And The Winners Are…..

     Thank you, all of you, for your response to my drawing!  What fun it was to see all of your entries!  Your comments are a constant source of encouragement to me.  I wish I had a wonderful book or set of dish cloths for each of you!  Again, thank you.

     The entries were too numerous for me to use my normal method of writing names on little slips of paper, so I resorted to using an on-line random number generator to choose the winners.  So with no further ado……

The winner of The Hidden Art of Homemaking, by Edith Schaeffer is:
Lea from Needle in a Haystack

The winner of The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, by Jeremiah Burroughs is:

The winner of The Sidetracked Home Executives, by Pam Young and Peggy Jones is:
Susan (hppyhmker) of A Place Called Home
(So fun!  When I first started blogging I won a drawing at Susan’s blog)

The winner of a set of four of my knitted cotton dishcloths is:

The winner of the GRAND PRIZE………
One copy of each of the three books:
The Hidden Art of Homemaking, and
The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, and
The Sidetracked Home Executives, and
a set of four knitted cotton dish cloths is…………


     Congratulations to all of you!!!!  Ladies, if you would please contact me by e-mail (or send a message through your xanga account) and give me your postal addresses, I’ll get your gifts out to you at once.  My e-mail is:  linebargATsoftcomDOTnet (be sure to replace the words in caps with the appropriate symbol)

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27



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18 comments to And The Winners Are…..

  • Congrats to all the winners. We are ALL winners who read Coppers Wife!!!


  • Cheryl, I am so very honored!!! What a blessing !!! After you recommended the book so highly I tried to find it at our library… we live in a tiny tiny little town.. no dice! I knew I would have to wait til after Christmas to even THINK about tracking down the book! Look how you have blessed me so much!!!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  • Oh Cheryl! I think the Lord just gave me a sound but very sweet chastising! I have had one of the worst days I can remember!! I had planned on taking a nice family portrate to include in our Christmas letters, everything that could go wrong did, and in the end the pictures didn’t even turn out!! Then hubby went and got chicken wings for lunch but got the spiciest ones! So that meant him and our son liked them, but they were much too spicy for the girls and me. So we had a can of beans LOL. Now unfortunatly I did NOT have a very godly attitude and I stormed out (I am so ashamed of myself) into a blizzard (seriously it’s all over the news how bad this snow storm is) and bought myself some different chicken wings (how childish!!! Bad BAD day!!) Turned out they were just as spicy as the other ones, I couldn’t eat them! (serves me SO right!) Then 7yo forgot to put the gate back up to keep baby out of the mudroom and she snuck in there and ended up cutting herself VERY badly on some screws (thankfully they were clean new screws not dirty old ones!) if fact I was giving it 15 more seconds to stop bleeding (applying pressure) before we got the other kids up and headed to the hospital! Thankfully the bleeding DID stop and I was able to get her cleaned, disinfected and bandaged up 😥 I am very ashamed to admit that my attitude was STILL far from admirable tonight. I was feeling VERY sorry for myself and even a bit bitter in my heart 😮 🙁 Then Corin pops onto my messager and tells me I’d better come see your blog. Well, you know that verse, “The goodness of God leadeth men to repentance” I just start bawling. I totally desurved a good kick in the shin and instead I see this 😥 😥 I don’t know what to say, I can’t believe after my behaviour today God would bless me like this The goodness of God, it sure DOES bring you to repentance!! Praise God for His UNDESURVED goodness!!!

  • Oh, Amanda!!!  Thank you for sharing about this, dear one.  My first thought was….hmmm… kindly do I call my own children to repentance when they have sinned……thanks for sharing this with me because it has given me cause to reflect a bit, too!  See how the Lord works???  His love knows no bounds!  He can even use a computerized random number generator!:wink:

  • Oh Amanda, what a wonderful testimony to God’s never ending love for us!!!

    Cheryl!!, Thank you so much…I am so excited and will be so blessed to have received your dishclothes!!! 

    I’ll send you a private message with details.

    Love and God Bless~~~

  • Oh Amanda, what a wonderful testimony to God’s never ending love for us!!!

    Cheryl!!, Thank you so much…I am so excited and will be so blessed to have received your dishclothes!!! 

    I’ll send you a private message with details.

    Love and God Bless~~~

  • Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks, Cheryl, for giving us such a fun contest to participate in this week! It was fun!

    Melanie in KS

  • Congratulations, Ladies! What fun.. Yay Melissa and Amanda!!

  • YIPPEE!! You can’t see me, but believe me when I tell you that I’m jumping up and down at this very moment!:spinning:  Thank you SO MUCH for blessing me with this book,  Cheryl. More importantly, thank you for blessing us ALL with your wonderful blog!:heartbeat: 

  • You know we can sing that little tune “He’s got the whole world in His hands” and I think one could literally spend a lifetime just thinking about how much that actually IS. He is the SUPREME multitasker!!! :yes:

  • Congratulations winners! 🙂

    Cheryl, thank you for your wonderful blog. You inspire and uplift and teach through your sharing of your life and your thoughts. You are such a blessing to us all. I am not surprised you had so many entries. People know where to come for good info. (and neat prizes lol) Hugs

    Merry Christmas

  • Congratulations to all of you ladies!

  • What a blessing you are!
    Dee Dee

  • Congratulations winners. It’s like a double bonus!!


  • congratulations to each lady ! :fun:

  • :goodjob:    Congrats  Ladies!    Jenn

  • Congratulations ladies!