My Husband Has Mondays Off

My husband has Mondays off, except for when he doesn’t.  Take today, for example.  He’s off, but he’s not.  Technically, he is off from work today and tomorrow, but the county has scheduled him for training both days – from 3:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m!  At least he was home with us for a bit today.  We’ll enjoy him home tomorrow for a short spell to, but he will be sleeping in after his late night, and then will need to be out the door again at 2:00 to make the drive to class.  He doesn’t mind the training so much this time around as it is behind the wheel training.  Think about it – grown men, driving patrol vehicles, and getting paid to play cops & robbers!  I miss that he’s not here and hate that he loses a couple of days off, but we’re both thankful for the overtime it will provide.  My husband really does need a couple of new uniforms, so the overtime pay is quite timely.  God provides.

We’ve had some computer woes today, and my poor husband spent most of his few precious hours at home trying to get the main computer and router to allow the lap tops to connect.  He gives so freely of his time for us.  The problems developed for no apparent reason, and then resolved the same way.  We’re just glad that things are back up and running.





My boys settled in with their homeschooling this morning……..Will claiming the coveted spot in front of the fire, using Dixie for a pillow (and obviously before anyone had swept the hearth today!)





and Aaron taking the perch on the top bunk.  I love those SIZE 12 boots hanging off the end of the bunk!

My day was filled with just the normal things of the day – homeschooling, laundry, straightening up a bit here and there.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it fills my day.  I love sitting down with Will and working on a grammar lesson together.  I enjoy having my boys relay funny anecdotes or favorite parts from books they are reading for school.  I’m glad that I’m the one that returns algebra assignments that need correcting.  I can do so with encouragement that the problems are not impossible, and with praise for a job well done when they are successfully corrected.  I’m so glad that I’m the one explaining what adjectives are, and hearing about how much my son enjoys his current literature selection.   

Dani’s cold is some better.  Her voice is still pretty hoarse, when she has a voice at all.  She doesn’t feel too badly, though.  She was up to helping with all of her normal household chores today, which is a huge blessing to me.  She made a new-to-us dish tonight called Stuffed Loaf, which is a recipe she learned at Lisa’s house.  Hey, Lisa  – It was yummy! I’m making sure that Dani doesn’t over do it, though.

As you know, I leave my Mondays relatively free to spend with my husband.  Since he was gone I spent some time on a bit of homeschool research for the spring semester, as well as making some plans for next Christmas.

Next Christmas????  Yep!  I’ve a couple of things planned already for next Christmas season, and doing the research now, and then getting them plunked into my weekly schedule for next year, will give me a real chance at actually having the plans come to fruition without a lot of last minute hassle next year.  As I’ll be doing the actual work after the first of the year, I’ll be sure to share more with you then.

For now, though, you can be thinking about what sorts of things you’d wished you had time for this year.  Any crafting you wish you had done beforehand?  Any sort of advent or devotional study that you would have loved to have planned for your children?  If so, jot those ideas down somewhere now. No, no, don’t try to DO them now, just jot them down so you won’t forget them and then don’t think about them again until the first of the year.  Jot down ideas.  List books.  Bookmark web sites.  Print up instructions.  But set it all aside in a folder for next year.  (I’m keeping my plans in a red folder seen here on my breakfast bar/command central propped up against our little silver tinsel tree!)

I went out this evening to collect the burlap wraps, stray sheets and pool towels that we’ve been using to protect our citrus trees from frost.  We are expecting just a bit of rain late tonight or tomorrow morning, and I didn’t want them to be lying wet on the ground tomorrow.  They are piled, not too neatly in the garage, but they are in where they will stay dry until we need them for frost protection again.

My little blog’s milestone is getting ever closer!  Even with the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve kept closer to the mark.  I am so grateful for all of you that have left comments in response to my requests.  Your kind words are always encouraging!  This will be the last little reminder that I will be giving about this.  I am planning a little celebration, and all will be invited who wish to come and be a part; but I have a special treat which will only be available to one of you who have been here all along.  Again, I don’t know you’re here unless you leave me a comment now and then.  No xanga account is necessary, only an e-mail address which will be visible only to me.  No need to comment to this post, just somewhere in the next few days, if you haven’t already done so, before the milestone is reached.

The kids and I are lying low tonight without my husband at home.  The evening chores will be done quickly, showers will be taken and jammies put on.  We’ve a short show to enjoy, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and then it’s early to bed for everyone.  I would appreciate your continued prayers for Lisa (she’s been on bed rest for a couple of months now), and most especially for Eric and his family.  Updates are available on Heather’s blog, which Lisa (yes, THAT Lisa) is keeping up to date.  Praise God, Eric continues to improve, but we all still covet your prayers on his behalf, as well as for his precious wife, Heather, and their six beautiful blessings, and extended family.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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21 comments to My Husband Has Mondays Off

  • I was so happy to see this post!
    I have to admit that I was the tiniest bit worried…
    Glad to know that all is well!
    Wishing you a blessed week ahead!

  • I look forward to reading your blog each day.  It both encourages & inspires me.  Congratulations on the milestone!!!


  • I enjoy your blog and have learned many things from you. ( I have been lurking since early August) I hope you and your family enjoyed watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, it’s one of our favorites.

  • I made you crazy chocolate cake tonight for desert.  I mixed it up while the main dish was finishing then put it in the oven as we sat down to eat.  The timer went off before we were finished eating giving it a chance to cool a bit before eating it.  Yummy!  It was really good.  I was amazed by how moist it was. 

    I read your posts every day and really enjoy your blog.  You have encouraged me to be more joyful in my daily chores and homeschooling.  Thank you.

  • Oh Cheryl that is the perfect way to end the evening this close to Christmas! Shower fresh, jammies on and Charlie Brown! Who could resist the lil fella? Even my husband gets a giggle and nostolgic when watching it! Be blessed, and thank you again for sharing your life with us!

  • I’m glad Dani is feeling better. Sometimes a cold can be the worst! My DH is the same way with a “day off”. It’s not really a day off usually. There is always something to be done and he does it without complaint.

    Next Christmas? LOL I should start planning for next Christmas. I’ve started using the Works calendar and love it. I could put my plans in it for next year too. Then maybe the things I wanted done for this year can be done in a more timely manner next year! Thanks!!!! I love all your helpful suggestions (even though sometimes they’re not really suggestions, just what you do).


  • We enjoyed Charlie Brown too! Rudolph is on tonight 😀

  • Lisa is doing the updating us on Eric!?! How perfect! God is sure using her in a wonderful way-bedrest and all!!

    Husbands are such a blessing-sacrificing their precious time at home for things that they could probably care less about, but know it is important to us!

    I was doing the same thing for next Christmas that you were doing-preparing for next year. I will be blogging about it soon.

    Have a wonderful day taking care of your household!!

  • I went for a walk the other day and was admiring all the decorating people have done. I thought how plain our house must look but then I looked up at it and had to laugh right there on the street. We have mint green siding and a bright red roof!! It’s Christmas everyday at our house :laugh: . Hubby’s still deliberating on whether or not we will start celebrating Christmas and I have to admit the suspence is near killing me, it’s day 3 or 4 now with no word on where he’s leaning, so I guess God’s teaching me patience here 😆 . If he decides we can do this I want to buy Charlie Brown’s Christmas special on tape LOL hubby and I both have fond memories of watching that every year growing up,

    “I’ll give you FIVE reasons! 1-2-3-4-5!”

    “Those are GOOD reasons!”


  • Good Morning Cheryl, I enjoyed our homeschool day yesterday as well.  Somewhat similar to yours =)

    I liked your idea about the file folder for next years plans and it could easily be adapted for any special day one might have throughout the year.

    Have a blessed day.

  • Thanks for your Christmas book list…I really enjoyed it. I can sympathize with Dani. Poor kid. I know how she feels (or sounds). It goes quickly, just a few days. I am praying for her, and also for Lisa and Eric. God is Good!

  • So glad you enjoyed the Stuffed Loaf! I love that Dani knows all of our friends from our travels this summer and knows that dear friend of mine in WI that passed the recipe onto me. But garlic bread??? Dani mentioned she made it with garlic bread and now I won’t be able to make it OUR way without trying it YOUR way! 🙂 Love to you all, including you readers you have been praying for me!

  • Hi–I’m not sure how long I have been reading.  It seems to be since last year about this time, but that could be because I remember reading all your archives.  Hmmm Nope–it must have been last fall! 🙂  I don’t have a blog, and my computer doesn’t like to allow me to comment on your blog.  (I’m using my dh’s laptop)  You always encourage me!  I love that you shared about being organized and encouraging us to do that, but then you reminded everyone of what our priorities are to be. A lovely mix of the practical with what is truly important.  Blessings to you today, Jennifer

  • Can’t wait for you to reach your “milestone”. 🙂  Have a blessed day!

  • Hi, Cheryl…I was just wondering if you ever get snow where you live? I remember you said you put flannel sheets on the bed–but you have citrus fruit growing in your backyard, so I’m curious.

    I’m also wondering, do you have any ideas for those of us older women whose children are grown and gone? With no children in the house, it seems to be “not worth the bother” to decorate for Christmas, etc. Even though my grandchildren visit us when they can, it seems that something about the holidays really gets lost when there are only two people in the house.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog! It is always one of my first daily stops, usually at lunchtime, if not earlier.

    Have a wonderful day!

    (from Mrs. B’s Cottage)

  • I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog for about 2 months now. Keep up the good work!

  • We have problems with our router every now and then too. Sometimes turning it off and on makes it work.

    You’e so organized! I have a folder for seasonal decorating and I slip magazine ideas or articles in there and then before the holidays I flip through it and see if I still like the ideas (cause sometimes I don’t)


  • I really do enjoy reading your blog–it inspires me to get more organized. You seem to have things in order. I am lacking in that department. I look forward to you sharing your days. You do a great job with the writing. I do wish I could express myself like you do. Keep up the good work.

  • I love A Charlie Brown Christmas! What a nice way to end the evening. 🙂

  • Hi Cheryl. I don’t comment very much either, but I am always encouraged and motivated by your blog. I try to read it daily. Thank you for your faithful posting and all the different things you offer on here. I have a menu folder I’ve been using for a few years for the holidays. It helps me remember exactly what I made the year before and I stick recipes in there during the year I think I might like to try next time.   :wave: Glenda

  • Had to pop on real quick and say I love Will’s choice of “pillow” in that picture. That’s what I love about dogs….. who else would be content to share their favorite spot in such a way? 🙂