You Can Take The Cop Out Of The Patrol Car………..

……….but you can’t always take the patrol car out of the cop.  Or something like that.  I went for a “quick” run to town with my husband mid-day today.  We wanted to have the hardware in Dani’s laptop checked out and to pick up my husband’s air compressor (which was in for warranted repair work).  Not only did my husband tell me about his training from last night, I think I experienced some of it!  Woooo hoooooooo!  I know he doesn’t do it on purpose, so I mostly just held on, leaving my knitting lying in my lap. He left around 2:30 for tonight’s class.  Fortunately, the instructor let class out a couple of hours early last night.  Since he has his normal work shift tomorrow, I’m hoping that class ends early tonight, too.

Dani’s cold seems much better.  Her voice is still rather hoarse, but better than yesterday.  She took it easy this morning, and I’m glad..  I mean, honestly, how many piano instructors do you know that can give lessons in their jammies?  Considering that her only students are her younger brothers, I guess she won’t get too many complaints!  I’m glad that she’s been taking it easy and that she’s feeling better.  She’ll be off first thing in the morning to spend the day helping out at Lisa’s.

The boys and I got going with school this morning, but I’ve fallen a bit behind in correcting some of Aaron’s work.  That gave him a bit of a reprieve today, and he was able to just concentrate on doing some reading after his algebra lesson.  I spent some time this afternoon catching up on correcting his grammar work.  Looks like we need to spend some time tomorrow going over a couple of things.  Teaching concepts is important.  Follow through is important, too.  And even more, keeping track to be sure that things aren’t forgotten. 

It’s not written anywhere that we can teach our children something only once and they’ll remember it.  That  used to bug me, until I realized how many times the Lord has taught me something only to have me “forget” it later on.  I try very hard to remember how gently the Lord deals with me in those circumstances when I find it necessary to re-teach something to one of my children.  And I’m not just talking about academic lessons either.

Dani had to spend over an hour today on the phone with tech support for our wireless router.  Long story short, my husband re-set our security codes for the wireless network and Dani’s laptop couldn’t handle the extra high level of security he had everything set at.  My poor girl!  An hour on the phone, to outsourced tech support……insisting that she needs to speak to someone a little higher up the food chain because she and her dad have already done everything that the regular tech support guys are telling her to do……she was polite, though there were tears of absolute frustration at one point in time….. she continued in her own sweet, polite manner…..speaking clearly…..working through things step by step…..until at long last everything was back up and running.  Bless her heart!








What’s a girl to do after an afternoon like that?  Why……blog it, of course!


I miss my husband when he is gone.  I miss cooking dinner for him, especially since even on a good week I’m only able to cook his evening meal a couple of times.  I miss sitting with him in the evenings.  I miss watching him read a book behind closed eyelids.  It’s only right.  When the Lord created the first family, it consisted of just one man and one woman.  They were blessed with children after awhile, but they were, at first, just two.  Be so very careful ladies, that through your days of homeschooling and caring for your home that you don’t forget your husband.

My days, much like yours, are very full of caring for children and my home.  However, I do have two children already grown, and I know just how quickly the years will pass until my boys are grown, too.  The family that started with just my husband and I, will be back to just two again.  Nurturing the marriage relationship now, while children are still at home, is vital to having a good relationship when they are gone.  Have you ever been put “on hold” for a really long time?  I have.  You know what I did?  I hung up!  You can’t put your marriage “on hold” and expect to pick things up later.

On a similar note, if your nest is now empty, or if the Lord has not yet blessed you with children, you should still put the same effort into making and keeping your home.  If you do not yet have children, this is the opportune time to learn all you can about maintaining your home, decorating, cooking, sewing, gardening…..whatever.  Develop your skills now.  On the other hand, if your children have now all grown up and begun their own homes, do not give up on maintaining your skills.  In fact, now is your chance to once again try your hand at a new skill or two.  You can prepare wonderful meals for just the two of you.  Perhaps you can learn to make some really wonderful new dishes.  Refresh things around your home from time to time.  And definitely still take the time to make your home warm and inviting for your husband.  Flowers on the table.  Keeping the area around his favorite chair comfy and attractive.  Even remembering to decorate your home for the various seasons – Christmas, fall, etc.

Tuesday is my day to tend to the weekly chores in my school room.  Our big desk had become quite a mess, and as soon as Dani was off the phone with tech support, I worked on that a bit.  Most of the stacks here and there were papers, books, receipts, plans for our front porch.  That was easily handled by pulling out just one empty file folder, labeling it porch, putting everything in the folder and then filing it away in the drawer.  There were a few other odd things and those were either thrown away or put away.  There is quite a bit of paperwork in the wire basket that needs to be filed, but I did not have time to work on that today.  It’s all there, though, in one place.  If anyone needs anything, they know where to look.

We moved some furniture in the schoolroom to set up our Christmas tree, and my coffee table was left in a sort of limbo….not really anywhere special, but totally in the way.  Aaron helped me put it next to the computer desk this afternoon, in a more or less out of the way spot, until we put the room back together after Christmas.  I had several stacks of books that I pulled out to do some future Library Builder posts on.  I quickly jotted down some notes and titles of the books on my computer and then asked Aaron to re-shelve them for me.  With those two things out of the way, it was relatively easy to straighten up what was left here and there. I got sidetracked with the laundry shortly thereafter, and so I will have to dust and webster the schoolroom tomorrow when I dust and webster my parlor.

I spent some time late in the day pulling some more books for my boys reading baskets for school.  I thought I’d calculated what they’d need to take them through the Christmas break, but I guessed wrong.  I’m totally thrilled, though, that I erred on the side of giving them too little!  In all honestly, they had plenty to read, they’ve both just read a lot!  I had to choose carefully now so as not to leave them in the middle of something over our upcoming ten day break.

Tuesday is also the day that we normally have our big breakfast.  I waited up for my husband last night, and he asked me to not set the alarm for this morning.  We got up too late to have a big breakfast, so I made Dani a deal.  If she’d make some muffins sometime during the morning, I’d cook our big breakfast for lunch.  Then my husband decided to make the run to town just before noon……so we had our big breakfast for dinner instead!  Maple sausage (on sale cheap at the store last week), scrambled eggs and poppy seed muffins.  Yum!  I’m sorry that my husband missed it!

I’ve done a bit of reading the past few evenings.  Delving just a bit further into Family Practice, and reading several chapters in The Letter of Marque.  Truth be told, I’ve just been too tired in the evening to read anything more substantial than a novel, so that’s what I’ve read.  I’ve been pondering the categories I use for my personal reading basket, and I think I’d like to make some changes.  I’m still deciding what I might add, and what it might be time to do away with.  I’d like to finalize things sometime in the next couple of weeks so that my reading basket is revamped and ready to go at about the same time that we begin our homeschool break for Christmas. 

My kids enjoyed a rip-roarin’ game of UNO this evening………why, oh why, Dani was singing, “We are the champions” over and over again is beyond me!  I’m off to put Will to bed and to get Aaron settled in to some quiet reading and then head him to bed after a bit.  I plan to stoke the wood stove and gather a couple of books into my chair and read until my husband gets in.

While my husband has a full, twelve-hour shift tomorrow, he will be home with us in the evening.  After the last two evenings of his being gone, and Dani’s being gone all day tomorrow, he has picked up a movie for us all to watch together for some family time tomorrow night.  I think I might make some carmel corn tomorrow to make it an extra special evening.  Uh-oh, now I’ve gone and done it!  Once it’s been written here, it’s expected!

As always, your continued prayers for Eric & Heather, as well as for Lisa, are very much appreciated!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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20 comments to You Can Take The Cop Out Of The Patrol Car………..

  • Thank you for the reminder to remember my husband! :love: In the day-to-dayness of life, keeping him the second-from-the-top (God being the top) priority can sometimes be tough. :yes: God is good…….all the time!

  • Thank you for reminding me not to put my husband  *on hold* … always open my eyes and keep me on my toes! I adore you for that!




  • I think we ALL know why Dani was singing it.  It’s in her genes! (unless the sudafed is getting to her???) 

    “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ll keep on fiiiiiiiiighin’ ’til the eeeeeeeeeeeeend!”

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now, but never posted a comment. Feeling a little guilty, I thought I would come out and tell you how much I have been enjoying it. I love your focus on God’s priorities. This post had great “meat” for me on husbands and your reading basket. Would you share how you get your books and what you do with them when finished? I’ve been reading a great deal lately, but since I buy most of my books I am concerned that I am contributing to consumerism while expanding my thinking. Our small local library has few choices. Any thoughts?


  • LOL!  Your girls crack me up! Thanks for that recipe for Carmel Corn! I am sure my kiddos will LOVE it! Will definately make some for when we go out looking at Christmas lights in a couple of weeks! Be blessed!

  • Cheryl, I LOVE your blog!! O look forward to it every day. Sometimes I am asleep before you post and I read it the next morning, which is perfect motivation for my day. Thanks for the length and the detail you give. I am especially thankful for the homemaking details and organizing!!
    May the lord bless you richly,
    Diana in Illinois (quilt 4 u @verizon. net) no spaces

  • Mmmmm! Carmel Corn-haven’t had that in ages!! How thoughtful of Copper to bring a movie for everyone!:goodjob:

    The lesson about our husbands is a good one-not easy-but good. I always see the divorces in the newspaper and sometimes they had been married 25-30 years or more!! I often wonder if the wife raised her children forgetting all about her husband, then when the children were gone, so was he-both mentally and physically. It is sad.:(

    Poor Dani! I was in the same boat with our online service twice last week and was getting so frustrated. That and the fact that no one spoke good english so they had to repeat everything two or three times for me to understand it! AAAArrrrggghhh!!!:spinning:

    Love your dishcloth picture-so Christmas-y.:wink:

    Have a wonderful day taking care of your home!

  • Ooooo we LOVE Uno over here!! Oh my I think Dani and I could have done a smashing duet with that one LOL, I used to sing that ALLLLLLL the time when I was really little 😆 . 3yo LOVED your tree pictures!!! She oooooooed and ahhhhhhhed then decided it was ours so told me to buy it from you :giggle: .

  • Your reminder on husbands was right on target! My husband works long hours and I really miss him when he is gone. I always try to be at the door when he walks in…if the kids let me through! He is always greeted like he has been away to sea for months!

    Have you ever shared your home school curriculum? I need to check your archives for this info. We are doing things differently this year and I am not liking it at all. The math is good, but the grammer and word building are not up to par. I also had to add different Social Studies and Science, which I am pleased with.


  • Thanks for the reminder to keep our husbands higher on our priority lists. It is so easy to let them slip down.

    Could Dani ask Lisa for permission to share the “Stuffed Loaf” recipe? It sounds yummy. We’ve enjoyed many of your recipes and my boys now ask “Is this a Copperswife recipe?”

    Debbie in KY

  • Loved this post, Cheryl, as I’ve been loading my hubby with attention this week. 😉

    Your Christmas tree looks lovely; I think clear lights are so pretty!


    Mrs. C

  • Cheryl –

    Just wanted to thank you for the recent Library Builders posts. I’ve been homeschooling for ten years now, but am always on the look out for great book ideas. I am thinking of developing some categories of books that I have overlooked (such as holiday books).

    I appreciate the ideas!

    Melanie in KS

  • Cheryl,

    Your Christmas Tree is BEAUTIFUL!!

    I hope that Dani is feeling better.  Colds are no fun.

    Thank you for the reminder about caring for our marriages. I am in the stage of life where aging parents and even an aging grandparent can take up a great deal of my time.  Then of course, parenting is exhausting at times.  It is easy to put my husband on the back burner because he can care for himself, but I know I shouldn’t do that.  I remember reading recently about the demands and stress on the “sandwich generation” who are caring for children and parents, and I could relate to that so well.  Do you have any tips on how to manage to fit it all into a day and still be a cheerful wife at the end of the day?  I confess, I struggle with this.


  • Good morning, Cheryl…Thank you for addressing the challenges we empty nesters face. At this point, I’ve been making a home for so long that sometimes it seems as if there is “nothing new” to learn, but since I’m not yet perfect… 😆 I know that isn’t true.

    Even though it seems like “too much trouble” to decorate for just the two of us, my husband loves Christmas, so I’ll have to try to make it nice for him.

    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration that we receive from visiting your blog.

    Have a wonderful day!

    (Mrs. B’s Cottage)

  • I love your comments about not forgetting about our husbands. I think sometimes we are guilty of that especially when there are kids. Also, I wanted to know about that lampshade in the one photo, It looks like it has crocheted edging on it. Did it come that way or did you put the edging on it? Also, you inspired me to crochet some dishcloths! I don’t knit but I just adjusted the pattern to accomodate crocheting instead. I love the Christmas yarn! Thanks for your blog, I read it all the time. You are an interesting writer. By the way, I love the finished porch.  Paula W. from Ohio

  • I love how you remind us to maintain that marriage relationship!  As a pastor, my husband reminds our church folks of that quite often, and it’s something that we have always tried to keep number one priority in our lives.  We don’t want to wake up one  day, with our nest empty, and find we’re living with a stranger! 😉

  • Thank you so much for your words of wisdom regarding marriage. So glad to hear that Dani is feeling much better.

    Your tree is gorgeous! Gotta love caramel corn…we just had some this past weekend.


  • After months of reading, I thought I would finally comment. I am an unmarried young woman, and reading your blog has helped me learn a lot about the importance of developing the skills needed to raise a family… skills that many young women my age don’t have or don’t want. I like knowing that there are still women who value both their husbands and families and put so much thought and love into them. While my life is very different from yours, I still value your experience and insight. Your blog makes me look forward to the excitement coming for me in the years ahead! Thanks!


  • Oh I think there is another “Ham” in the family….lol….sounds just like something I would do to.  Compliments to Dani, for her determined resolve to get to the root cause, and to do so with patience and grace!!