Five More Sleeps ’til Christmas

With just five more sleeps ’til Christmas, I  finally hit that frantic “AUUUGHHH!!” stage this morning.  By mid-afternoon, though, I knew that it would all, somehow, still get done.  I’m not frantic anymore, but there’s not a lot of time for dilly dallying (or blogging!) either.

I wanted to let Susan, Lea, Jolene, Melissa and Amanda know that their packages were finally mailed off today.  I’d meant to get them to the post office by Wednesday, but it just didn’t get done.  They were all mailed first class.  Don’t expect them before Christmas, but they should be there a day or two after.

I took my kids for a suprise trip to the huge mall in a nearby city yesterday.  None of us have been to the mall for at least two years, and I think that it’s been even longer since we have been at Christmas time.  It was delightful!  The state fairgrounds are just a mile or so from the mall.  During the holiday season, the mall contracts with the fair grounds and a private, charter bus company, so that folks can park at the fairgrounds and ride a nice bus to the mall.  That’s what we did!  We were able to park just steps from the shuttle stop, and it dropped us off and picked us up just steps from one of the mall entrances.  Will was so excited.  He had never ridden a bus before, and he was just beside himself with the treat.

Walking about the mall for a couple of hours or so was fun for all of us.  The beautiful decorations and the stimulation were incredibly fun for William.  The crowds of the mall meant that his ways of dealing with all of the incoming stimulation went more or less unnoticed by everyone but his family.  We love him, so we didn’t mind the tics and repetitive behaviors at all! The big kids, Dani & Aaron, and I enjoyed window shopping and people watching.  Dani and I saw several things that have given us some sewing and crafting inspiration for the coming months.  In fact, we’re talking about a return trip, just the two of us, in February or March for some spring sewing inspiration.

I made two purchases.  I bought a tub of glow in the dark letters for $5.00 that I plan to use to leave surprise messages for my boys.  How fun to go in during the day and stick the letters to their wall only to have them discover them once the lights go out at night!  I also bought a six pack of Cinnabon rolls, which we brought home to enjoy with my husband in the evening.  As a matter of fact, we got home so late, he was already home and had the wood stove burning again.

Dani and I are busily working to do some neatening and straightening, and also some special cleaning to get things ready for our family. We will host my husband’s extended family for Christmas Eve and Corin & Rob and the grandbabies for Christmas Day.  Oh, I can’t wait for either!  I love having folks over.  I’ll be posting our holiday menus in the next couple of days.

The boys are not idle either.  Picking up toys and projects that have been in the schoolroom, pulling weeds along the front walk way.





William took on the task, as a surprise for his brother, of trying to repair one of Aaron’s drawers that fit under the bunk beds.  He hammered and worked.  He sought help and advice from Dani, then he hammered and worked.  Then he tried some wood glue.  The drawer was really, really broken and fixing it was just beyond his 8 year old skill level.  He came to me with his big brown eyes brimming full with tears.  His defeat broke my heart!


I’ve made significant progress on my youngest grandbaby’s Christmas stocking.  The theme, set on white polar fleece, is pink polka dots.  The fabric I’m using is a bubble gum pink background, with a few hot pink and pale pink dots scattered about.  The fabric was cut into three different size polka dots, attached to the front of the stocking with WonderUnder in a random and somtimes overlapping pattern.



There, easy enough.  However, each polka dot is now being stitched down by hand as I attach an iridescent white sequin, held in place with a  pink glass seed bead.  Hundreds and hundreds of sequins.  Hundreds and hundreds of beads.  Some of the poka dot fabric will band the top of the stocking, with a fun fringe of hot pink pompoms underneath.  My sweet little treasure’s name with be put onto the top band using the sequins and beads.  I have TONS of handwork left to go, but I’m not giving up hope of having it done in time!

Take your time.  Enjoy your family.  Don’t neglect spending time with the Lord.  I’m off to heed my own advice!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

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14 comments to Five More Sleeps ’til Christmas

  • I’m holed up in my bed battling pneumonia, and it was so nice to come on here and see a post from you!  I’m so glad you got a chance to check in.  I’m probably going to be right here in my bed for Christmas, but I can live vicariously reading all of the Christmas activities of everyone else!  I hope dear little William can fix the drawer.  I about cried reading about his tears.  Poor little guy.  I hope you get the stocking done, and everything else you want to accomplish, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    Love to you ~ Kathy

  • I also have a son with tics and all the other stuff that goes with it, and every outing can be an adventure.

  • Your day at the mall sounded like so much fun. How nice that Will enjoyed the bus ride!
    Your grandbaby’s stocking is sooooo lovely. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • Oh my, cyber hugs to lil William, his persistence was most important that he kept trying and to know that it is not a failure to hands on help to complete a project.  How enjoyable the bus ride must have been for him.  My daughter, Haley, was just asking me yesterday when we were going to get to ride a City Bus….=)

    Your Stocking for baby girl looks delightful and what a treasured heirloom it will be!!

  • Your “five sleeps until Christmas” brought back sweet memories for me.  My mom used to tell my baby brothers that very same thing to help them count down the days!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!


  • I’ll really look forward to a bit of relaxation after Christmas and the book you are so kindly sending me and a cuppa tea will fit the bill perfectly! My mother broke her hip this week so I imagine I’ll have lots of “sit” time when she goes to PT..

    ..Thanks bunches again!!

  • Your cute and sweet little granddaughter will one day just treasure that beautiful stocking….my own 2 year old granddaughter just loves the color pink!  You are one busy and talented lady!  Blessings to you all. 

  • Hi Cheryl

    Merry Christmas.

    Bless Will’s heart. He did much better than I would have at the mall. I haven’t been to a big crowded place in 5 years. I know the noise and activities would be way too much. He is a real trooper.

    Sounds like everyone had a great day.



  • That Will! What a worker! I bet he worked harder and had more patience then some adults we know! God Bless Him!!!!

    Now to look well to the ways of my household! Which seems like twice as much this time of year! Yikes!

    Winter Blessings,

    kelly :wave:

  • Dear Cheryl,

    That stocking you are making for your grandaughter is turning out so pretty.  I love how it is simple, but really not at all, and it deserves a second look.

    Your little boy reminds me of my son, when he was small.  I think he was so sweet, to try, and it is the thought that counts.

    I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your Christmas preparations.  The cookies, and the Nutcrackers.  My son collects them, and just yesterday, I bought a small policeman Nutcracker for his stocking.

    I wish you and your beautiful family a very happy Christmas.  May the joy of the season continue into the new year for each of you.

    Best wishes!


  • Poor Will!  That cry sure was heartbreaking to hear on the phone! 

    Baby Girl’s stocking is sooooo cute! 

  • Aww..I feel so bad for William. What a sweetie for trying his hardest to fix the drawer.
    I am busy with Christmas preparations too…such an exciting time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.
    The stocking is absolutely darling, I *love* the polka dots and beautiful beading! Have a blessed Christmas with your family!
    Love and hugs,

  • Missed you and am glad you let us take a peek at your day again!:wink:

    Poor Will, can’t someone help him with the project? It really made me tear up. I am just emotional this week. Yesterday, I was in town and the traffic was stopped for a funeral procession and I started crying when I saw the hearse! What is wrong with me?:rolleyes: I had no clue who the funeral had even been for!

    Love the cute stocking. Hope you can finish it.

    Have a wonderful time taking care of your household!

  • Oh, Amy!!!  I have days like that, too!  Dani was trying to help with the drawer, and I was giving him all the encouragement I could.  The trouble is, I think it needs clamps and vices and stuff to hold it together while it’s being hammered and/or glued.  Aaron could have helped, but it was supposed to have been a surprise.  Aaron was very sweet, though, and thanked Will for trying.