Mega Shopping With Two Silly Gals

Dani and I did the mega shop today.  It was so much fun to have her with me.  We were terribly silly for the better part of the day, and commented several times that, “Watch!  Now is when we’ll run into….” and then we’d name one blogging buddy or another that live in our area.  However, I need to start at the beginning.

As you will recall, my husband and Aaron were due home late last night.  I had a flat tire on my van, and our pantry doors had been knocked off track.  The fellas rolled in just before 10:00 and went right to work on the tire.  The van was jacked up, the flat tire removed and the little donut/spare tire put on.  It was flat.  No problem, said my husband, “Aaron can put air in it.”.  Aaron stayed outside to air up the spare and my husband went into the house to fix the pantry doors.  In his capable hands, the doors were put to right within minutes.

I went outside to see how Aaron was coming.  The donut/spare would not hold air!  At all!  Oh, my!

I have mentioned before that we have been blessed by the fact that Lisa and her husband have loaned Dani a vehicle to travel back and forth between their home and ours.  On more than one occasion, Eric, Lisa’s husband, has told us to feel free to use the vehicle if we needed it during the week.  That has never been necessary, but we have been grateful for their generosity.  Today, we were extremely grateful.

Dani and I loaded into their car this morning, with both flat tires in the back, and headed to town.  We dropped the two flats at the tire store.  There is a branch of our bank in the same shopping center, as well as a Trader Joe’s that we needed a few things from.  I made my necessary transaction at the bank, and we did our shopping at Trader Joe’s.  The tire guy said to give them an hour, so we had lunch, too!

When we went back, the spare had been fixed but we were given the unfortunate news that the regular tire was irreparable.  We collected both of our tires, and headed home.  Aaron put the repaired spare onto the van in five minutes!  I drove the van with the whacky tiny tire on the front, and Dani followed in the borrowed vehicle.  Those donuts have “do not drive over 50 m.p.h.” written right on them, so we had to take the back roads back into the city.  Dani followed behind.  (Here’s where we started getting silly.)  When there were no other cars on the road with us, which was most of the time on the country roads, I used my turn signals indiscriminately and incorrectly as often as possible.  When I’d stop at a stop sign, I’d signal a left turn, even though I was headed straight.  Our country road takes a sharp turn to the left, but I signaled right (even though NO signal was necessary).  After the first couple of times, I enjoyed looking in the rear view mirror and seeing Dani laughing right out loud in the car she was driving!!!!

We dropped my van off at the tire store and went on our merry way in the borrowed car to finish up our mega-shop.  Of course, with all of the tire shenanigans and two trips from our home into the neighboring city, we didn’t get started until after 2:30!  Around 4:00, we had the unfortunate experience of having the steering go crazy in Eric and Lisa’s car, much as it does in my own van, and we somehow found ourselves in a Starbuck’s drive through.  I am so thankful that our steering problems always occur when one of those drive throughs is close at hand to receive our errant vehicle!  We peeled the silly stickers off of our cups that identify the drink, and promptly stuck them onto our clothing.  We’d had coffee and we were proud of the fact!  The stickers would warn anyone in our path that we were full of caffeine and should be given a wide berth!

We finished all of our shopping except for our stop at the regular grocers by about 5:20.  The tire store closed at 6:00, so we made a dash across town to pick up the van.  We made it with 15 minutes to spare!  We caravaned in two vehicles to the grocery store, finished up our shopping and then headed home (after filling the gas tank of the borrowed vehicle).  My husband was already home, and he’d gotten the boys started on their after dinner chores, even though the poor things had not had any dinner!  While the boys showered, we unloaded the two vehicles, sorting through to bring in the things that needed to be in the house, and leaving the items for our outdoor storage in the garage until tomorrow.

Dani and I had a wonderful time out today.  We enjoyed browsing just a bit through Costco and Wal Mart.  We were able to find the boys new jeans and new shirts (a red sweater for Aaron, and a long sleeved t-shirt with a coordinating short sleeve shirt to wear over it for Will).  These new things will be for a couple of family Christmas get togethers we’ll be attending.  Aaron’s sweater, which is beautiful, was already on the clearance rack!  We also hit pay dirt for the first time EVER in the $5.00 movie bin.  More on that later.

With all of the special food purchases for the various Christmas events, our cash was running a bit low by the time we made it to the regular grocery store.  We kept a running tally in our heads, faithfully rounding UP to pad the total a bit.  By the time we were done with our list, I was pleased that I still had enough to pick up a half price turkey ($.44/lb. with a $50 purchase) for my freezer!!  Our total at the checkout was about $20 less than the running total we’d kept.  I think we might have rounded up a bit too often, but I was pleased with the outcome!  I’m very pleased to have a 12 lb. turkey in my freezer!

Another fun find at the grocery store today were bargain priced Duncan Hines cake mixes.  Yes, I confess, we occasionally use a cake mix.  We do, for the most part, do all of our baking from scratch.  We prefer the taste and texture and of course can usually beat the price of a mix.  However, Dani has this great cookbook and some of the recipes in it (all of which use a cake mix as the base) have been incredibly good.  We watch for super sales on mixes and then stock up and keep them stored in the freezer.

We came in the back door and William greeted me with the biggest smile and the tightest hug.  His tics have picked up a bit, and his OCD ways are also on the increase, but he is HAPPY again!  The tics don’t bother me a bit.  The little OCD behaviors aren’t a big deal.  In the grand scheme of things, having my eight year old boy back to his old self is so delightful!!!!  I showed him the clothes I bought him to wear for Christmas.  He was thrilled.  I’d bought him a new package of briefs, too.  He thanked me again and again.  When I pulled out the $5.00 Crocodile Hunter movie, he was overcome.  In fact, he began to cry!!!  Big, racking sobs of absolute joy, repeating over and over again, “Thank you, oh, thank you!”.  My heart overflows!!!

So, we have two new tires on our van.  All of our supplies for the next two weeks, including everything needed for Christmas meals, treats, etc., have been purchased (save for a few perishables later on).  I very much appreciate those of you who have prayed for us today.  Even the issue I mentioned that was unresolved that my husband needed to deal with has been, I think, resolved happily for everyone.  I am thankful! 

I have a few pictures to share with you from our Library Day at Grandma’s house yesterday.  We read and  enjoyed three Christmas books together: Silent Night, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and The Legend of the Candy Cane.  After we read, we took advantage of the story we’d just read and put together our own beaded candy canes, adorned with a tag describing the legend of the candy cane.















Of course, there were cookies!  Things have been crazy-busy, so Dani picked up some store-bought cookies  for us the other day and we enjoyed our guilty pleasure very much.  I enjoy my days with my grandbabies so very, very much.




We are enjoying an an old movie together tonight, with the wood stove burning brightly and keeping us warm and comfy.  Tomorrow will be a very full, very busy day, but it will be a wonderful, full day at home!  I relish the day at home, and the work will be pleasant just because I’m in the place I love the best.

Speaking of tomorrow……9:00 p.m. PST is the deadline for entering “Copper’s Wife’s 100K Give Away.  If you have not already done so, be very sure to leave a comment at THIS POST.  No comments after 9:00 p.m. tomorrow will be eligible.  I will announce all of the winners before I head for bed Sunday evening.

I’m headed off to the kitchen to fetch the last piece of pumpkin pie and then to enjoy the rest of the movie.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27





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20 comments to Mega Shopping With Two Silly Gals

  • What a busy silly day with your daughter! I am so glad the stresses that want to overtake your husband are disappearing quickly!

    I love the hugs that Will has stored up for everyone! What a sweet boy with his “drive-by lovin”.

  • What an incredibly busy, fun day!  I think chores go so much better when you have someone to be silly with. 🙂 Glad you got your tires fixed (and that God provided a car!).  I’ll still be praying for your family.

  • Once again…..WHAT A DAY!!!!!:spinning:

    I’m so glad you were able to get everything done that was needed plus some-oh! happy days!!!!!:)

    I LOVE when that steering wheel “thing” happens to you guys-it always makes me crack up!:lol:

    Way to go keeping your sense of humor Cheryl-you are a wonderful example of how to change the tone when life gets stressful. I applaude you once again!:wave:

    Have a wonderful Saturday taking care of your family!!! Can’t wait till the drawing-I’m on the edge of my seat here!!!!

  • PTL…he kept you safe on your busy, busy day and you had so much fun too!  I never used to like old movies, but last Saturday evening at my in-laws we watched the Christmas Carol from 1938…the  original.  I loved it!  I’ll have to try and find the one you watched.  Many blessings. :wave:

  • I LOVE the Crocodile Hunter!!! I was so terribly sad to hear of his passing 🙁 I had to laugh at your antics that totally sounds like my little family hear! I recently went out for a day with my mother in law. Now I had seen this great Japanese grocery store I wanted to check out a while back but hubby was paranoid concerned that we might run into some gang related activity as we looked a bit out of place in the area. I knew MIL wouldn’t be worried and I knew she would enjoy the store as well so we went together. On the way home we made up this great dramatic stoey about being attacked by ninjas while innocently shopping and how we (and Baby Girl) fended them off :fun:

  • oops that “paranoid” was supposed to be strike through letters. lol

  • This was a wonderful, uplifting post. Thank you! I have two daughters (ages 10 and 4) and while we already have fun together I am looking forward to when they are adults and we can interact on more of a peer to peer level. Your relationships with your daughters warm my heart.

    I’m also looking forward to having grandchildren and investing my time with them. Unfortunately, that is something my children have missed out on. My mother is too frail and elderly (and with the Alzheimer’s settling in, not really up to it) and my husband’s mother is not interested as she has a career that takes first place. With both of our father’s deceased that is the one thing I really feel my children are lacking. But again, the Lord knows best! And I intend to do all in my power to make sure that my grandchildren know they are special and worth my investment of time and energy. 🙂 Just as it sounds you do!

    Blessings to your family this weekend!

    Melanie in KS

  • Thank you for sharing your fun day.:)  You have a beautiful family.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.:)


  • When our El was 6 years old all she wanted for Christmas was a kickstand for her bike. Christmas morning came and she opened our gift to her last. It was a kickstand. She held it close to her hardt and began sobbing – she was so thankful.

    Our children are blessed – truly blessed – when they don’t receive *everything under the sun*. Rather, when they receive that which is a true desire of their hardts.

    This post was so fun and meaningful. Maybe we’ll meet up again soon over at TJ’s!


    Sherry <><

  • Oh how I envy you your relationship with your daughters…. my daughter lives right in the same town as I and I rarely see or hear from her… UNLESS she wants something.

    Your day out sounds wonderful… May you have many many more.. and what could be better to come home to than big hugs from your son.

    Louise from Alberta, Canada

  • I just love the cake doctor book too and love to make those recipes up when I need a quick or unexpected dessert and also sometimes for potlucks etc…I can not wait till my baby girls grow up and we can have super fun too! My mom and sister and I are just CRAZY though together even at almost 55, 30 and almost 27 years of age!!!

  • Silly?  SILLY???  By the time I called, it sounded like the 2 of you were downright looney tunes!   I was sure that the stress of crowds and the overdose of sugar had gotten to you both! 😆

  • It sounds like you and Dani had a wonderful day. Isn’t that nice when you are just doing errands? I prefer to make everything from scratch but you will find convenience items in my pantry as well. You never know when they will come in handy. And they do on occasion.

    Take care, Dawn

  • Aaaah, but Corin!  You did call AFTER the Peppermint Mocha Frappucinos!

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Sounds like a fun day. We are going to look at lights this week and i afraid we may have a litttle car problems because we plan to stop at Starbucks.LOL:laugh: You would be in big trouble if you lived where I do. I have 2 Starbucks with in 3 blocks of my home.:fun: Copper would just have to forward his check to them each month. LOL

    Have a wonderful day.



  • Elizabeth – It truly is a tender mercy of the Lord that I live a good 20 – 30 minutes from the closest Starbuck’s.  God knew I would have a hard time with the temptation, I guess! 😉  Have fun out looking at the lights, and enjoy that yummy beverage!

  • “Looney tunes”?  Like Mom said, you called after the first few sips of wocha, and you know what, it sure made facing the demonstrators at CostCo more bearable.  I even laughed at the one who helped empty the garbage can and then just wiped his gloves on his pants as he continued to serve out samples.  Like we needed another excuse on why they should not have demonstrators.

    Who knew emergency flashers could be so much fun?:lol::laugh::lookaround::wink::p:):giggle::spinning::fun:

  • :lol::p:sunny::wink::lol::fun::wave::giggle::goodjob:

  • You know, I did exhibit a GREAT deal of restraint.  It was very tempting, on our long stretches of back roads, to not drive in my own lane.  I did, but it was very tempting to put on my left signal, change lanes, and then just proceed along for a ways in the wrong lane!  :nono::nono::nono::lol::lol:

  • I have been stopping by all day with anticipation looking for the results for your contest then scoll down and see you are not posting about it till tomorrow night! :laugh: oops! I guess I have nothing better to do than to keep checking here… LOL. 🙂