Party, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations were wonderful, quiet times with family, both extended and immediate. Aunts and Uncles. Cousins galore. Grandbabies. Oh, yes, there were grandbabies!!!


It Just Gets Yummy From Here On Out

     Oh, my goodness, the food we have planned for the next few days is just yummy!!!  We have one or two regular meals worked in to the mix, but for the most part we will be feasting or partying or both!  Here’s what’s on tap.

     Saturday (today):  We are attending my husband’s mom’s […]

Incredibly Busy, But Also Incredibly Quiet

     The final big house cleaning is being done.  Baked goods, candy and healthy goodies are being made.  Gifts are being wrapped.  The last bits of sewing and crafting are in the works.  Two of my three children at home have worked exceptionally hard and cheerfully today, but number three is now on the fast track […]

Five More Sleeps ’til Christmas

With just five more sleeps ’til Christmas, I finally hit that frantic “AUUUGHHH!!” stage this morning. By mid-afternoon, though, I knew that it would all, somehow, still get done. I’m not frantic anymore, but there’s not a lot of time for dilly dallying (or blogging!) either.

I wanted to let Susan, Lea, Jolene, […]

Rainy Days and Mondays

I’d say I was dating myself with that partial song title; but as I’m fairly certain that all of you are aware of my age, I won’t say it. The Carpenters were HUGE when I was a teen, and I can still hear the refrain, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down” quite […]

And The Winners Are…..

     Thank you, all of you, for your response to my drawing!  What fun it was to see all of your entries!  Your comments are a constant source of encouragement to me.  I wish I had a wonderful book or set of dish cloths for each of you!  Again, thank you.

     The entries were too numerous for me […]


That’s the by-word for our home today! Virus! The boys and I have one. My laptop has one. Virus! Not good news on either front.

Aaron was not feeling at all well last night. Sore throat. Chills. He woke up this morning feeling a wee bit better, but he has dark circles […]

Mega Shopping With Two Silly Gals

Dani and I did the mega shop today. It was so much fun to have her with me. We were terribly silly for the better part of the day, and commented several times that, “Watch! Now is when we’ll run into….” and then we’d name one blogging buddy or another that live in our […]

Stress? Nah!

      No, not stress….just further reminders to be in prayer, to realize our utter dependence upon God, and to open our eyes to the everyday ways He blesses us. 

     I’ve already mentioned the little fender bender my husband had while we were out shopping the other day.  Early this morning I had a call […]